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Contractor Health & Safety Policy – Newfoundland Version


Ensuring that your own workers perform their jobs safely isn’t enough. To preserve health and safety, you must also impose rules and guidelines on the contractors and subcontractors who work at your site. That’s what this Model Policy does.


All companies need to adopt policies to ensure that their contractors work safely. This Model Policy, which is based on one developed by Newfoundland Power, is a good starting point in devising a policy that meets your own circumstances. But it’s based on Newfoundland OHS laws and you’ll need to adapt it to meet your own circumstances and the OHS laws of your jurisdiction.


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Contractor Health & Safety Policy – Newfoundland Version
1. Policy Statement

a) It is the Policy of ABC Company Ltd. (ABC) that all Contractors (including Subcontractors) shall comply with the Newfoundland Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations and with all specified health and safety standards, policies and procedures established for, and used by ABC.

b) ABC will not tolerate a Contractor who demonstrates an unwillingness to comply with this Policy. Violations of safety requirements by the Contractor will result in financial penalties. Continued safety violations will lead to escalating financial penalties, Contract termination and possible removal from ABC’s tendering list.

c) Contractors who have ten (10) or more workers must have an established Health and Safety Program. ABC also requires all construction and/or high risk

Contractors as identified by ABC to provide a letter of good standing from the

Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Safety Association (NLCSA) to

demonstrate they have achieved Certificate of Recognition Status (COR). This

requirement also applies to Subcontractors performing construction and/or high risk work.

d) Contractors not based in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador will have to submit documentation that they have attained safety certification at least equal to that provided by the COR program of the NLCSA. Examples include OHSAS 18001, CSA-Z-1000 and reciprocal agreements obtained from other provincial certification bodies acceptable to the NLCSA. This documentation will be reviewed by the appropriate ABC Representative in order to determine whether an equivalent safety standard to the NLCSA COR letter of good standing requirement can be demonstrated.

e) This Policy shall apply to any Work performed for ABC by Contractors.

2. Contractor Responsibilities

Contractors shall:

  1. comply with all applicable health and safety legislation governing employers and other directives issued by regulatory authorities having jurisdiction in the province;

  1. comply with all ABC health and safety rules, procedures and codes that may be specified by ABC and/or contained in the Contract;

  1. ensure that all workers have been fully qualified and certified in respect to

mandated safety training as required under the applicable health and safety

legislation. The Contractor shall, on request of the ABC, provide documentation to this effect;

  1. be responsible for taking all safety precautions and for keeping the Project Site clean and safe at all times;

  1. provide all necessary safety equipment, including personal protective equipment (PPE), as required for safe execution of the Work;

  1. comply with directives regarding safety as issued by public authorities or as given by ABC’s Representative;

  1. as soon as reasonably possible, report to ABC’s Representative all incidents and accidents that occur on the Project Site;

  1. stop the work if conditions are such that the Work cannot be performed safely;

  1. be responsible for the safety of any Subcontractors. This shall include ensuring they have all necessary tools and equipment (including personal protective equipment) to safely perform the Work and that all applicable safety regulations and requirements are met;

  1. in the case of high risk and/or construction Work, conduct daily tailboard/toolbox meetings to assess site specific hazards and the methods to be used to control them;

  1. ensure that the Contractor’s employees are familiar with the “Reporting Hazards and Correcting Safety Deficiencies” procedures as outlined below; and

  1. ensure that any Subcontractors hired understand and meet all of the above requirements. Those Subcontractors involved in construction and/or high risk Work shall require a letter stating that they have achieved Certification of Recognition (COR) status from the Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Safety Association (NLCSA).

3. Reporting Hazards and Correcting Safety Deficiencies

The following procedure shall be used for correcting hazards or resolving safety

concerns at the Project Site:

  1. if any employee of a Contractor sees a safety hazard at the place of the Work, the employee shall immediately report the hazard to the Contractor’s Site Supervisor or if applicable, the Contractor’s Occupational Health and Safety Committee Representative, who shall take immediate action to correct the hazard;

  1. should the hazard not be corrected immediately, the employee shall report the hazard to ABC’s Representative;

  1. ABC’s Representative shall discuss the hazard with the Contractor’s Site

Supervisor and establish a timeframe for remedial action by the Contractor;

  1. if ABC’s Representative decides that the hazard is sufficiently serious, the ABC Representative shall stop all Work affected by the hazard until the situation has been rectified; and

  1. should the Contractor fail to take the agreed corrective action within the time frame in 3.c), ABC’s Representative will have the authority to stop Work until the hazardous situation has been addressed by the Contractor. If the seriousness of the infraction warrants, ABC may also terminate the Contract immediately.

4. Accident Reporting & Investigation

a) In the event of a serious injury to a Contractor's employee that is reportable under the Occupational Health and Safety Act or Regulations, or in the event of an accident having a high potential to result in such injury, the Contractor shall

immediately report the accident to the Occupational Health and Safety Branch,

Government Works and Services, and shall notify the ABC Representative.

b) Should the Contractor for any reason fail to report a reportable accident, the

ABC Representative shall notify the Occupational Health and Safety Division

immediately upon becoming aware of such omission.

c) When a Contractor's employee is involved in a reportable accident/incident, the Contractor shall provide an accident report to ABC. The report shall provide

details of the accident, remedial actions taken and prevention measures

implemented to prevent future occurrences. A copy of the report shall be provided to the ABC Representative.

d) When a serious accident occurs at the Project Site, the ABC Representative

shall conduct an accident investigation in accordance with ABC policy.

e) If the nature of the incident clearly shows disregard of the safety requirements of the Work by the Contractor, the ABC Representative may at its discretion:

terminate the Contract and remove the Contractor from the ABC approved

tendering list.

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