MoTec m4/M48 Software Release Notes Version 20d release

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MoTeC M4/48 ECU “Read Me”

MoTeC M4/M48 Software Release Notes

Version 6.20D Release


ECU hex 6.20A 7 May 2003

EMP 6.20 22 May 2003

GETLOG 6.14 20 March 2003

ENABLE 7.03 20 March 2003

SEND 6.13 20 March 2003

MPI 19 May 2003

UPGRADE 6.21 19 May 2003

EMP_VDD 1.06 7 May 2003

First Windows Installation

Windows based installer to make software installation easier

MDD Support

The above changes to telemetry data set 5 allow the M4/48 to communicate with an MDD V1.12 or higher. The MDD is a display module that can be used to display ECU information without needing a laptop

Increased maximum Injector pulse width (IJPU) value

The injector scaling parameter IJPU was limited to 25ms. This has been increased to 40ms. This helps with both primary/secondary injection and engines that have peak torque at relatively low RPM

Changed minimum injector off time to 0.5msec

This allows slightly more fuel to be delivered from undersized injectors. The MAX DUTY diagnostic will still be triggered when the off time is <= 1ms.

For this to be effective in angle modes (missing / additional teeth) at least 36 crank teeth are required.

Note that the maximum fuel pulse width is:

Multi-tooth modes = 60mSec

Missing/additional tooth modes = 50mSec

Modified Gear Change Ignition cut (GIC) function

The cut is no longer aborted if the cut signal is removed.

No longer check TP & RPM conditions while cutting in mode 2 & 3

Added mode 3 - cut while cut signal active. This mode is used if a gearbox controller needs to control the ignition cut duration.

Delay of -10 means do not cut in this gear - ignores the cut signal in all modes. Useful when the driver tries to change into 6th with a 5 speed gearbox.

Added Engine temp (ET) calibration to use auxV input

Setting ET sensor cal to -2 will use the AUXV pin as ET input. Uses ET user

cal. This mode is required for the ECU to share an ET sensor with an OEM ECU.

Note: AUXV Channel will work as normal on auxV input but should be ignored

8 cylinder 2 stroke now supported (M48 only)

Change to “Lambda was”

Changed “Lambda was” low limit to 0.60 (was 0.75)

Fix to Ignition Gear Comp

Corrected Ignition gear comp. Compensation value was incorrect while being adjusted online

EMP Enhancements

Added help detailing which features are available in Advanced Tuning

Shows a message if the firmware is older than the version on disk

Shows the hex version as well as the EMP version on the main screen

Added detection for incompatible special hex versions

Corrected help: Standard Tuning for Fuel & Ign now has 40 x 21 sites

Changed operation of F5,F6 & F8 so that they are always active irrespective of the selected mode, and go to the associated screen rather than toggling between Fuel and the associated screen. (This is consistent with M800)

Added graphing of Site Setup

Added interpolation of Site Setup

Added help for calibration of MAF on Digital Input

Fuel ET comp limited to 0 (was -100)

Added help to auxV Calibration to say that the 690kPa cal is for the Gauge sensor

Removed help on 690KPa cal for MAP sensor because it is a Gauge calibration which is not appropriate for MAP

If the ECU was enabled after sending the Hex EMP would ask for a password and the only workaround was to enter the backdoor password. This has been fixed.

"SUU Connected" message changed to "SUU Connected or ECU not Enabled"

Added help for the Diagnostics Errors to the Main Menu Help item so that the Diag Errors help can be accessed off line.

Fixed a bug which could cause timeouts when sending a file with some USB serial ports

Change to Telemetry data set

Changed auxiliary output duty cycle scaling in telem sets 5,6&7 so the values would display correctly on the ADL and in Telemetry monitor. Previously the value was displayed 10 times smaller.

Changes to USB serial port support for Win 2000 and XP

Extended timeouts in all applications to make USB comms robust on XP.

Enhancements to make EMP more responsive to keystrokes when offline. Win 2000 and XP comms driver could cause problems with old software versions if new and old software had been used in the same session. This has been resolved.

