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Top 5 iOS Apps

  • My top 5! 

    • ZoomReader

    • Flashlight App

    • Color ID app

    • Better Vision App

    • Comedy Central Stand-Up app (for laughs)

  • Another great App is EARL a totally accessible newspaper reader for iOS.

  • I use ZoomReader the most on my iPhone I love it.

  • My most frequently used apps on iOS phone are: as far as what I use daily: app for audiobooks (and the standard music app on the phone for podcasts), Dragon dictation, Weatherbug app for weather.

As far as assistive technology apps, I use ZoomReader and Ariadne GPS.

  • My top 5 apps would be:

    • Facebook

    • Google

    • Camera

    • eBay

    • Amazon

Aside from these my kids use my iPad all the time for reading books and playing educational games.

  • ZoomContacts, absolute board calendar, message-Siri, National geographic today, Pandora.

  • My top five apps would be ZoomReader, ZoomContacts, read2go, voice dream, and TapTapSee.

  • The top 5 apps I know for the iPhone for visually impaired are:

    • Money Identifier

    • Color Identifier

    • Med minder

    • Taxi wand

    • GPS apps

  • Top apps for my phone are eBay, Gmail, facebook, calendar app and twitter.

  • Money Reader

Digit Eyes

Talking Tuner



  • Top 5 iOS Apps: Mail, Facebook, Messages, Audible, Pandora. Other faves: Kickstarter, Weather Channel, sudoku, Scramble, ZoomReader, kindle, Netflix, NPR News, WriteRoom, GoodReader, APM Marketplace.

  • Favorite Apps

    • Swell Radio: think of it as Pandora for spoken word content. The app learns which kinds of shows you like just by how long you listen, and plays more content like it.

    • NFB Newsline: nowadays, let's face it: if a service or app isn't on my iPhone, I probably won't use it. Newsline puts awesome papers in my pocket in a fully accessible format.

    • Twitter: as a VI user, there's something wonderfully sublime about a social network that focuses on text rather than the flashy photos of Facebook.

    • The native Camera app: I love the slew of great magnifier apps, including AISquared's, but when I'm in a hurry the camera app is still the fastest way for me to blow something up and read it.

    • Dropbox: iCloud is great for some things, but for moving books, documents, and even music there's no substitute for Dropbox. I turn off the clunky photo syncing though?

  • iPhone:

    • CardStar – wish the font was adjustable

    • Zoom Contacts

    • Kindle – now that it reads.

    • Siri

    • Mag Light


    • Kindle

    • Office Mobile

    • Google Maps

    • Camera

    • ZoomContacts

  • My favorite apps because they are in large print and easy to read:

    • Myfitnesspal – to count calories

    • PDF reader – I make a lot of recipe PDF in Word Perfect and transfer to this program as I can enlarge them as much as I need

    • Cookulator – I weigh a lot of my liquid measurements as it is easier than using a measuring cup

    • Hopstop – for planning my bus route

    • Splash shopper – for making my grocery list

A lot of these are iPhone apps which I have installed on my iPad and then magnified them by hitting the bottom right corner X button.

  • My favorite apps are Learning ally, audible, vocalyst, weather and Google maps. I tried the zoom reader app but, did not have much success with using it. Vocalyst has an app that reads emails and for an additional charge you can reply to emails. Learning ally and audible lets you download books that you can listen to on the go. I have tried the gps feature to assist me in finding a local store but don’t always use it.

  • Top 5:

    • Facebook

    • Email

    • Internet

    • Messenger - Texting

    • Camera

  • Top 5 apps I use (in no particular order):

    • “Clear Record” to make audio recordings of various things

    • “DropBox” for accessing my files on the go

    • “NFB Newsline” for reading newspapers and periodicals

    • “Fleksy” for typing more efficiently.

    • “Pandora” for listening to music.

  • Here are my actually 6 apps that I use a lot.

    • Dragon Dictation

    • TXT messaging

    • GPS Plus with voice

    • iBlink Radio

    • TapTapSee

  • Five most used apps on iPad... Although I feel the apps listed below are significant, what is challenging is not being able to have the majority of them read to me on this device. The YouVersion Bible is the only application that has an internal reader. What an opportunity for ZoomText for the other apps listed. Please review the following apps and should they meet your contest requirements I would welcome being a winner:

    • Reading apps: Kindle, E Books, YouVersion Bible

    • Word Games: Word Storm, Words with Friends, Scrabble etc.

