Stock Sale Information and Forms

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NameStock Sale Information and Forms
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Stock Sale Information and Forms

Stock Information:

  • Stock will sell at $10.00 a share.

  • When a person buys stock, each family will need to send the stockholder a stock certificate (a copy is in this packet or can be downloaded from CCC website), and a short letter of thanks.

  • Upon returning from Europe, it is customary for students to send a picture of themselves on the trip as well as a final thank you letter.

  • All stock money checks should be made out to parents and included in your payments to the payment center.

  • The stock purchase form is for your records. They do not need to be submitted to the payment center or the Hartt Community Division.

When we return from Europe:

• Send each stockholder a picture of yourself in Europe or a postcard and a short note of thanks.

With this fundraiser, students send letters to people who might purchase stock in them to help with the cost of their trip. This is a unique and fun way for friends and extended family to help our chorus members.

How to have a successful stock sale

  • Make a list of potential family and friends to whom you will give a stock request

  • Send or give each person a letter (sample letter is included in this form) and a stock purchase form (one is included in this letter.

  • As money comes in, send each stockholder a certificate and a thank you letter.

  • Collect money and fill out the Stockholder Information Sheet so you have a record of whom to thank.

  • Include all stock money as part of your regular payments. Checks should be made to parents so that they can include it.

Reminder—the Stockholder Information Sheet, the Stock Certificate, and the Stock Purchase Form can all be downloaded from the CCC Website.

Sample Letter for the Stock Sale


Dear ______________________,

I am a member of the Connecticut Children’s Chorus and we are taking a trip next summer to Ireland. This is a wonderful opportunity for our choir to share our music with people outside our community and for all of us to experience, first hand, the culture of another country. I am hoping to be part of this event and that is why I am writing.

We are currently conducting a very unique fundraiser called a stock sale. I am asking if you would be willing to show your support of me and the choir by buying stock in me at $10.00 a share. You can purchase one share or as many as you would like. All of the money that you send to purchase stock will go directly into my account and will help me reach my personal goal of going on the trip. In addition, I will send you a stock certificate for your records when you make a donation. Upon my return, I will send you a picture of me in Ireland or a postcard so that you can see how your money was invested.

Having the opportunity to travel to another country, a country that is rich in the history of the arts, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. I will be most appreciative of any support you can offer. Please fill out the enclosed form and send it back to me along with your check made out to my parents so that they can include it in my monthly trip payments. My address is __________________________. If this is something that you do not feel comfortable doing, I certainly understand.

Thank you again for your support.


Student’s Name

Stock Purchase Form

I, ______________________________________________, would like to purchase _____ shares of stock in __________________________________ to help with the cost of going on the Connecticut Children’s Chorus in July, 2014.

Signed__________________________________________ Name___________________________________________ Address_________________________________________ City/State/Zip____________________________________ Phone__________________________________________

Amount enclosed ($10.00/share) $__________________

Thank you for your support.

Please make all checks payable to the student’s parents so that the stock money can be included in regular monthly trip payments.

Connecticut Children’s Chorus

Hartt Community Division, University of Hartford

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