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Administrator’s Quick Reference Handbook

David Rossi

January 25, 2015

EEA 538

Instructor: Des McKay

City University
Table of Contents

Contents Page

Quick Reference Guide _____________________________________________3

School Act _______________________________________________________5

Employment Standards Act _________________________________________8

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA) ____________9

Criminal Records Review Act ________________________________________10

Workers Compensation Act _________________________________________11

Human Rights Act _________________________________________________14

District Collective Agreement (Teachers) _______________________________15

Teamsters Collective Agreement _____________________________________19

Job Posting Process ________________________________________________21

Teacher Investigation/Discipline Procedure _____________________________22

Letter of Reprimand/Discipline/Direction Procedure _____________________ 23

Sample Teacher Interview Questions _________________________________ 24

Reference Check Questions __________________________________________26

Sample Postings ___________________________________________________27

Sample Letter of Expectation ________________________________________ 28

Sample Letter of Investigation _______________________________________ 29

Appendix A: Important Phone Numbers

Appendix B: Health and Safety Templates

Appendix C: Emergency Procedures

Appendix D: Parental Permission Forms

Appendix E: Student Suspension Procedure Manual

Appendix F: Administration Checklist (month by month)

Quick Reference Guide
Duties of Student


CA – Teacher Collective Agreement
TA – Teamsters Collective Agreement
CRRA – Criminal Records Review Act
FOIPPA – Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
WCA – Workers Compensation Act
School Act (6-1)

Parent Responsibility

School Act (7-2)

Student Conduct

School Act (76)


Discipline and Dismissal

CA (C21-C22)

Hours of Work

CA (D23)

Preparation Time

CA (D4)


CA (C1)

Teacher Evaluations

CA (E22)

Teacher Responsibilities

School Act (17)


Hours of Work

TA (12), Employment Standards (34)

Posting Procedures

TA (3.2, 3.6)



CA (G27)

Pregnancy Leave

CA (G24), TA (16.3), Employment Standards (50)

Sick Leave

CA (G20), TA (17.4)

Workers' Compensation

CA (G31), TA (16.2.1)

School Policies

Alternate School Year

CA (D3), School Act (87)

Class Size

School Act (76.1)


Human Rights (3-1)


CRRA (10)


School Act (2, 3)


CA (E2), TA (18.8), Human Rights (14)

Meal Breaks

Employment Standards (32-1)

Personal Information

FOIPPA (30, 32)

Regular Work Year

CA (D25)


CRRA (24.3)

Administrative Duties

Health and Safety Committee

WCA (111-2, 125), CA (D27)

Health and Safety Committee, Duties of Employees

WCA (115)

Health And Safety Committee, Procedure

WCA (131)

Health and Safety Committee, Role of

WCA (130)

Job Postings

CA (E27-28)

School Plan

School Act (8.3)

School Planning Council (SPC)

School Act (8.1)

School Planning Council (SPC), Role of

School Act (8.2)

Staff Meetings

CA (D27)

Supervision Duties for Teachers

CA (D24)


School Act (26)

School Act

The School Act ensures that every member within a democratic society receives an education that allows them to contribute to the health and stability of society. The British Columbia school system “enables all learners to become literate, to develop their individual potential and to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to contribute to a healthy, democratic and pluralistic society and a prosperous and sustainable economy”
Important Sections/Definitions



2 (2)

Access to an Educational Program

A person may enroll in an educational program provided by a board of a school district and attend any school in British Columbia if

(a) the person is of school age,

(b) the person is resident in British Columbia, and

(c) the board providing the educational program determines that space and facilities are available for the person at the school in which the educational program is made available.

3 (1)


A person who is resident in British Columbia must

(a) enroll in an educational program

on the first school day of a school year if, on or before December 31 of that school year, the person will have reached the age of 5 years, and

(b) participate in an educational program provided by a board or, in the case of an eligible child or an immigrant child, by a board or a francophone education authority until he or she reaches the age of 16 years.

