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Visual Studio 2010

Partner Press Reference and Quote Sheet

April 2010
/n software Inc.

/n software is a leading provider of software components and enterprise adapters for communications, security, and e-business integration. Our products enable a wide range of Internet technologies from File Transfer capabilities to Internet Email, SSL and SSH security, S/MIME encryption, Secure Network Management, Digital Certificates, Credit Card Processing & ACH Payments, Compression, Instant Messaging, Shipping and Tracking, and e-business (EDI) transactions. As one of the first companies to provide fully-managed commercial components for the .NET Framework, /n software continues to innovate by now offering comprehensive support for the .NET Framework 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 across our entire suite of developer components. All products fully-integrate with the Visual Studio 2010 development environment and include productivity features such as visual designer support, integrated help, and a complete array of extensible sample application.
“Our customers expect that they will be able to use their favorite connectivity tools and components with the latest Microsoft developer technology releases from day one. We continue to invest early in Microsoft technologies, simultaneously shipping alongside Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft’s next-generation application development platform. We are excited about the opportunities this creates for our mutual customers.”

— Eric Madariaga

Vice President of Marketing

/n software
AccuRev Inc.

AccuRev offers comprehensive solutions for successfully scaling Agile processes across the enterprise. These solutions optimize and automate the software development process, and allow organizations using Agile or other development process models to accelerate their throughput and release higher quality software. AccuRev is a full-service partner for Agile software, consulting and training solutions. AccuRev offers AgileCycle, the first fully-integrated best-of-breed Agile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution incorporating Software Configuration Management, Agile Lifecycle Management, and Build and Release Management. AccuRev is used by over 600 global enterprises including Ford Motor Company, Texas Instruments, American Airlines, Orbitz, Thomson Financial, Verizon Wireless and Lockheed Martin. AccuRev, Inc. is headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts and is privately held. More information about AccuRev can be found at, or by calling 1-800-383-8170 (US and Canada), and 1-781-861-8700 (Outside North America).
“With AccuBridge for Visual Studio Professional Edition 2010, developers now have the ability to access virtually all AccuRev SCM and issue tracking functionality from their browser or directly within Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Our customers have told us that their developers and managers want access to important SCM information through Microsoft Visual Studio, and now they have the full power of AccuRev at their command.”

— Damon Poole

Chief Technology Officer


Actipro Software LLC

Actipro Software is a leading provider of .NET user interface controls for the WPF and Windows Forms frameworks. They have been making .NET UI controls since the inception of .NET and were the first vendor to release a commercial WPF control. Their WPF Studio suite contains everything a WPF application developer needs, including docking windows, MDI, ribbons, property grids, gauges, editors, and much more. Actipro is most well-known for their robust SyntaxEditor syntax-highlighting code editor control, which allows developers to easily bring a Visual Studio-like code editing experience into their own applications. They are currently working on adding new WPF controls to WPF Studio, and bringing to market their first Silverlight control bundle.
“Visual Studio 2010 is the ideal development environment for creating WPF and Silverlight applications. Microsoft’s decision to begin migrating a good portion of the product to be WPF-based shows the commitment they have toward pushing the WPF and Silverlight technologies further into the mainstream. Actipro is extremely pleased to have our WPF Studio user interface control products integrate with the Visual Studio 2010 design-time experience in a number of ways, from designer surface extensibility to item templates. As we move forward into Visual Studio 2010, our upcoming Actipro Silverlight Studio control suite will take advantage of similar design-time integration. It’s certainly an exciting time to be an application developer, with quality tools like Visual Studio 2010 at our fingertips.”

— Bill Henning


Actipro Software
Alchemy Solutions Inc.

