Order appointing parenting facilitator

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NameOrder appointing parenting facilitator
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_________ COUNTY, TEXAS

THIS CAUSE having come before this Court and this Court having reviewed the file and being otherwise fully advised in the premises this Court finds that there is good cause shown for appointment of a Parenting Facilitator and that such an appointment is in the best interest of the children in this cause.
1. IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that ____________________________________________ is appointed as the Parenting Facilitator in this case. All parties are ordered to provide a copy of this order along with their completed intake paperwork to the Parenting Facilitator within three (3) business days of the signing of this order. The Parenting Facilitator shall select a date for the initial appointment and all parties are ORDERD to cooperate with the Parenting Facilitator in scheduling and appear as directed by the Parenting Facilitator.
2. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Parenting Facilitator may meet with the parties or the children jointly or separately. The Parenting Facilitator shall determine whether appointments will be joint or separate, by telephone or in person. The duration, frequency, location, and persons in attendance for each session with the Parenting Facilitator shall be left to the discretion of the Parenting Facilitator, who is specifically authorized to notify the Court if any party is failing to comply with the spirit or letter of this order or other orders of the Court.
3. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the expense of the Parenting Facilitator shall be divided between the parties as follows: ________% Petitioner ________% Respondent. The parties will advance the cost of the Parenting Facilitator in equal shares, with the exception that the Parenting Facilitator may assess to each party a pro rata share for time expended for reviewing documentation, out-of-session time, and other individual services. The Court deems these payments be taxed as costs of suit. The parties are ORDERED to pay their respective portions of the initial retainer within seven (7) days of the signing of this Order and within seven (7) days of any invoice or bill from the Parenting Facilitator.
4. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Parenting Facilitator shall have the following responsibilities and the authority to take such steps as necessary to carry out their responsibilities. The Parenting Facilitator shall assist the parties in minimizing child-related conflicts between the parents and resolving issues related to parenting or other family issues through aiding them in:

    1. identifying disputed issues;

    2. reducing misunderstandings;

    3. clarifying priorities;

    4. exploring possibilities for problem solving;

    5. developing methods of collaboration in parenting;

    6. understanding parenting plans and reaching agreement about parenting issues to be included in a parenting plan;

    7. complying with the court’s order regarding conservatorship or possession of and access to the child;

    8. implementing parenting plans;

    9. obtaining training regarding problem solving, conflict management, and parenting skills;

    10. settling disputes regarding parenting issues and reaching a proposed joint resolution or statement of intent regarding these disputes; and

    11. monitor the parties’ compliance with court orders.

In order to carry out the responsibilities outlined above the Parenting Facilitator is specifically instructed and authorized to:

  • assist the parties and the children to promote the children's rights of access to both parents and to protect the children's best interest in general in compliance with the previous orders of this court;

  • communicate with the parties, children, health care providers, psychological providers and any other third parties as deemed necessary by the Parenting Facilitator; and

  • when necessary, recommend to the parents that one or both avail themselves of appropriate community resources, including, but not limited to, random drug screens, formal parenting classes, and individual psychotherapy or family counseling.

5. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED the parties

  • shall cooperate with the Parenting Facilitator and shall execute any necessary authorizations to enable the Parenting Facilitator to obtain information about the children or the parties or other caretakers;

  • shall direct any disagreements regarding the children to the Parenting Facilitator before seeking court action, unless a child's safety is jeopardized. The Parenting Facilitator will work with both parents to resolve the conflict and, if necessary, will recommend an appropriate resolution to the parties and their legal counsel;

  • shall contact the Parenting Facilitator only during regular business hours or at other times scheduled by the Parenting Facilitator. The assistance provided by the Parenting Facilitator is not intended to be a crisis intervention service;

  • shall notify the Parenting Facilitator in writing within 24 hours of any changes in their contact information, legal representation, residency, or occupants of their home.

6. IT IS ORDERED that no information gathered by the Parenting Facilitator, including any conversation between the Parenting Facilitator and any party, child, investigator, attorney or collateral source, is confidential or protected by any privilege. Information provided by the parties may be shared with others involved in the Parenting Facilitation (including where necessary and appropriate, children and collateral sources) so that verification of information provided can be sought and so that others are afforded the opportunity to respond to issues raised. The Parenting Facilitator shall inform any party, child, attorney or collateral source that any information received shall not be confidential or protected by any privilege or discovery.
7. IT IS ORDERED that the Parenting Facilitator may testify at the final hearing or other hearing in this case, at the written request of any attorney of record, however, unless otherwise ordered by the Court, the requesting party shall be responsible for the Parenting Facilitator’s customary and usual fees for testifying and said fees shall be paid or advanced prior to the hearing and payment of said fees shall be a condition precedent to the Parenting Facilitator’s required testimony.

8. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Parenting Facilitator shall submit a written report regarding the status of this case to the court and attorneys of record as needed.

Signed on this ______ day of ____________, 20___.


Judge Presiding


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Attorney for Petitioner

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Attorney for Petitioner

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