Grade 12 Post-Secondary Preliminary Information

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PSI – post-secondary institution

Undergraduate student – This is you. Anyone registered at a PSI & has not completed a bachelor’s degree.

Graduate student – Anyone one who has completed a BA or a BS degree and are doing their Master’s or

Doctoral degree.

Co-op programs – usually for 3rd and 4th year at university. It’s a combination of school and work. The benefits

include gaining work experience in your field of study, creating a network, learning hands-on, etc.
Certificate – 8-12 months

Diploma – 1-2 years

Associate degree – 2 years (usually available in US colleges)

Degree – 4+ years of university. Leads to a bachelor’s degree (BA/BS)

BA – Bachelor’s of Arts (English & other languages, history, sociology & other social sciences, fine art, etc.)

BS – Bachelor’s of Science (engineering, chemistry & other sciences, math, etc.)
Gap Period/Year – time out of school used to explore options, work to save money
Differentiated learning – online courses/distance education courses
Entrance scholarships – given to students who make early applications. If you’re doing Dual Admission (NIC-

UVic), UVic will hold your entrance scholarship until you actually attend classes in Victoria.
Staying Organized:
Keep all information on your computer in an electronic file or a hard copy in an accordion-style folder. Some topics may include:

Application forms


Personal statement or Cover letter

Reference letters

Transcript (recent copy)

Copy of budget

Other pertinent info

(certificates/awards, etc.)

Budgeting for Post-Secondary
Remember that most university/college courses run for only 8 months (Sept – April).

Apply for housing separately from admissions.

Meal plan – get the least expensive. You can always increase the amount but sometimes you cannot reduce.

Extra fees/costs – parking permit for your car, lab & equipment costs, laundry & sundries
Sample Budget for 2015-16 UBC UVIC NIC

Room & board 10,000 8,123 ----- (based on living at home)

Local transportation 190 168 280

Tuition & Fees 6,050 5,458 2,950 (10 university transfer)

Books 1,190 1,700 1,200

Miscellaneous 2,500 2,000 1,600

Total 19,930 17,443 6,030
Helpful websites:
You may want to create a separate email address to be used only for these websites. Some students have reported receiving constant emails from some of these groups.

Website to apply to most BC institutions. Complete the general information section only once and then you can complete the additional information required for each institution. Will need a credit card to pay for each application.

Helps students find programs in post-secondary institutions in BC. Provides information about program length and tuition costs. Students are given a direct link to each institution’s program.

Helps students find programs and post-secondary institutions. This site also has information about scholarships.

The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada administers more than 130 scholarships, fellowships, and internship programs on behalf of governments, foundations, and private sector companies. Check to see if the AUCC administers scholarships for parent’s place of employment. The site also has a link for international students.

A large database of financial aid. Students can check monthly for scholarships and bursaries from high school through to the end of their undergraduate studies.

This site provides information about Canadian PSI scholarships and links for students planning to enter post-secondary studies. The site also includes a link for international students. (formerly

Information about scholarships and contests. There is even a discussion board where students can get post-secondary questions answered.

BC student assistance. The government expects parents to cover the first 48 months after graduation. This is a needs-based program which will not cover all post-secondary expenses.

International students can search for scholarship information to institutions within Canada.

Canadian Scholarships for international students provides links to institutions with scholarships for international students. Ontario Universities’ Application Centre Alberta Universities’ Application Centre

This helps students to research what courses will be accepted at another institution or province.

Students are advised to speak with their college/university advisor.

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