Work around unusual behavior with some USB serial ports. This fixed a problem where utilities such as getlog could not communicate with the ECU in some cases

MPI menu for serial port selection

MPI now allows the serial port to be selected via a menu (F5). The selected value is remembered

MPI message changed

" Loading Program - Please Wait "

"Loading Program..."
"or the selected program is running,"
"close it to return to this menu"

Upgrade - Changed error reporting

Upgrade could report “Unknown Windows Version” on some old windows versions. This has been fixed

Version 6.13D Release


ECU hex 6.13 17 Oct 2001

EMP 6.15 22 Nov 2001

Faster Comms and USB Serial Port Support

Faster Comms driver for NT4, Win2000, WinXP included. This works with both standard and USB serial ports. Added support for COM3 to COM9 on command line to suit USB

Utility programs GETLOG, ENABLE, UPGRADE now use new comms driver

Note: The use of USB serial ports is not supported for Win95/98/ME.

Version V6.13 Release


M4 hex 6.13 17/10/01

EMP 6.14 24/10/01

Password Bug

The software has been upgraded to solve a problem in which a user could lock themselves out of the ECU by setting one of a small number of passwords. Note that the ECU would continue to function, but that the user would not be able to enter the adjust screens. The latest installation removes this possibility so that any combination of alphanumeric characters can be used as a password

Crank Reference Teeth

128 and 135 teeth added

Eff2 Calc Method 6 - auxV

AuxV now processed correctly when used as input to Eff2.

Mode 6 is for a voltage output mass flow meter connected to the auxV input. It undergoes a mass flow calculation from grams/sec to milligrams/cyl/cycle.

REF cranking voltages

Changes to improve reading of lower voltage Ref signals during cranking (M4 only)

Install Update

Changes to make serial communications reliable on new PCs running Windows 98SE/ME

Log set 3 Bug fix

Log set 3 generated corrupt logged data - this has been fixed

File Encryption

The M4 and M48 now support encryption of the config file. This allows the ECU to be password protected, but files encrypted for that ECU may be sent to the ECU by the end user.

Overrun Boost Enhancement

Help updated

ORB Maximum Time

0 now disables the timeout

EMP Telemetry

EMP now has the capability to send telemetry out a second serial port, to allow display of ECU data on an ADL while tuning the ECU

Ignition main table change

The ignition main table now allows ignition advance down to -50deg

Thermofan timeout

A new timeout parameter has been added. This parameter defines how long the thermo fans will continue to operate after the engine is stopped, if the temperature is above the ON temperature.

If you are upgrading from 6.00 and are using the thermofan function please check this value.

Narrow band lambda sensor

Narrow band sensors are now detected to be hot at a higher resistance, to allow closed loop lambda to operate sooner.

Narrow band Lambda Control

Changed units of Recover Delay to 0.1 seconds

Windows Interpret software

Version 1.23 and above of Windows interpret can read M4/48 log files created using v6 and above. You can download it from

Version 6.00 Release


New features for 'E' revision M4 (Serial > 3000)

The E revision of the M4 is fully backward compatible with all previous versions.

More Magnetic Trigger Thresholds

The M4e has five magnetic levels (up from 3) to further enhance noise rejection on Ref and Sync for magnetic sensors with high voltage outputs.

PCI no longer needed

The M4e no longer needs a PCI cable to communicate with the PC. The M4-E can still use the PCI with the original D9 connector. New M4 looms will have a female D9 - a standard serial cable can be used to connect to the ECU. See MoTeC drawings for details.

SUU no longer needed

The M4e no longer needs an SUU to upgrade the software.

M4e notes

The M4e can be used with previous software versions, the only limitation is that the SUU is needed for earlier software and the extra magnetic thresholds are not used.

Logging Updates

The spray bar status is now logged

AuxV and AuxT channels will now log with the decimal point in the correct location.

Sync position, Fuel AuxV & AuxT trim, Lambda long-term trim, Ignition & Fuel cut-level may now be logged.

General Software Features

Gear Change Cut

Adds High and low trigger levels to Gear Change Cut when auxt or auxv is used as the input source.

Config in log file

The ECU configuration is now included in the log file. This can only be accessed from Windows Interpreter

Enhanced ignition switch function

Ignition switch function now turns off Injectors, Ignition and fuel pump

TPS calibration

TP_LO and TP_HI can now be reversed

Duty cycle display

Primary/Secondary injector duty cycle is now displayed by EMP, so that the effect of the balance table and primary secondary ratio can be directly observed

Efficiency2 table enhancements

The Efficiency2 table may now be selected to use TP as the X-axis

Injector Help

Updated injector list and added injector resistance to the battery comp list.

