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Name of College: Pomona

# Undergraduates: 1,589

Cost (tuition, room/board): $41,438
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Lee Bierer – President/Coach
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What I like about this College:

Psychology, Neuroscience, Biology, Chemistry, Pre-Engineering Majors and the Pre-engineering program is a 3-2 plan connected with California Institute of Technology and WashU (Pomona Website)
Most popular majors include mathematics and neuroscience (PR)
“An academically rigorous education in a low stress California atmosphere” (PR)
“Many people are involved in intramural sports” (PR)
There are four other colleges in the Claremont Consortium, and Pomona students can “take their classes, eat at their dining halls, go to their parties, swim in their pools, and generally share in a great experience” (PR)
“Dress code is uniformly casual” (PR)
Financial Aid rating of a 99 (PR)
High Academic and Prof ratings 96, 95, 96 (PR)
You can take classes at the other Claremont Colleges and they still count towards your degree.
Read more: http://colleges.niche.com/pomona-college/academics/#ixzz35mcW6C4u
Professors are dedicated and care about their students. Workload is difficult but manageable. The classes are small and have resources for help.
Read more: http://colleges.niche.com/pomona-college/academics/#ixzz35mcd0q77
Even as a freshman, your biggest lectures will be 30 people, and once you're out of intro level courses your classes are almost entirely seminars. The intellectual level of the discussions is unbelievable. It's the type of school where you want to ask all your friends for class recommendations, because there are too many amazing professors to choose from. It's nice that your fellow students will help you learn, whether in class or out. People are smart and cooperative instead of competitive.
Read more: http://colleges.niche.com/pomona-college/academics/#ixzz35mcqThRi
Also getting jobs on campus is fairly easy, and not just limited to those who receive financial aid, which is really nice. Having open work study is nice because even if you do not qualify for financial aid it is likely that tuition isn't simply a drop in the bucket.
Read more: http://colleges.niche.com/pomona-college/scholarships/#ixzz35mdK7uJq
A different perspective: You can go the whole year without having ever touched any substances and still have a blast. I did. No one EVER pressured me to try something that I did not want to try.
Read more: http://colleges.niche.com/pomona-college/drug-safety/#ixzz35mdpPO00
Drug Scene – I have never seen or heard of anyone doing drugs... I do live in a substance-free sponsor group, though. However, my sponsor group may be the only substance-free sponsor group that is actually substance-free. I have not ever been pressured to do drugs or drink alcohol, and I don't see alcohol-drinking anywhere except at sanctioned parties (It does of course happen, though; you hear about it)
Read more: http://colleges.niche.com/pomona-college/drug-safety/#ixzz35me2JEUc
Greek life is nearly invisible on campus. There are a couple frats, they aren't residential and don't are only responsible for a few parties. Various campus organizations that sort of take the place of frats take care of almost all the parties.
Read more: http://colleges.niche.com/pomona-college/greek-life/#ixzz35meDHQDx
Pomona has 2 dining halls and you can eat at the other colleges dinning halls too. Out of the all the dinning halls at the colleges Pomona's aren't the best relative to the other 4 colleges, but that doesn't matter because you can eat anywhere you want. The food is amazing each dinning hall has its strengths and weaknesses. Scripps has great food, but doesn't have a lot of seating and long lines. Pomona's Frank dining hall has very good breakfast and brunch but its dinner isn't the strongest. There is tons of variety between the dinning halls and as long as you switch which dinning halls you eat at you will never get tired of the food.
Read more: http://colleges.niche.com/pomona-college/campus-dining/#ixzz35meLyKB5
There are other places to eat as well- namely, student run cafes and restaurants. I think there are 9 of these places in the 5C's. Each semester, students receive a couple hundred dollars called Flex, which can be used at these places to supplement the standard meal plan. The Coop Fountain, Pomona's student run cafe, makes great quesadillas and milkshakes. The library has a much needed coffee shop which also serves bakery items. I have heard that the Muddhole at Harvey Mudd serves amazing sandwiches and that the Grove House at Pitzer serves great organic food, but I've yet to try them. For those on the run, the Coop Store offers pre-prepared sandwiches and a wide assortment of snacks and drinks.
