Lit leader In Training Form 2017

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LIT Leader In Training Form 2017

Bar Harbour Camp, Stettler and Hardisty Lake Camp work together to offer opportunities for youth, age 16 & 17 to learn leadership skills at camp. Both camps are accredited by the Alberta Camping Association and the United Church Camping Standards.
Leaders In Training are a minimum of 16 years of age by July 1, 2017.

This is a volunteer position that offers youth an opportunity to grow their leadership skills.

There is a wide range of possibilities for leadership experience…

teaching and supporting program options, mentorship, leading by example, facilitation skills, conflict management.
Leaders In Training will receive the same comprehensive training that Paid Staff is given and they should commit to volunteering for a minimum of two camps during the 2017 season.
Note: LITs are not eligible to work at the Bar Harbour Camp “Camp in Motion” due to accreditation age restrictions.
Some schools will count the volunteer hours worked at camp toward High School Credits. It is the LIT’s responsibility to explore this option and to ensure that the proper paperwork is completed. Bar Harbour Camp will support such programs to the best of it’s ability.

Select the camp(s) you wish to attend

** Please note that preference will be given to applicants who will attend ALL listed camps**

Camp Name Camp Dates Ages Site

  • ALL CAMPS July 2 – Aug 25 Hardisty & Bar Harbour, Stettler

  • CIT Camp July 4-7 14-17 yrs Hardisty aHHHH

  • HLC Scamper July 5-7 6-8yrs Hardisty

  • HLC Camp #1 July 9-14 8-13 yrs Hardisty

  • HLC Camp #2 July 16.21 8-13 yrs Hardisty

  • HLC Scamper #2 July 23-25 6-8 yrs Hardisty

  • BHC Rookie Camp July 26-28 6-9 yrs Bar Harbour, Stettler

n/a BHC Camp In Motion July 30- Aug 4 14-17 yrs Bar Harbour, Stettler

  • BHC Middlers Aug 7-12 11-14 yrs Bar Harbour, Stettler

  • BHC Kid’s Camp Aug 14-19 9-12 yrs Bar Harbour, Stettler

  • BHC Scamper Camp Aug 21-24 6-10 yrs Bar Harbour, Stettler

Personal Information (Please print clearly)

Name: Home Phone # ( ) ____
Address: City/Town Postal Code _________
E-mail address: _________________________
Birthday: Age as of July 1, 2017 ______

Month / Day / Year
LIT’s are encouraged to have, at minimum,

Current Standard First Aid Certification. (either St. Johns or Red Cross)
Help us find the right experience for you…Personal qualities & job experience:
1.Do you have any experience working with children or youth?
2. We are camps of the United Church of Canada. We require all leaders to respect and follow the

philosophies of the United Church in their actions and attitudes.

This includes, but is not limited to, an attitude of inclusiveness to diversity in culture and sexual

orientation. Are you able to commit to this?

(if you’d like to talk about this …call Helen Reed 403-664-9266)

Do you have any of the following?

 Life Guard Certification

 Personal Watercraft Certification

 Food Handling Certification

 Canoe Instructor Certification

Childcare Certification

Archery Instructor training

 Something we’ve missed? Tell us more______________________________
What skills do you bring to camp?


Do you play guitar? Do you sing? 

Sports. What sports are you interested in?_______________________

Crafts. Do you like doing crafts? 

Teaching...leading sessions

Following…ability to follow instructions

Camp songs

Drama (not being dramatic… but able to jump into or lead skits etc.)

Name three goals you would like to achieve by being a Leader In Training at Camp?


Thank-you for your interest in our youth camping programs. The information you have provided is considered confidential. Your application will be reviewed by the Hiring Committee. Those successful in the application process may be required to attend an interview with the Committee or their designate.
Your completed application form may be submitted by mail or email at the following addresses


Mail to: Summer Camp Applications

Box 99

Oyen, Alberta

T0J 2J0


403-664-3987 or 403-664-9266

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