Lambda Cold

Now shows Lambda value even when the Cold flag is shown

Min Alarm not off

When 0 selected for min value of alarms did not turn alarm off in EMP. This has been fixed.

Enhancements to boost control

Average position table

Added Boost Actuator Average Position table for improved boost control of restricted engines

Boost table axes

The choices of boost table axes have been increased. Can now choose from: TP, Gear, MAP, AuxV , SPD2, and Efficiency point

Overrun boost table axes

The choices of overrun-boost table axes have been increased. Can now choose from: TP, Efficiency point, Load point, MAP, AuxV, AuxT

Overrun boost temperature limiting

AuxT can now be used to disable overrun boost enhancement based on excessive turbo temperature.

Overrun boost Help

Updated Overrun boost Help for TP Hystereses and Time Out.

Overrun boost Fuel Cut Mode

Added parameter Cut_Method to Over Run Boost section which affects the cut table. Can now select to use either Fuel or ignition cut

More REF/SYNC modes

REF/SYNC modes 161 & 163 added

Ref / Sync mode 161-4 now supports EVO6 Mitsubishi which uses a different sync edge.

Ref/Sync mode 221 to 224 Added

Ford Cosworth new ref/sync modes 221 to 224 added (2 teeth on cam).

Please advise of crip required for various vehicles and which edges used.

Ref 91 to 94 added

Added ref modes 91 to 94 (Two missing four times per cycle) for Kia Please advise of crip required for various vehicles and which edges used.

This mode also supports the Renault Cleo which used to use mode 171,173

Ref/Sync mode 171,173 Deleted

Deleted Renault Cleo ref modes (Can now use 91 & 93)

BMW Ref/Sync mode added

BMW ref/sync modes 171 and 173 active (4 teeth on cam)

Added 40 crank teeth

Can now choose 40 teeth on the crank to support some new modes.

Version 5.1 Release


Standard Tuning Upgraded

Standard Tuning now includes some features that were previously only available in Advanced Tuning.

The new features are as follows :


MAP Comp

Aux Temp Compensation

Aux Volt Compensation

Gear Compensation

Individual Cylinder Trim

Injector Battery Compensation

Injector Secondary Balance Table

Injector Secondary Timing Table

Hi/Lo Injection Enrichment and Enleanment


MAP Compensation

Aux Temp Compensation

Aux Volt Compensation

Gear Compensation

Individual Cylinder Trim

Rotary Split


Engine Temp Compensation

Aux Temp Compensation

Aux Volt Compensation

Acceleration Enrichment

User defined Clamp, Decay, and Sensitivity

RPM and Load Sites

41 x 21 sites on main tables

TDC Table

Sensor Calibrations

User Defined

Enhanced Passwords

ECU passwords have been expanded up to 30000, and it is now impossible to read the ECU configuration without the password. The password can only be cleared by a dealer, who must order an ECU specific "backdoor" code from MoTeC.

Improved Graph Screen

Real time data has been added to the graph screen. Several other features, including Quick Lambda and Jump Site have also been made available.

More Sensor Calibrations

Data Instruments 690 kPa/100PSI sensor

Delco 105kpa Map sensor

Additional Injector Calibrations

Additional injector calibrations have been added for commonly used injectors.

Revised Overrun Boost Control

Over run boost control has been enhanced to a fully mappable system, for both retard and cut, and also includes fuel trim and other parameters.

Aux Temp can now be used as an input to switch overrun boost control on and off.

Secondary Load

A Second Load Table has been added to Advanced Tuning, for improved mapping of multiple butterfly engines.

Status Screen

A screen showing the status of inputs and functions has been added

Sync Position

A Sync Position indication has been included on the view screen. This shows the sync position relative to the ref teeth (or index tooth).

Ignition Trim in Degrees

Ignition Trims can now be user defined as percent or degrees

Ignition Crip Adjustment

A setup screen for Crip adjustment is provided that locks Ignition Timing to a preset value for easy adjustment.

Ignition logging

Ignition logging has been changed, to allow ignition advance to be logged from -64 to 64 degrees. This allows better analysis of overrun boost parameters and engines that run very high advance.