    • E-Mail apps: Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo

    • Lifestyle apps: (Journals) Tap Notes, Ever Notes, Daily Book etc.

    • Internet: Usually Google searches

  • Top five applications for iPhone or iPad: Evomail, Twine, Home talk, Kindle, Zagat.

  • Hmmmm…5 top apps. Apps gone free, gives me apps for one day only free of charge. News, even though I haven’t found one that I can really get to work yet. Bank app.

  • Top 5 apps that I use:

    • ToDo

    • NFB Newsline

    • Facebook

    • Downcast

    • Feeddler

It is HARD to limit it to 5, though. I also use:

    • GoogleMaps and MotionX

    • Twitter

    • MagLight+ (when Ruby not handy)

    • Words with Friends

    • Fitbit

    • GroceryGadget

    • Google

    • GoodReader

  • The top 5 apps I use on my iPhone are Facebook, messaging, iTunes, Audible, and podcasts.

  • The top 5 apps I use on my iPhone are:

    • MLB at bat

    • WeatherBug

    • TV guide

    • Calendar

    • WYFF News app

  • My top 5 apps that I use on my iPad and iPhone are as follows although not necessarily in order:

    • Weather app from Apple

    • Kindle app (more used on iPad)

    • Bible Study app from Olive Tree

    • HeyTell app (used on iPhone)

    • Flashlight app (used on iPhone)

There are several others I used but these are used most regularly day by day.

  • My top 5 apps

    • Weather

    • Facebook

    • Calendar

    • Audible

    • Email

  • Top 5 apps (iPhone)

    • BlindSquare -- great GPS

    • TuneIn Radio

    • Bible Gateway

    • TapTapSee

    • iBooks

  • Top five, not in any order:

    • MLB Major League Baseball so i can follow the Nationals

    • My Fitness App

    • App Advice

    • Houzz

    • Techwire

These are my top 5 when I am at home. When on vacation, others will make the top five, such as Yelp and others to find restaurants, locations, maps, etc. of where we are.

  • I have an Android phone, no tablet. I use most often:

    • Voice-to-Text

    • Audible

    • Navigation & Maps

    • Calculator

    • Camera

  • Here are my top 5 apps:

    • Echofon for Twitter

    • Pandora

    • Mag. Light Pro

    • 8x8 VoIP App

    • Safari

  • Oh, what fun...iOS APPeal:

Camera (I don't know if it really counts, but...) Sadly I neglect ZoomReader and all the other mag apps I've bought and downloaded. but the camera's right there on my home screen so it's silly fast and easy to go there quickly with less maneuvers. I also take lots of pictures - to share and to blow up in order to understand some detail on a thing.

Around Me - Free app that tells me the basics such as what restaurants are near by organized by distance, theaters, stores, etc. It often will lead me to websites and menus which I can then access using VoiceOver while my friends or family look at the print without having to read it to me.

Routsee - local real-time bus arrival predictions and locator.

Bookshare's Read2Go. I have dwindled down to 115 books on my phone.

VO calendar - I'm starting to make friends with this fairly new app. I like its high contrast week at a glance. I open it and it tells me about the week without having to poke at, and possibly miss things. Right now it's a nice companion to iCal but I find myself going to it more and more often.

  • Here are the five apps I find I use the most often

    • BlindSquare GPS

    • Swell Radio – customized audio/podcast generator

    • Pandora – music player

    • InstaPaper – cleans up articles on web pages

    • TweetList Pro - Twitter client

  • Top 5 Apps I use are:

    • Messages

    • Phone

    • Facebook

    • Jaguars (Jacksonville Jaguars Football)

    • Photos

  • Notes




Banking (Wells Fargo)

  • 1-phone





  • The five iPhone apps I use the most are:

    • Fleksy

    • Audible

    • Blind Square

    • Sendero Seeing Eye GPS

    • ZoomReader

  • Becca, I will try to limit my answer of top 5 apps on my iPhone and iPad:

    • Audible

    • Facebook

    • IMDB

    • iBlink radio

    • Tripit

    • Word feud

    • iTunes, mail and apps that come with devices

  • Wunderlist





  • Well, thought after two reminders I should submit something for the contest. So here are my picks for apps so far.

