Informed Consent Cover Letter

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Informed Consent Cover Letter

Example of Cover Letter for Geriatric Pain Management Research Study
The following proposal is a nursing research study regarding nurses’ perceptions and knowledge of pain management in the elderly. The study will be under the supervision of [name of researcher], a [job title] at [name of organization] in the [name of department].
The purpose of this study is to learn more about factors that have a positive or negative effect on nurses’ care toward pain control among geriatric patients. A total sample of approximately 30 professional nurses (among inpatient and nursing home settings) are being asked to participate in this study, which will be conducted during the next three months.
The pain management questionnaire will be given to voluntary participants, which elicits information about demographic data, the nurses’ knowledge about narcotics, and the nurses’ perceptions of geriatric pain. The questionnaire takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Questions such as “What percentage of geriatric patients have pain?” will be asked.
There are no physical risks to those participating in this study. However, there is a slight risk that thinking about nurses’ perceptions and knowledge levels toward geriatric pain management may cause feelings of sadness. This study may have no direct benefit to the subject, but the findings of this study will be useful to health professionals who provide care to geriatric patients. Improvements in the quality of care and pain management are the main goal. Also, educational considerations for nurses may be enhanced from the results of this study.
The individual information obtained will be held in strict confidence. The findings will be available only to the researcher and statistician. The questionnaire does not include any name identification.
You may ask the researcher any questions regarding this study prior to or upon completion of the questionnaire. If you desire further information regarding this study, contact [name of researcher] at [phone number]. Participation is voluntary; refusal to participate will involve no loss of benefits or penalty.
Thank you for your participation in this study.
Source: Nursing Research Program Builder: Strategies to Translate Findings into Practice, ©2008 HCPro, Inc. To find out more about the book or to purchase a copy, visit

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