Cold Lambda

A Cold Lambda status has been added

Individual Cylinder Quick Lambda

Quick Lambda had been added to individual cylinder tables

Alternate Injector Functions (M48 only)

Alternate Injector Functions and adjustment parameters added. These include Thermo Fans, Spray Bars, Fuel Pump and Tacho.

Telemetry Log Sets

New Telemetry Log Sets added for MoTeC ADL Dash/Logger and Windows 95/98/NT(tm) Telemetry Monitor

Aux Tables

Extra axis choices added for Auxiliary Tables, Ground Speed for X Axis and Ground Speed, Injector Duty and Gear for Y Axis

Auxiliary Output Status

The auxiliary output screen now shows if an auxiliary output is assigned as an ignition output.

Nitrous Function

Nitrous Fuel Offset parameter added.

Spray Bar Function

A spray bar function has been added to the auxiliary outputs.

Status Output

An auxiliary output function to show internal status information has been added

Power Steering input

An input to idle speed control to help maintain idle speed when the power steering limit is reached

Telemetry Control input

Input to control when telemetry data is sent by the ECU. Required for some modems

Odd fire engines

A Dual Ignition expander mode has been added to support coil-on-plug for Odd fire engines.

View and Monitor

The old "text based" view program is no longer supported. Monitor is no longer supported due to incompatibility with Windows 95/98

Version 4.6 Release


Read / Write CSV Files

Tables may written to or read from CSV (Comma Separated Variable) files.

This can be usefull for transferring tables between different ECU types or can be used for transferring tables to a spread sheet program.

Note that the RPM and Load sites do not get loaded when reading a CSV file. These must be manually set to correspond to the original table site values.

Fuel Used PWM mode

The Auxiliary outputs may generate a fixed frequency PWM type Fuel Used signal which is suitable for some Trip Computers.

Over Run Cutoff Activate RPM

A new parameter has been added to the Over Run Fuel Cut off function to allow both the Activate and Deactivate RPM’s to be specified.

Hi/Lo Injector Enrich / Enlean

Parameters have been added to the Misc Setup to allow additional fuel to be added momentarily when the Hi injectors turn on, and fuel to be reduced when they turn off.

Version 4.5 Release


Calibrator Compatibility

The M4 and M48 software is no longer compatible with the hand held calibrator. To use the calibrator version 4.3 must be used.

Standard Tuning Upgraded

Standard Tuning now includes some features that were previously only available in Advanced Tuning.

The new features are as follows :


Engine Temp Comp

Air Temp Comp


Engine Temp Comp

Air Temp Comp


Rotary Split


Overall Trim

Air Temp Comp

Misc Functions

Warning Alarms

Over Run Fuel Cut

Narrow Band Lambda Control

Input/Output Functions

All 4 Outputs user programmable

2 Digital Inputs now available

RPM Limit

All parameters now available

Main Setup

More Setup parameters

Firing Order

Sensor Setup

Calibration for all inputs

Sensor Defaults

Sites Setup

Programmable Load 11 and Effcy 11

Version 4.3 Release


Calibrator Compatibility

This is the last calibrator compatible version of the M4 & M48 software

Nitrous Dual RPM Help

The help for the Nitrous / Dual RPM Logic Polarity parameter has been corrected

Version 4.2

Comment Stored in the ECU

The Engine Description and Customer Name are now stored in the ECU so that they may be used as comments when creating a new file should there be no matching file.

Lambda Control

Recover Time Parameter added to Lambda Control

RPM Limit

Parameter added to set the RPM at which the RPM Limit diagnostics error is set

Version 4.1

Over Run Boost Enhancement Moved

The Over Run Boost Enhancement parameters have been moved to the Misc Functions Menu

Over Run Boost Enhancement New Mode

A new mode has been added so that when Over Run Boost is inactive an RPM limit is in effect

Version 4.0

Ignition Acceleration Advance

Ignition Acceleration Advance has been added (Ignition Menu).


The UPGRADE program replaces the SEND and CONVERT programs.

There are two menu items in the upgrade program as follows :


Allows the ECU to be upgraded in one simple step.

Upgrade sends the new ECU Control Software to the ECU and converts the ECU calibration data so that it is compatible with the new Control Software.