Alchemy Solutions ( is a leading provider of technology solutions that help organizations integrate legacy applications with the latest Microsoft technologies, including Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. The company’s technology enables significant cost savings by moving applications and data from expensive mainframe platforms to cost-effective Windows environments. The Alchemy Solutions suite includes NeoKicks™, NeoBatch®, NeoSort™, NeoData™ and NeoServices™ enabling the modernization of mission critical CICS and batch applications within the Microsoft .NET environment. Additionally, Alchemy Solutions, and its worldwide network of partners, distribute the Fujitsu NetCOBOL family of runtime-free COBOL compilers outside of Japan. Alchemy Solutions, Inc. is a privately held corporation with headquarters in Bend, Oregon. The company resulted from the 2008 acquisition of the Legacy Modernization Group of Fujitsu Computer Systems. Fujitsu is a leading provider of IT-based business solutions for the global marketplace. With approximately 175,000 employees supporting customers in 70 countries, Fujitsu combines a worldwide corps of systems and services experts with highly reliable computing and communications products and advanced microelectronics to deliver added value to customers. Headquartered in Tokyo, Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) reported consolidated revenues of 4.6 trillion yen (US$47 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2009. For more information, please see: Billions of lines of COBOL are executing over 50% of the world’s business applications and are being maintained by millions of COBOL programmers. Visual Studio 2010 and NetCOBOL for .NET give these applications and programmers a bright future.
“Visual Studio is an essential tool for our customers who report productivity gains of 20 percent to 50 percent when they come to this environment. We are excited to see many great productivity-enhancing features in Visual Studio 2010, which will make the COBOL development experience even better. We are proud of our decision to build all our products around the Visual Studio development environment, knowing that we are giving the best to our customers.”

— Ron Langer

General Manager

Alchemy Solutions
AppDev Products LLC

AppDev is an award-winning technical learning company providing in-depth, real-world content to developers, IT professionals and computer users worldwide. AppDev offers learning solutions for individuals and teams of all sizes, and provides content in these formats: AppDev OnDemand™, DVD-ROM, KSource Online Learning™ and instructor-led courseware. AppDev has been consistently voted the best by industry editors and developers, and has been awarded the Visual Studio Magazine Editors Choice and Readers Choice (7 years in a row), Windows IT PRO Editors Best Gold and Readers Choice, The Code Project Members Choice and more. AppDev offers learning for the latest Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SharePoint Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Business Intelligence, ASP.NET, AJAX and more. Our new AppDev Learning Engine (ALE) 3.0 Add-in allows seamless accessibility to our award-winning learning content from within Visual Studio 2010, enabling developers to get solutions quickly and maximize their efficiency.
“The new WPF capabilities within Visual Studio 2010 have made it possible for us to take our award-winning learning solutions to the next level. Now our customers can quickly get the answers they need about Visual Studio 2010 features and functionality — including step-by-step demonstrations, hands-on labs and sample code — directly within the integrated development environment. As a result, our customers will be able to leverage the power of Visual Studio 2010 more quickly and effectively than has ever been possible with previous versions of Visual Studio.”

— Craig Jensen

President and CEO

ArtinSoft Corp.

With over fifteen years of experience, ArtinSoft has proven to be a key player in software transformation, by allowing customers from all over the world to ensure business continuity and compliance through migration solutions and developer tools. Created upon principles of artificial intelligence and a relentless passion for innovation, the company is now the de-facto leader in the VB6 application renewal space, holding an exceptional record of real world migration projects while in constant growth through a strategic partner network.
ArtinSoft is the leading company in software transformation to the .NET platform, and it now aligns with Microsoft on the release of Visual Studio 2010. Its flagship product, the Visual Studio Upgrade Companion, allows upgrading Visual Basic 6.0 applications to .NET 4.0, enabling organizations to leverage years of intellectual and financial investment in the most cost-effective way. Furthermore, not only can this product be thoroughly customized, but also complemented with different training and technical support.
“With Microsoft being a key partner for ArtinSoft, we are pleased to announce that the latest release of our Visual Basic Upgrade Companion will simultaneously ship with Visual Studio 2010, allowing our customers to upgrade their business-critical Visual Basic 6.0 applications to .NET 4.0 and take advantage of the latest technologies.”

— Federico Zoufaly

Marketing Director

Black Duck Software Inc.