For the iPad:

I have to say the Message app that is standard is my favorite for obvious reasons. I can send texts to iPhone users. Like the ability of sending a text as they are more apt to be read than email for short messages.

iBlink Radio- It provides a lot of information on various subjects as well as music.

Seven Little Words- I am a word game lover. Love doing Jumbles. This game is a mix of crosswords and jumble. It provides clues as in a crossword puzzle and letters grouped together to form the answer. It does work well with VoiceOver but it is a slow and frustrating process to play.

Read To Go- This app comes from Bookshare which I recently joined. I have not yet downloaded the app but saw it demonstrated on iBlink Radio. It sold me on joining Bookshare so that I can read books, magazines and newspapers. I know there are other means of getting the books and periodicals to read such as on the computer or onto Victor Reader but it allows me to use my iPad for more than just getting the latest weather update and the scores from the games that I just could not stay awake for the final inning or quarter.

Shazam- does anyone ever give the name and artist of the song you just heard on the radio and liked? And, our new car if you can believe it does not give the tags of the music you are listening to on the radio. This helps me identify the song I liked and I can then order it on Amazon or iTunes.

  • I use the phone, email, stocks, notes, and camera apps. I also use the hearing boost. What I would really like is for the battery to retain its charge longer.

  • In no special order, my top 5 most used apps are...

    • TapTapSee

    • Email

    • FaceBook

    • Twitter

    • Safari

  • Fleksy keyboard



Service Animal


  • Top 5 apps:

    • Waze - I drive with bioptic glasses. Waze not only gives me directions over the bluetooth speaker in my car, but it will warn me of upcoming hazards that have been reported by other "wazers". Driving to work before the sun comes up it is REALLY helpful to hear "caution, object in road reported ahead". I don't report things when I drive - but I'll open Waze when I am a passenger and report stuff to help out other drivers.

    • Newstand - all my magazine subscriptions are here now. So much easier to read than print!

    • iBooks - use not only for purchased books, but also for documents I have scanned and either uploaded to my iPad via Evernote or email.

    • Evernote - not only does it allow me to scan directly to my Evernote account where I can see them better on my iPad, but I can also use it to take written, typed, AUDIO, or VIDEO notes on my iPad or iPhone and access them from any other computer/device with web access. Great for business meetings, parent teacher meetings, seminars/conferences, etc.

    • YouTube - strangely enough (or maybe it makes sense?) my visual impairment makes it cumbersome to read text instructions/manuals/How-tos. I have found that it is much easier to search YouTube and quite often I can find a video demonstrating or describing what I am trying to figure out. Everything from how to cut my own bangs, how to make certain software do what I want, product review/demonstrations of visual aids, etc.

  • Researched and found that the top 5 apps in the each of the categories of paid and free are:

    • Free

      • Despicable Me: Minion Rush

      • Candy Crush Saga

      • Pic the Word

      • Wide Sky

      • True or False

    • Paid

      • Temple Run: Oz

      • What’sApp Messenger

      • Minecraft

      • What’s the Phrase

      • Plague Inc.

  • Here are the apps:

    • TapTapSee

    • EB walk (exercise)

    • iPhone text to talk for magazines like Sports Illustrated, The Nation and National Review)

    • Facebook, which allows me to be part of the online social world. iPhone allows me a speech to text option.

    • "Read to Go" to read books while traveling or just sitting.

The simple truth is that just having an iPhone makes my life easier and fuller.

  • Here are my top 5 apps that would be of special interest to the visually-impaired:

    • Downcast – The developer of this app has made it a top priority to maintain VoiceOver accessibility even as new updates come out. Podcasts are a great way to keep up with news and subjects of interest. There are many good podcasts on access technology. This app is a very easy way to find, subscribe to, and listen to podcasts on IOS devices.

    • Lire – This is a great RSS news feed reader for everyone but it has a whole set of features just for VoiceOver users. The app developer is committed to keeping the app accessible as he adds new features. This app loads the full text of articles from RSS feeds which saves a lot of time. It also just gives you the raw text so you don’t have to mess with a lot of photos, graphics, and imbedded ads. All you have to do is search your favorite websites from within the Lire app and most of the time the RSS feed will automatically be detected and added to your list of feeds.