It is not essential to have the old version software to perform the upgrade, however should it be necessary to revert the ECU to the old version the old version software will be required.

As a safety measure the original ECU calibration data is stored in the directory for the old software with a comment of "Upgrade Backup : Converted to Vx.x".


Performs the same function as the old Convert Program.

Version 3.9

Quick Lambda from Ignition Screen

Quick Lambda may now be used from the Ignition screen. This allows both Fuel and Ignition to be adjusted from the one screen.

Logging Memory Size Display

The size of the logging memory is shown on the main screen next to the logging option (either 128k or 512k).

Lambda Table - F8 Key

The F8 key may be used to toggle between the Fuel Main Table and the Lambda Table.

Lambda Control Status

The Lambda control status OFF/ON is shown beside the Ignition Dwell Value at the top right of the Table screens.

Lambda Trims

The Lambda Control trims (Long and Short term) are shown at the top of the Lambda Table.

Setup Screens Separated

The Screen Select - Setup menu item has been separated into General Setup and Sensor Setup.

Lambda Control New Parameters

New Lambda Control parameters added to both Narrow Band and Wide Band Lambda Control.

Max Duty

Sets approx. maximum duty cycle of the injectors.

Long Trim Filter

Sets the filter time constant of the long term trim. The long term trim is maintained when Lambda control is temporarily suspended eg. when at a Lambda Table site that is set to zero.

Rich / Lean Limits

Separate Rich and Lean trim limits replace a single plus and minus limit.

REF / SYNC Modes 201-204 Added

REF SYNC Modes 201 to 204 are for another variant of the Nissan Optical pickup which is used on a Nissan V8 engine.

TC Mux Bug Fix

Bugs have been fixed for MoTeC TC Mux, use this version rather than V3.8.

Ignition Expander Bug Fix

Bugs have been fixed for MoTeC Ignition Expander, use this version rather than V3.8.

Gear Change Ignition Cut Source

The Aux V or Aux T inputs may be used as the Cut Source.

This useful for some types of strain measurement devices.

A new parameter Trigger Level has been added to set the trigger voltage and edge of the cut source.

Gear Change Ignition Cut - Ignition Retard

The Ignition may be retarded during Gear Change Ignition Cut.

Gear Change Ignition Cut - Cut Level

New parameter added to allow percentage cut level to be set.

Gear Change Ignition Cut - Arm Delay

New parameter added to ignore activation signal for a certain period of time after valid activation.

Telemetry 2 stop bits

The 9600 telemetry baud rate may now be set with 2 stop bits. This is useful for some types of radio modems.

In General Setup - Miscellaneous Setup set the Telemetry Baud Rate parameter to 9602.

Version 3.8

Quick Lambda

Adjusts the site value to achieve the lambda value in the Wide Band Lambda table. (Fuel Main Table only)

The value is calculated using the Lambda sensor reading and the desired lambda from the Wide Band Lambda Table.

The engine must be operating near the center of the site for the calculation to give correct results.

The cursor jumps to the closest site if the cursor is not on site.

Note : The ECU must have the WIDE BAND LAMBDA option.

Logging Times

The Logging Times for the various Log Sets may be viewed by pressing F1 when adjusting the Logging Rate.

Motec Ignition Expander

Ignition setup mode 100 added to support MoTeC Ignition Expander, which converts one Ignition Output into up to 8 outputs for DFI ignition systems.

Motec TC Mux

Digital Input Mode 15 added to support MoTeC TC Mux (Traction Control Multiplexer) which allows measurement of 4 wheel speeds using one Digital Input.

Set Digital Input to TC Mux (Mode15).

Set Traction Control Slip Source parameter to mode 6.

Set Traction Control Rear Wheel Balance parameter to the desired Ratio.

Over run Boost

Partially cuts the ignition during overrun to allow fuel to be burnt in the exhaust which helps maintain boost during over run (Digital Input mode 13).

Ground Speed Limiting

Ground Speed may be limited either always or only when a Digital Input is activated (Digital Input mode 16). The ground speed is set in the Misc Setup screen.

Frequency Type Air Flow Meters

Load and Efficiency point calculation methods now include modes for frequency type Air Flow meters.

Traction Control - Gear Position

Traction Control may be performed based on one ground speed sensor and the current gear position.