6 (1)

Student Duties

A student must comply

(a) with the school rules authorized by the principal of the school or Provincial school attended by the student, and

(b) with the code of conduct and other rules and policies of the board or the Provincial school.

7 (2)

Parent Responsibility

A parent of a student of school age attending a school may, and at the request of a teacher, principal, vice principal or director of instruction must, consult with the teacher, principal, vice principal or director of instruction with respect to the student's educational program

8.1 (c)

School Planning Council

(3) A school planning council for a school consists of the following persons:

(a) the principal of the school;

(b) one of the teachers at the school, elected annually by secret ballot by the teachers who teach at the school;

(c) 3 representatives of the parents' advisory council who are

(i)   parents of students enrolled in the school, and

(ii)   elected annually by the parents' advisory council


Role of school planning council

A board must consult with a school planning council in respect of the following:

(a) the allocation of staff and resources in the school;

(b) matters contained in the board's achievement contract relating to the school;

(c) educational services and educational programs in the school;

(d) school safety, including the installation and operation of video surveillance cameras.

8.3 (1)

School Plan

In each school year, a board must approve a school plan for every school in the school district.

17 (1)
Teacher Responsibilities

A teacher's responsibilities include designing, supervising and assessing educational programs and instructing, assessing and evaluating individual students and groups of students.


Educational Assistants

(1) A board may employ persons other than teachers to assist teachers in carrying out their responsibilities and duties under this Act.

(2) Persons employed under subsection (1) must work under the general supervision of a teacher, principal, vice principal or director of instruction.

20 (3)

Principal/ Vice-Principal

A principal, vice principal or director of instruction who is responsible for evaluating a teacher in a specialized assignment may

(a) consult with a resource person who has relevant specialized technical knowledge,

(b) use information obtained from the consultation in the evaluation.


Power to Suspend

A principal, vice principal or director of instruction of a school or the superintendent of schools may suspend a student of the school if

(a) the rules made under section 85 (2) (c) by the board operating the school do not provide otherwise, and

(b) the suspension is carried out in accordance with those rules.


Management of schools

(2) A board must ensure that a principal, vice principal or director of instruction is responsible for each school in its school district.


Class size

(2) A board must ensure that the size of any primary grades class in any school in its school district does not exceed

(a) for kindergarten, 22 students, and

(b) for grades 1 to 3, 24 students.

(2.1) Subject to subsection (2.4), a board must ensure that the class size of any class for any of grades 4 to 12 in any school in its school district does not exceed 30 students unless

(a) in the opinions of the superintendent of schools for the school district and the principal of the school, the organization of the class is appropriate for student learning, or

(b) the class is in a prescribed category of classes.

76 (3)


The discipline of a student while attending an educational program made available by a board or a Provincial school must be similar to that of a kind, firm and judicious parent, but must not include corporal punishment.


Power and Capacity

Without limiting subsection (1), a board may, subject to this Act and the regulations, do all or any of the following:

(a) determine local policy for the effective and efficient operation of schools in the school district;

(b) subject to the orders of the minister, approve educational resource materials and other supplies and services for use by students;

(c) make rules

(i)   [Repealed 2007-16-4.]

(ii)   respecting suspension of students and the provision of educational programs for suspended students,

(iii)   respecting attendance of students in educational programs provided by the board,

(iv)   respecting the establishment, operation, administration and management of

(A)  schools operated by the board and educational programs provided by the board, and

(B)  transportation equipment used for the purposes of the board,

(v)   respecting the provision of volunteer services,

(vi)   respecting the management of student housing facilities and the supervision of students accommodated in them, and

(vii)   respecting any other matter under the jurisdiction of the board;

(d) suspend students, in accordance with the rules under paragraph (c) (ii), so long as the board continues to make available to those students an educational program


School Calendar

(5) A board must submit to the minister a school calendar prepared under subsection (2) at least 3 months before the expiration of the current school calendar unless the board has made available to the public a school calendar under subsection (9) for the next school calendar year.

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