Read more: http://colleges.niche.com/pomona-college/campus-dining/#ixzz35meZUwhM
If you want a single you can get single freshman year. Some of the freshman dorms are a little small, but they have air conditioning which is great.
Read more: http://colleges.niche.com/pomona-college/campus-housing/#ixzz35mekAaBU
In terms of campus safety, they are SO helpful. You can ask them to give you a ride back to your dorm late at night and they always arrive promptly and are super friendly.
Read more: http://colleges.niche.com/pomona-college/campus-strictness/#ixzz35mfLR4N5
You can honestly survive here without ever bringing your own computer, printer, or scanner. The computer labs offer 24/7 access, the internet is extremely fast, and printing is cheap at 2 cents per page. Each dorm room has an ethernet outlet which, when connected with an ethernet cord, can provide internet speeds at 500MB-1000MB per second.
The technology on campus is extremely high-tech, and it is clear that a great deal of money goes towards improving technology for Pomona students each year. ITS at Pomona is accessible to fix computers for free or to address computer related issues. Each academic building has a computer lab or two. The newer academic buildings in particular, like Lincoln-Edmunds, are equipped with expensive Mac Pro desktops in their entirety.
Read more: http://colleges.niche.com/pomona-college/computers/#ixzz35mffpKDv
The newest dorms are outstanding. Environmentally friendly and great looking. The older dorms are pretty good too. The look really nice for the most part, but the freshman dorms are kind of a trade off.
Read more: http://colleges.niche.com/pomona-college/facilities/#ixzz35mfqBnTV
There will be plenty of times at Pomona where the administration will literally just throw money at you. If you want to plan a trip through On the Loose (which is basically our outing club) they will lend you gear and heavily subsidize your gas. There are lots of really great places to go on trips. Joshua Tree National Park is less than an hour away, Mt. Baldy is literally walking distance from campus, Santa Barbara and Oregon Country are a couple hours away if you want to go to the beach, and skiing isn't far either.
Read more: http://colleges.niche.com/pomona-college/facilities/#ixzz35mfwnHzx
The campus itself, despite being right next to some of California's most sketchy cities, is extremely safe- you can walk outside at 3AM without any harm. Campus police patrols the campus 24/7 but is not intrusive, and there are blue lights all around campus if any emergency happens. The most common dangers include bike robberies and prohibited entrance into the dorms.
Read more: http://colleges.niche.com/pomona-college/health--and--safety/#ixzz35mg8tNYk
They go the extra mile – The train to LA in claremont is great, as is the zip car program: You can rent cars by the hour for only 8 bucks an hour/60 bucks a day. Also, they have shuttles to various events every weekend. People carpool and share super shuttle to the airport. On the loose will pay for some of your gas and/or rent you a car for free if you're going camping.
Read more: http://colleges.niche.com/pomona-college/transportation/#ixzz35mgcWm5h
What I don’t like about this College:

One bad thing though is that it is exceedingly hard to get into classes as a first or second year.

Read more: http://colleges.niche.com/pomona-college/academics/#ixzz35mcYwhpe
The larger freshman dorms are tad bit nice but don't have air conditioning which means the first month of school is pretty miserable when your dorm room is 90 degrees or whatever.
Read more: http://colleges.niche.com/pomona-college/campus-housing/#ixzz35mem6xes
Being right along a fault line, Pomona College is in high danger of earthquakes (just like the rest of California). The school does earthquake drills every year, provides all of the students an earthquake emergency bag, and has enough supplies to last everyone two weeks after an earthquake.
Read more: http://colleges.niche.com/pomona-college/health--and--safety/#ixzz35mgHdEps
It is the last eastern-most city within the boundaries of Los Angeles County and, for such a large area, means Claremont is far from LA life. As a college student, it can feel boring and slow.
Read more: http://colleges.niche.com/pomona-college/local-atmosphere/#ixzz35mgleuVY
Claremont, while a cute place to be situated next to, is not ultra student friendly. Shops are typically expensive boutiques, and just about everything is closed by 10 pm.
Read more: http://colleges.niche.com/pomona-college/local-atmosphere/#ixzz35mgqeM3x
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