Set the Traction Control Slip Source parameter to mode 5.

The gear system should be setup to measure the gear position using a voltage from the Aux Temp or Aux Volt Input (usually from a potentiometer).

The Gear ratios should be set to allow calculation of the driven wheel speed from the engine RPM.

Slip Warning

An Auxiliary Output may activate a warning light when the wheel slip exceeds a definable limit. (Auxiliary Output mode 112)

Traction Control Disable

A Digital Input may be used to disable Traction Control. Useful if a bad sensor causes incorrect operation. (Digital Input mode 14)

Wide Band Lambda Control - Site Disable

Wide Band Lambda control may now be disabled at any site by setting the site to zero.

Aux Volt Thermo Couple Calibration

The Auxiliary Voltage Input may now be calibrated to suit a thermo couple amplifier.

Narrow Tooth - Multi Tooth

The Ford Narrow Tooth REF Mode now supports multi tooth pickups ie. more than one tooth per TDC.

Hi / Lo Duty Cycle

For Hi / Lo injector mode the largest of the two duty cycles is reported rather than the total of the two duty cycles.

5 and 10 Cylinder (M4-8)

The M4-8 ECU now handles 5 and 10 cylinder engines.

Version 3.7

File Compare Mode

Files may now be compared to check differences between files.

The Comparison File is selected by selecting "Select Compare File" from the Function Menu while in Adjust Mode.

To toggle File Compare Mode between on or off, select "File Compare ON / OFF" from the Function Menu or press the C key. When Compare Mode is on the comparison file description is shown under the top status line.

When File Compare Mode is active the tables show the difference between the current file and the comparison file. Screens that contain differences are indicated on the "Select Screen" menu by a "+" at the left of the menu items.

Injector Test Pulse Count

The Diagnostics - Injector Test now allows the number of injection pulses to be specified which makes injector flow testing simpler.

Direct Entry - Whole Table

Direct Entry may now be applied to the whole table by entering a T before pressing the enter key or one of the arithmetic operators.

eg. To add 10.5 to the whole table :

Enter 10.5T then press the enter key.

Hi Speed Communications Chip

The Hi Speed communications chip in the PC is now used (if available) to avoid some power management problems encountered in some portable PCs.

Auxiliary Inputs used as Axis parameters for Aux Output Tables

The Auxiliary inputs may be selected as axis parameters for the Auxiliary Output Tables.

Version 3.5

Direct Entry + Mathematics

Values may be directly entered using the number keys.

Mathematical operations may also be performed by using the +, -, * or / keys after the number.

"Lambda Was" Direct Entry

The current Lambda value may be directly entered by pressing the L key. This will adjust the Fuel Table value to give the desired lambda as indicated by the Lambda Control Table.

This is useful when making adjustments from logged data, it is not recommended for Dyno Tuning as an incorrect entry could cause engine damage.

"Lambda Was" Display

The Fuel Main Table now shows a "Lambda Was" value at the top right of the table. This gives an alternative method of making adjustments from the logged data by simply using the PgUp and PgDn keys as normal.

Traction Control - Launch Control

A simple (but effective) method of launch control is now available which allows the RPM to be limited based on ground speed.

Ford Narrow Tooth Pickups

The Ford Narrow Tooth pickup system is now supported. (REF/SYNC Modes 181 and 183)

Mitsubishi 360 Slot Optical

New REF/ SYNC modes 101 and 103 have been added to cater for the Mitsubishi 360 Optical pickup which is a slight variant on the Nissan 360 Optical pickup.

Version 3.3

Traction Control Improved

Traction Control now has a Throttle dependant table to define the desired amount of slip at various throttle positions.

The amount of slip is now defined in speed units (eg. km/hr) rather than percent. (Percent slip may still be selected if necessary)

Launch RPM Limiting is now incorporated in the Traction Control Function. The Launch RPM is activated when the vehicle speed is zero and the throttle is greater than 80%. This allows a lower RPM Limit to be set during launch and during the transition between launch and full traction control.

Shift Light - Gear Dependant

A new Shift Light mode has been added to the Auxiliary Output functions that allows the light to be activated at a different RPM for each gear.

Dual RPM - RPM Rise Rate

The Dual RPM Digital Input modes now have a RPM Rise rate parameter to limit the rate of rise of RPM when changing from the lower RPM Limit to the normal RPM Limit.

