One Dollar Dog Bite Forms

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One Dollar Dog Bite Forms

How to Win Your Dog Bite Case Without a Lawyer for $1 at a Time

Third Letter to Anyone - Threatening Legal Action
How To Use:
This is what you send when you are going to file suit against a third party. It is your final attempt to settle.
After this, you don’t send another letter UNLESS there are constructive negotiations. Frequently, this letter will lead to a positive outcome, because it will trigger a response you can work with. In that event, you use your negotiation skills to end up with a settlement.
This is a letter, so start by inserting the name and address of the recipient of the letter.
Replace the name of the dog bite victim, the date of accident, and the pertinent details.
If “Dear Mr. Jones” is too formal for your situation, then change the salutation to something like “Dear Bob.” If the recipient is an animal control officer, police officer or the like, use “Dear Officer Jones.”
Insert your own name at the end, in the signature block.
Mail it by regular mail. There is no need to use another form of mail. Sending a letter by certified mail, return receipt requested is unnecessary, because it merely serves to prove the letter was delivered (or was not delivered). It is something a lawyer would do under different circumstances.


Re: John Smith’s dog bite injuries

DOA: October 1, 2008
Dear Mr. Jones:
Reference is made to my prior [INSERT A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF YOUR PRIOR COMMUNICATIONS WITH THIS PERSON. EXAMPLES: “two letters,” “phone calls to your home and office,” “suggestion that we discuss this like neighbors should,” “request that we meet and talk about my son’s dog bite injuries,” “letter which asked you to reimburse my family for the $1,750 hospital bill.”]
It seems clear that you have had enough time to [INSERT A SHORT REFERENCE TO WHAT YOU WANTED FROM THIS PERSON. EXAMPLES: “resolve this,” “think this over and tell me your thoughts,” “do the right thing, namely reimburse us for the $1,750 we were forced to pay,” “explain your side of the story and propose an acceptable solution,” “get back to me with a constructive reply.”]
I want to amicably work out a solution to this problem. However, this is not something I can do on my own. It requires your cooperation. Without that, I have no choice but to file a lawsuit in court. It is my last resort, and something I want to avoid. Therefore, I will wait another [INSERT A TIME PERIOD, USUALLY “10"] days, in the hope you will do what I referred to. If you do not, I reluctantly will file suit without further notice.
[IF YOUR PRIOR COMMUNICATION OFFERED TO GIVE THIS PERSON A DISCOUNT FOR PAYING YOU RIGHT AWAY, ADD THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH:] I want to remind you that I asked you to pay a discounted sum. The offer to settle for that discounted amount will expire on the day that the lawsuit is filed. After the filing, I will seek payment of the full amount.


© 2009 Kenneth M Phillips. All rights reserved. Only the purchaser can use this form, and only for his or her very minor dog bite injury. It is incorrect to use this form for any other injuries. If blood was shed, if scars will develop, if treatment is continuing, if it will take more than $10,000 to "make this right," if there is disability or any lasting symptoms or complaints or anything strange or complicated, discuss your case with an attorney who will give you a free consultation, and who will not charge you unless he or she gets you a settlement or judgment against the other party. Yes, lawyers in the USA routinely talk to accident victims about their options, for free. Because it's free, you owe it to yourself or your child. You have nothing to lose and justice to gain. To find a free attorney in your own area, just search the Internet, ask friends for referrals, or contact your local bar association. Do not use this form for anything else or any improper purpose, and do not change it except as indicated, or else it could end up hurting your case.

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