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Background of Consultancy:

The United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Food for Peace program has awarded a grant to CARE Bangladesh to fund a five-year program, Strengthening Household Ability to Respond to Development Opportunities III (SHOUHARDO III) to build on the successful predecessors SHOUHARDO and SHOUHARDO II. The Project goal is to achieve: Improved gender equitable food and nutrition security and resilience of the vulnerable people living in the Char and Haor in Bangladesh by 2020
SHOUHARDO III is a program designed to transform the lives of women and men of 549,000 Poor and Extreme Poor (PEP) households in eight of the poorest and most marginalized districts in Bangladesh. The project focuses on addressing the availability, access, utilization and stability of food insecurity as well as the underlying causes that include social injustice and discrimination, lack of participation and voice, and heightened vulnerability to natural disasters and climate change. To achieve this goal, five purposes have been designed, namely:
Purpose 1: Increased equitable access to income for both women and men, and nutritious food for men, women, boys and girls;

Purpose 2: Improved nutritional status of children under five years of age, pregnant and lactating women and adolescent girls;

Purpose 3: Strengthened gender equitable ability of people, households, communities and systems to mitigate, adapt to and recover from man-made and natural shocks;

Purpose 4: Increased women’s empowerment and gender equity at family and community level;

Purpose 5: Provision and utilization of public services (i.e. Local Elected Bodies & Nation Building Departments) for communities especially for Poor and Extreme Poor (PEP) increased.

The program is implemented through six national Partner Non-Governmental Organizations (PNGOs) with technical and operational guidance from CARE. The program partners with the GoB through Project Advisory and Coordinating Committees (PACC) at multiple levels as well as through government provision of technical training provided to field staff and beneficiaries on key topics related to agriculture, livestock, fisheries, health and disaster risk management.
Objectives of the Consultancy:
CARE seeks the service of a qualified third party firm to conduct an annual participant survey of its program recipients. The survey will sample beneficiary/participant households to ascertain progress against predefined annual monitoring indicators. In the first year, this survey will set base values and help develop targets that the program can compare its progress against in the out years.
As SHOUHARDO III program intends to reach more than 168,000 beneficiary households which will be tracked annually, it’s very difficult to track the outcome level indicators for such large number of beneficiary households every year by the limited number of personnel. The beneficiary-based sample survey (BBSS) is scheduled to be conducted by third party, led by SHOUHARDO III M&E staff and supported by SHOUHARDO field staff from the implementing partners. Following are Annual Monitoring Outcome Indicators which values will be generated through the BBSS:

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