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Create Employee File(s) –secure location, restricted access

  1. Reference and FOLLOW Employee File Guidelines.

    1. Main Employee File may include: Employment application and resume; Education records and transcripts; Skills test results; Employment offer letter; Acknowledgment receipts for any employee handbook or manuals; Employee data sheet / Emergency contact information; Training records; Performance evaluations

    2. Confidential Files are:

      1. All records with any medical information (i.e. employee physical results, drug test results, Applications / Medical Certification for Family & Medical Leave, Personal accident reports, Workers' compensation reports, etc.)

      2. All records with any information which could be potentially discriminatory (i.e. background check results, benefit enrollment/application forms with employee’s date of birth or health history, Post-Employment Voluntary Survey for AAP, etc.)

  2. Payroll File (can be a subsection of the Main Employee File) and may include: W-4 and State Income Tax Withholding form; Direct Deposit Forms; Deduction Authorizations; Copies of time sheet; Paid time off requests / approvals; Pay rate forms / Authorization for all payroll actions; Garnishment orders and records ; Authorization for release of private information, i.e. employment/compensation verification for mortgage application
  • Week Prior to Day 90

    1. Complete the 90 Day Performance Appraisal; send meeting request to employee
  • Day 90 (on or near)

    1. Conduct the 90 Day Performance Appraisal

      1. Ask the employee to prepare for the meeting by jotting down their thoughts about progress, and what they still need to learn.

      2. Ask employee to complete their portion after the meeting – return within 3 days.

      3. If the 90 Day Performance Appraisal results are unfavorable, the Introductory Employment Period can be extended. Reference the Employee Handbook.

      4. Submit completed Appraisal to an authorized HR Representative for filing.

    New Hire Packet Cover

    (This document should be modified in accordance with company and position requirements)

    New Hire Name

    New Hire Address

    RE: Client Name New Hires Forms
    Dear New Hire Name:
    Welcome to Client Name!  We believe that each employee contributes directly to Client Name’s growth and success, and we hope you will take pride in being a member of our team.

    Enclosed are several required forms that you need to complete and bring with you for orientation on start date, as well as some additional info for your reference. 
    Complete and Return

    1. Employee Data Sheet – Please complete fully

    2. I-9 Form - Please complete Section 1, at the top of first page.  You will need to bring original documents to verify your eligibility to work in the US to your orientation – reference list of acceptable documents included with the form.  You can provide either one item from list A or one from list B and one from list C.  For example, if you use your SS card from list C, then you also need one ID from list B (such as your driver’s license.)

    3. Form W-4 is your Federal withholding tax form - Please complete fully, sign and date

    4. Form VA-4 is your state withholding tax form - Please complete fully, sign and date

    5. State New Hire Reporting Form – Please complete Employee Information section

    6. EEO – 1 Voluntary Self-Identification (only if company is required to file an annual EEO-1 report)

    7. Post-Employment Voluntary Survey (only if company is required to have an Affirmative Action Plan)

    8. Direct Deposit Form - Please complete fully, sign and date. A voided check must be attached.

    Keep for Your Reference

    Payroll Calendar

    Holiday Observation Schedule

    Employee Directory
    Following your start date, you will receive a mailing to your home address which will include information and enrollment instructions for our benefit plans, if eligible and applicable.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at phone number or email me at e-mail address.
    Authorized HR or Manager Name Here

    Title Here


    (This document should be modified in accordance with specific position requirements)
    Job Title:

    Employee Name:

    Hire Date:

    Systems Connection/Network Set Up/Phone Set up Completed on___/___/___ by:

    New Hire Paperwork Completion & Submission Completed on: ___/___/___ by:

    Parking Pass and Security Keyes/Codes Completed on ___/___/___ by:

    Internal New Hire Announcement Sent Out on ___/___/___ by:

    Benefits Overview and Enrollment Completed on ___/___/___ by:

    Company Property Distribution & Acknowledgment Completed on ___/___/___ by:

    Review of Employee Handbook Completed on ___/___/___ by:

    Review of Compliance Plan Completed on ___/____/____ by:

    Subject Matter

    Person(s) Responsible

    Location & Date

    Introduction to Employees and Tour of Facilities

    Workstation Set Up/Voicemail/Review Supplies

    Review of New Hire & Benefit Enrollment paperwork

    Internal Policies/Procedures – Employee Handbook

    Internal Policies/Procedures – Compliance Plan

    Review of Organizational Chart

    Introduction to Service Model

    Job Description Review

    Introduction to Mentor or Peer Coach

    Standard Operating Procedure Overview

    Job Shadowing

    Supplemental Training Schedule

    (This document should be modified in accordance with specific position requirements)

    Training Topic




    New Hire Forms Checklist

    Employment Forms

    Other Payroll Forms

    • Authorization for Direct Deposit form

    • Acknowledgments & Authorization for Payroll Deductions (i.e. Uniforms, Company Property)

    • Other

    Completing Form I-9

    • New and recertifying employees are legally allowed 3 business days to provide proof of eligibility.  Any new or re-certifying employee who is unable to satisfy these requirements MUST be suspended from payroll until they are able to do so.  Ideally, this form should be filled out after an employee accepts an offer and on or BEFORE an employee’s first day of work. 

    • Section 1 is filled out by the employee.  Whoever collects/processes new hire paperwork ensures it is completed in full, especially the signature sections. “N/A” should be written in any blanks which do not apply. A physical address must be provided – PO boxes are not permitted.  E-mail address and phone number are optional.

    • Section 2 is filled out by the supervisor, department head or an authorized HR representative tasked with processing new hire paperwork.