    • Talking Goggles – This app has had some problems recently with reliability but it now seems to be stable again. It uses the video camera to look at objects and identifies them. It takes some practice to learn how far from the object to hold the camera. But once you get the hang of it you can identify a lot of products in seconds and without messing with scanning QR codes or barcodes. I can hold my phone over a can label and get almost instant feed back on the brand and product type. In our pantry we have a lot of canned vegetables that are in the same size cans. The app will quickly tell me if I am holding a can of Bush’s Baked Beans or Green Giant Green Peas.

    • TapTapSee – This app uses a database of images and actual humans to help identify objects. I have found it to be very useful for finding out the colors of shirts and pants. It also does a good job of recognizing household products and food but the response time can sometimes lag.

    • iMove – This is a pretty good navigation app and it’s free. I think it has not gotten enough attention. In real time it will tell you what street you are on and the approximate address number. You also get a compass heading. The other major feature is the points of interest near you. You can customize it so it can give you the exact types of POI that you want to see. It was developed by an organization for the blind in Europe so VoiceOver performance is great.

  • My top 5 apps on Android are

    • CameraFX

    • Ivona text to speech

    • Friendly Type

    • Your Magnifying Glass

    • AT&T Code Scanner

  • My top 5 iPhone apps are:

    • Fleksy by Syntellia. This app is by far and away my most used one. It provides a high contrast keyboard for typing input into your iDevice and comes up with the correct word about 99% of the time whether you hit all the right characters or not.

    • NFB Newsline. Not enough good things can be said about the NFB Newsline service provided to those with print disabilities and this app makes reading the available content even easier.

    • Lire by Kunal Sood. This is a full text RSS reader which allows you to subscribe to the RSS feeds of various sites and get the text of their newscasts, etc.

    • Voice Dream Reader by Voice Dream LLC. This is an excellent app for playing/reading text files of various types. It can read the main types of text files including txt, doc, pdf, etc. and will read books from Bookshare too. It has many high-quality voices from which to choose which only cost either $1.99 or $2.99 each.

    • Tonido by Codelathe LLC. This app will allow you to access any of your computer's files doing away with the need to upload them to a cloud server. It allows you to use its built-in player to play music or videos on your phone that are stored on your home computer and saves you from taking up precious space on your phone since they no longer have to be stored there. In effect, this app lets your home computer serve as your own personal cloud.

I don't have a wished for app. I suspect if I tried coming up with something, I'd find it probably already exists. I will mention one more app that's an honorable mention. Zero Tap by lucia pavoni is great for those of us who still like using our computer keyboards but want to put what's typed there into an iPhone app. Zero Tap allows you to go to a website, input what you want into their MagicBox screen using your computer, and then have it appear within the app where it can be copied and pasted to the desired app. Very handy.

  • The app that I use most frequently is the Money Reader.

  • Loved this question! Following are my top five but please note they are not in order of importance or excellence, simply my top five that are specifically for use by the visually impaired.

    • Eye Hope –free with built in optional light, and adjustable zoom magnification.

    • NFB Newsline

    • Bookshare’s iOS app

    • ZoomContacts

    • Blio

Following are my top five apps not designed for the visually impaired, but which I could not live without:

    • Audible

    • Spark People –allows you to track, food, water and fitness with great detail, an online community, and shortcuts for quick entry.

    • Stitcher –helps me organize and play my podcasts and some online radio stations.

    • YouTube –sometimes a great source for audio instruction from ordinary people.

    • Overdrive –used in conjunction with my Library memberships to access online eBooks and eAudiobooks.

  • First, I’d like to say, I love reading all the ZoomNews and contest answers. They always provide new insight. As for useful apps on my iPhone…I use my flashlight app VERY frequently in low-light settings. I also have an app called EyeReader that is a great “on-the-go” magnifier since I always have my phone with me. The EyeNote app mentioned in an earlier ZoomNews has been a lifesaver for me in identifying the bills I’ve been given as change when shopping and VisionSim has allowed me to share what “I see” with my family and friends.

  • My top 5 apps are:

    • All Recipes

    • TV Guide

    • All Access Menus

    • TapTapSee

    • Nook

  • Five apps I recommend:

    • Navigation

    • Blind Square or CNI GPS

    • Talking calculator

    • TapTapSee

    • Running app by NIKE

    • Flexi Voice

    • iVoice

This is just a few of some real cool ones out there.

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