Black Duck Software is the leading provider of products and services for automating the management, governance and secure use of open source software, at enterprise scale, in a multi-source development process. Black Duck™ enables companies to shorten time-to-market and reduce development costs while mitigating the management, security and compliance challenges associated with open source software. Black Duck Software powers, the industry’s leading code search engine for open source, and is among the 500 largest software companies in the world, according to The company is headquartered near Boston and has offices in San Francisco, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong, as well as distribution partners throughout the world. For more information, visit Black Duck Code Search Plug-in enables developers to search for reusable code from within the Visual Studio 2010 environment. The plug-in allows searching the billions of lines of open source code cataloged by Black Duck’s or in-house developed code. Inside the firewall, the plug-in works with Black Duck’s Code Sight search engine to bring transparency and easy access to an enterprise’s vast and often distributed code assets house in TFS, SourceSafe or other code repositories. With an organization’s code base at developers’ fingertips, they can find code to re-use and easily assess the impact of a change. For example, they can find a bug once and fix it everywhere that it appears. Code Sight provides developers with one place to access the numerous (and often heterogeneous) source control management systems that are distributed throughout a company or organization.
“Microsoft made it easy to port our code search capabilities to Visual Studio 2010. The plug-in enhances productivity for Visual Studio developers by helping them find, understand and fix code all within the IDE. Most organizations today are mandating code re-use and many have policies to encourage the use of open source components; the combination of Black Duck and Visual Studio 2010 supports both.”

— Phil Odence

Vice President of Business Development

Black Duck Software
Code Architects S.r.l.

Code Architects produces and sells application frameworks and enterprise-level software for Microsoft .NET Framework developers. Its founders, Francesco Balena and Giuseppe Dimauro, are Microsoft Regional Directors, renowned authors of best-selling programming books for Microsoft Press, and frequent speakers at IT conferences. Code Architects is the only Microsoft ISVNXT partner specialized in conversion of Microsoft Visual Basic 6 legacy applications
Code Architects’s VB Migration Partner allows developers to successfully convert their Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 legacy applications to Microsoft .NET Framework. It supports all the main Visual Basic 6 features and controls, and allows refining the converted application while keeping it in sync with the original project, thanks to migration pragmas and proprietary convert-test-fix methodology.
Companies can now jointly use Visual Studio 2010 and VB Migration Partner to convert their Visual Basic 6 applications and take advantage of .NET Framework 4.
“VB Migration Partner 1.30 adds many compelling features, such as effortless smooth conversion from ADODB to ADO.NET, and makes the migration experience even simpler and more cost-effective.”

— Francesco Balena

Chief Software Architect

Code Architects
CollabNet Inc.

With 1.5 million users, CollabNet leads the software industry towards a new era of collaborative software development. By connecting remote teams and integrating disparate development tools, the CollabNet platform simplifies distributed development, reduces infrastructure costs by more than 50 percent, and eliminates silos between isolated teams to speed innovation by 20 percent and more. CollabNet is the company behind Subversion, the world’s best version control and Software Configuration Management solution for distributed teams. More than 600 industry leading companies use CollabNet’s solutions today, including Reuters, Philips Medical Systems, Capgemini, and Barclays Global Investors among others. Visit CollabNet at Visual Studio Edition 2.0 features substantial ease-of-use innovations and deeper integration between IDEs and the CollabNet products than ever before. This new version of the desktop increases developer productivity with seamless integration and an all-new graphical point-and-click interface. Associations between pieces of code, or between code and defects are now made with drag-and-drop precision, eliminating the need for error-prone re-typing or cutting and pasting of defect numbers. Multiple issue and bug trackers are also supported for end-to-end collaboration between developers and testers for defect management. The AnkhSVN component of the Visual Studio desktop solution enables developers to perform common Subversion-related tasks without leaving Visual Studio, including viewing the status of source code, updating a Subversion working copy, committing changes, and browsing repositories.
“CollabNet Subversion and TeamForge integration with Visual Studio 2010 brings the power of our award-winning application life-cycle management platform to Visual Studio users around the world, right from within their IDE of choice. With flexible support for methodologies ranging from Agile to Waterfall, CollabNet Desktop — Visual Studio Edition is perfect for software development teams leveraging Microsoft technologies.”

— Jim Ensell

Vice President, Business Development

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