Lambda Sensor Calibration Table

The Lambda Sensor may be calibrated using a calibration table.

Useful for wide band measurement systems that produce a voltage output.

Version 3.2

Set All Values

All values in a table may be set to the value of the current site (Select from the Function Menu)

Ignition Cut Rev Limiting

Previously Ignition Cut Rev Limiting was not fully operational for REF/SYNC Modes 21 to 83.

Ignition cut rev limiting now works with these modes as long as the Ignition system does not respond to a 10usec pulse. Most Ignition systems do not respond to a 10usec pulse but some do eg. Mercury CDI.

Mass Air Flow - Aux Volt Input

The Mass Air Flow sensor may be connected to the Aux Volt Input.

Version 3.1

Hi / Lo Injection

May be configured to individually operate separate Hi / Lo Injectors.

M4 ECU 2 cylinders (or less) (Including 2 rotor rotaries)

M4-8 ECU 4 cylinders (or Less)

The balance between high and low injectors may be adjusted for various RPM and Load points..

The Injection timing for the secondary injectors may be adjusted separately for various RPM and Load points.

The High and low injectors may have different flow rates but must have the same current requirement.

Firing Order

The Firing Order may be entered without having to set the Top Dead Centres.

Mass Air Flow Sensors

Mass Air flow sensors are now supported.

Mass Air Flow may be selected in the Setup - Efficiency Point and Load Point calculation methods.

Wide Band Lambda Control

Wide Band Lambda control now active - requires M4 PRO model.

Version 3.0

Graph Screen Adjustments

Adjustments may be made from the Graph screen

Sequential Option FREE (M4-STD ECU)

Sequential Option will be enabled free on M4-STD ECU.

It will be more expensive to upgrade an M4-2DF to the same options level.

If an older M4-STD ECU (Rev A or Rev B) is upgraded to V3.0 it will get the Sequential option free if it has not already been enabled.

Logging Free Time

6 Hrs free logging time, Indicated by an * next to the LOGGING option on the E.M.P. main screen.

Lambda Free Time

6 Hrs free Lambda time, Indicated by an * next to the LAMBDA option on the E.M.P. main screen.

Dual Edge REF/SYNC Mode (Rev B ECUs Only)

Dual Edge REF / SYNC mode now available - Use REF Sync Mode 1 to 4 with criP greater than 30 deg.

Should be used on all single tooth per firing HALL or OPTICAL sensors (where practical) to give better timing accuracy.

Dual edge mode uses one edge to fire the ignition at cranking (typically 5 to 10 deg) and the other edge to time from when running (typically 60 degrees). This gives better timing accuracy especially for engines with 4 cylinders or less. (Note the minimum number of cylinders for this mode is 2 cyl 4 stroke)

See the E.M.P. help for more detail.

Max RPM Permanent

Maximum RPM is stored permanently even if power is turned off.

Note : Only recorded if the RPM exceeds the RPM Limit.

First Injection Pulse

User Control of First Injection Pulse : Misc Setup

Pre Start Injection

Pre Start Injection at 100% Throttle : Misc Setup

Start or End of Injection

Injection Timing, Selectable End or Start of Injection : Misc Setup

GM 360 Optical Distributor

GM 360 Optical Distributor: REF/SYNC Mode

Harley Dual Hall

Harley Dual Hall (second Hall added to standard pickup) allows sequential Injection : REF/SYNC Mode

3 wire Idle Speed Valves

3 wire Idle Speed Valves : Aux Output Function (Idle Slave)

Ford SAW Ignition Systems

Ford SAW Ignition Systems : Setup / Ignition Type

Separate Radio and Internal Log Sets

Separate Log Sets for Radio Link and Internal Logging : Misc Setup

Notes and Tips


Mag Trigger Levels

If the sensor type is magnetic the Magnetic Trigger levels must be set.

Data Analysis

Windows interpreter is now used for data analysis - this must be installed separately

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MoTec m4/M48 Software Release Notes Version 20d release iconRelease 25 0 – Notes – Version 6

MoTec m4/M48 Software Release Notes Version 20d release iconRelease notes for version 6

MoTec m4/M48 Software Release Notes Version 20d release iconVersion 4 Release Notes

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