    • In Section 2, the Company representative must verify employment eligibility by reviewing 1 form of documentation for List A, OR 1 form of documentation for list B AND list C - a total of 2.  The reviewer of the documents and the employee must both be physically present during the examination of the employee’s documents.  The reviewer signs it.

      • List of acceptable documents is located on page 9 of Form I-9.

      • The reviewer is to look at the ID's and write down the appropriate document information including numbers and expiration dates and signs it.

    • Section 3 is only to be used when the document provided for List A expires or for other recertification requirements apply.

    • Make copies of identification for all employee or no employees.  DO NOT PICK AND CHOOSE. 

    • All completed I-9s are filed collectively, in alphabetic order, separate from the individual employee file.  If audited by Immigration, the investigator should be permitted access to the I9 file(s) only.

    I9’s should also be retained for at least 3 years from the date of hire, or 1 year after termination; whichever is longer.  Please reference Employee Records & File Retention Guide.


    “In consideration of my work with client name, I will be exposed to information and materials which are confidential and proprietary and of vital importance to the economic well-being of client name. I will not at any time disclose or use, during my time as an independent contractor, or during my temporary or permanent employment, any information, knowledge, or data which I receive or develop during my employment which is considered proprietary by client name or which relates to the trade secrets of client name. Such information, knowledge, or data includes but is not limited to the following which is by example only: templates, processes, know-how, designs, drawings, diagrams, formulas, test data, accounting or financial data, pricing or salary data, marketing data, business plans and strategies, negotiations and contracts, research, customer or vendor lists, inventions, discoveries (‘trade secrets’) and materials subject to copyright protection.

    I further agree that upon termination of my work with client name, I shall promptly return any and all documents containing the above information, knowledge, or data, or relating thereto, to client name. This agreement shall be binding upon my successors, heirs, assigns, and personal representatives and shall be for the benefit of the successors and assigns of client name. In the event that a dispute arises concerning this agreement and a lawsuit is filed, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable legal fees and costs from the other party.

    I acknowledge that the proprietary information and trade secrets are created at substantial cost and expense to client name and that unauthorized use or disclosure would cause irreparable injury to client name. I hereby consent to the order of an immediate injunction, without bond, from any court of competent jurisdiction, enjoining and restraining me from violating or threatening to violate this provision.

    I understand that my continued work with client name is contingent upon my compliance with this agreement.


    Signed Print Date

    Witnessed by:


    Signed Print Date

    Job Description - Sample

    (This document should be modified in accordance with specific position requirements)
    Job Title: ABC Clerk

    Department: applicable? Refer to Organizational Chart

    Reports To:

    Staff Size: if supervisory

    Last Updated: insert date

    Status & Salary: Exempt or Non-Exempt & Salaried or Hourly. Insert annual or hourly pay range here.


    The ABC Clerk is responsible for _____________________________________________________. This includes but is not limited to ________________________________________________________________.


    1. Walk through __________________________________.

    2. Review ___________________________________.

    3. Answer phone, direct calls, and take messages.

    4. Be familiar with ______________________________________________.

    5. Check and monitor ____________________________________.

    6. Collect __________________________________________.

    7. Monitor ____________________________________________. Respond appropriately. Refer to copy of Rules and Regulations for guidelines.

    8. Complete information on __________________________________________________.

    9. Assist with quarterly ____________________________________.

    10. Conduct ____________________________________________.

    11. Assist with ____________________________________.

    12. Assist with _________________________________________.

    13. Attend staff meetings and training as required

    14. Performs other duties as assigned


    • Exceptional interpersonal skills and human relation skills that positively benefits interaction with internal and external clientele.

    • A demonstrated ability to deal with corporate office personnel, volunteers, peers and supervisors.

    • Ability to exercise good judgment and self-control.

    • Good comprehension and communication skills, with the ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through verbal communication.

    • Enthusiasm, good attitude, trustworthiness, personal integrity and honesty.

    • Must be detailed oriented, able plan, prioritize, multi-task and meet deadlines in a past paced environment.

    • Appropriate level of administrative experience and skills.

    • Effective communication skills with employees at all levels.

    • Demonstrated ability to operate safely in the workplace, with experience in holding peers and direct reports accountable to safety standards.

    • Ability to work autonomously and understand when a superior needs to be involved in decision making.

    • Good decision making skills, with the ability to analyze information, evaluate results, and implement the best solution to solve problems or challenges.

    • Self-motivated, with a dedication to keeping up to date technically, and applying new knowledge to your job.


    • High school diploma or educational equivalent.

    • Must own or consistently have a vehicle available for use.

    • Computer skills, with working knowledge of the primary Microsoft Office programs

    • Ability to successfully pass a background check and other pre-employment screening.


    • Able to lift & carry items up to 15 lbs.

    • Able to sit at a desk comfortably while working on a computer, for extended periods of time.


    • Sales productivity levels at or above x%

    • Client retention rate at or above x%

    • Certification in x by x date.

    • Customer satisfaction score of x% or higher.


    ____________________________ ________________________________ __________________________

    Print Signed Date


    Employee files are to be established and retained on all current and former employees. Please reference Employee Records & File Retention Guide.

    Two separate files are to be set up per employee; one for employment-related information and one for all benefits and/or health related information.

    All Form I-9 and EEO information for current and former employees should be collected and retained in separate files:

    • 1 Active Employee I9 File (sorted alphabetically)

    • 1 Termed Employee I9 File (sorted alphabetically)

    • 1 EEO-1 Voluntary Self-Identification File (if company is required to file and annual EEO-1 report)

      • Visa applications and other immigration or work eligibility forms should be kept with I-9 information.
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