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Employee Paperwork Checklist

Completing Form I-9

  • New and recertifying employees are legally allowed 3 business days to provide proof of eligibility.  Any new or re-certifying employee who is unable to satisfy these requirements MUST be suspended from payroll until they are able to do so.  Ideally, this form should be filled out after an employee accepts an offer and on or BEFORE an employee’s first day of work. 

  • Section 1 is filled out by the employee.  Whoever collects/processes new hire paperwork ensures it is completed in full, especially the signature sections. “N/A” should be written in any blanks which do not apply. A physical address must be provided – PO boxes are not permitted.  E-mail address and phone number are optional.

  • Section 2 is filled out by the supervisor, department head or an authorized HR representative tasked with processing new hire paperwork.

  • In Section 2, the Company representative must verify employment eligibility by reviewing 1 form of documentation for List A, OR 1 form of documentation for list B AND list C - a total of 2.  The reviewer of the documents and the employee must both be physically present during the examination of the employee’s documents.  The reviewer signs it.

    • List of acceptable documents is located on page 9 of Form I-9.

    • The reviewer is to look at the ID's and write down the appropriate document information including numbers and expiration dates and signs it.

  • Section 3 is only to be used when the document provided for List A expires or for other recertification requirements apply.

  • Make copies of identification for all employee or no employees.  DO NOT PICK AND CHOOSE. 

  • All completed I-9s are filed collectively, in alphabetic order, separate from the individual employee file.  If audited by Immigration, the investigator should be permitted access to the I9 file(s) only.

  • I9’s should also be retained for at least 3 years from the date of hire, or 1 year after termination; whichever is longer.  Reference Employee Records & File Retention Guide.

Creating Employee Files
Information kept in employee files should be strictly job-related. In order to ensure an acceptable level of compliance, the following should on file for each employee:

  • full name

  • employee number and/or social security number

  • home address including zip code

  • job title

  • basic payroll records

  • Other documentation kept in these files may include:

job applications, resumes, college transcripts, job descriptions, records relating to hiring, promotion, demotion, transfer, layoff, rates of pay, other forms of compensation, and education and training records, letters of recognition, performance evaluations and exit interviews.

Employee Benefits/Medical Files
The Americans with Disabilities Act and HIPAA requires employers to keep all medical records separate from personnel files. Medical records include any benefits-related information including benefits enrollment information, physical examination results, medical leaves, workers’ compensation claims and drug and alcohol testing. These files are also considered confidential and privileged documents.

Storing I-9 Forms and EEO Information
Two I9 files should house all completed I9s and supporting documents; 1 for active employees and 1 for terminated employees. Any materials and data relating to race (EEO form), age and gender should be kept in a single “EEO Information” file. Forms should be filed alphabetically by employee name.
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