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Jay Selectboard Meeting

March 16, 2015

Town Clerk’s Office

Present: Peggy Loux, Dave Sanders, Marc Burroughs-Biron

Also Present: Pat Sanders, Tara Morse, Jeff Morse, Jeremy Starr, Arlene Starr, Peter Fina,

Rick and Elizabeth Sargent
Peggy L. called the meeting to order at 6:33p.m.

  1. Review and approve February 16, 2015 minutes

A. Marc BB. made a motion seconded by Dave S. to accept the minutes as presented. Motion passed.

  1. Additions/Deletions to agenda - None

  1. Review and sign Selectmen’s, Equipment & Road Orders

A. Orders were reviewed and signed.

  1. Board Chair

A. Dave made a motion seconded by Marc to elect Peggy Loux as the Jay Selectboard Chairperson. Motion passed.

  1. Elect Clerk

A. Peggy L. made a motion seconded by Dave S. to elect Pat Sanders as Selectboard Clerk. Motion passed.

  1. Schedule Meeting time/day

A. All Selectboard members agreed to meet on the third Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m.

  1. Appointments:

A. Dave made a motion seconded by Peggy to appoint the following people:

i. Road Commissioner-Harold Morse

ii. Fire Warden-Kurtis Johnson

iii. Green Up Coordinator-Sally Rivard

iv. Emergency Management Officer-Sandra Leonard

v. Three Fence Viewers-Selectboard

B. Dave made a motion seconded by Peggy to make the Newport Daily and the Chronicle the local newspaper for publishing Town of Jay information.

C. The following positions had no qualifying candidates and remain vacant: Dog Control Officer, Health Officer-Service Officer. Peggy L. will put an advertisement in the paper regarding the openings.

  1. Planning Commission-Appointment for a one year term- No appointment was made.

  1. Planning Commission-Appointment for alternate- No appointment was made.

  1. Planning Commission-Peter Fina

A. Michelle Spring, attended the last Planning Commission meeting and expressed interest in filling the open position. Peter Fina gave her a copy of the Job Description and Rolls and Responsibilities Document to review. The Selectboard requested that she attend the next Selectboard meeting if she is still interested in the appointment.

B. Peter also informed the Board that Connie Gunther also expressed an interest in filling one of the positions and has agreed to attend the next Planning Board Meeting before making a firm commitment. The Selectboard suggest that she also attend the next Selectboard meeting if she is still interested in filling one of the open positions.

C. Dave made a motion seconded by Marc BB. to endorse the Zoning Board and Planning Commission Job Description and Rolls and Responsibilities Documents dated January12, 2015. Motion passed.

D. Due to the reduction in size of the Planning Commission from 7 to 5 the following terms were revised to the following expiration dates:

Jeremy Starr and Mike Murphy (position open) expiration 2015

Shirley Talbot, Earline Morse, Peter Fina expiration 2016

E. The Town Plan is still in effect until December 15, 2015. The Planning Commission met with Alison Low from NVDA who informed them that there needs to be a section in the Town Plan which covers Flood Resilience including the river corridor, flood plains and wetlands. She will get them some sample wording that can be used. There are also new elements on economic development which fortunately our Plan already addresses.

  1. Zoning Administrator Report

A. Arlene asked for guidance regarding the number of temporary signs advertising businesses that are popping up all over the Town. The Selectboard agreed that it is up to the Zoning Board to decide how they want to handle it. It was also noted that if they are placed in the Town’s right of way, the Town representatives have the authority to remove them.

B. Walter Elander from Jay Peak did not attend the last Zoning meeting to discuss the planned unit development. He should be ready for the April meeting.

C. Arlene will also meet with Walter regarding the storage containers, which need a permit renewal.

D. Joseph Costello from the Vermont Project Development Bureau wants all information regarding property around the #10 Bridge. There may be a reduction in property values for those properties.

E. Arlene was concerned about the amount of cars at Jay Peak that are parked in the Fire Lane. The Board felt that information should be sent to appropriate authorities such as the Fire Marshall and Jay Peak Security Officers. Jeff M. as Fire Department representative will look into it.

  1. Roads

A. Peggy made a motion seconded by Dave to sign the Truck Permits for: SD Ireland,

Desrochers’ Excavating, United Natural Foods, Camp Precast, Jack F Corse, Gould Well D Drilling, John French & Son Trucking & Dale Percy. Motion passed and the permits were signed by Peggy L.

B. The town trucks are presently all running but there have been many issues that have been very annoying for the road crew.

C. The road crew will start trucking gravel from Caulkins’ to stockpile it for use in the spring.

D. Dave mentioned that the ditches on the Cross Road need to be cleaned out when the weather changes in order to avoid any problems in the Spring. Jeff agreed they would look into it.

E. They will be working on Woodshed Road as soon as they can in the spring.

  1. VLCT Selectboard Institute Saturday, March 21, 2015

A. No one will go to this Institute but Peggy L, Dave S. and Tara M. will go to the VLTC Town Officers Meeting in Fairlee, VT on April 22, 2015

  1. VLCT Construction Contracts meeting Thursday, April 9, 2015 was noted but no one from the Selectboard will be going.

  1. VLCT News was noted.

  1. MVAS Lease-Signatures/Discussion

A. No one from the ambulance service was in attendance to sign the new lease agreement. As a result their lease agreement for the Town Garage has expired.

B. Peggy L. will contact the members of the ambulance crew to arrange for them to sign the lease and inform them of the Selectboard’s desire to meet with them at the next Selectboad meeting.

  1. Liquor License for the Jay Country Store was signed.

  1. Vermont Municipal Retirement-Meeting with Employees

A. Town employees who are scheduled to work 24 hours or more a week were present to discuss enrolling in the State Retirement System. The employees were given handouts explaining the benefit options. They understood that they will be the only employees who will have the opportunity to choose to opt out. Once it is offered by the Board, future employees will be automatically enrolled and all must be enrolled in the same plan.

B. Dave explained that the Board wanted to offer the workers something to help offset the rising cost of health care due to new legislation. He also let the current employees know that they have the option to opt out of whatever retirement program the Town offers and could use the assigned money to offset their increased health deductibles.

B. Dave S. made motion seconded by Peggy L. to enter into Executive Session to discuss Retirement options. The motion passed and the Board went into Executive Session at

6:58 p.m. and returned at 7:03p.m.

C. Dave made a motion seconded by Peggy L. to offer the employees the State Retirement Group A Plan which includes a 2.5% employee contribution and a 4% Town contribution. Motion passed. All employees present opted to take the retirement plan and thanked the Board for their consideration.

D. Tara M. will make the arrangements for enrollment of the employees.

  1. W.B. Mason Copier Contract-Signatures

A. Dave S. made a motion seconded by Peggy L. to sign the full service maintenance agreement with W.B. Mason for a year of service including parts & labor at a cost of $360.

  1. Town Meeting time-Discussion Only

A. Tara will include the survey regarding Town Meeting in the next Tax Bill mailing.

B. Selectboard members will bring questions they would like to see included on the survey to the next Selectboard meeting in April. Each is responsible to bring at least 2 questions.

  1. The Efficiency Vermont Informational Flier on inspections of municipal buildings was reviewed and noted. No action was taken.

  1. Town Ordinances- no action was taken on either proposed ordinance at this time.

a. ATV-Discussion

b. Speed Limits-Discussion

  1. State of Vermont

A. Property Inspectors Letter: There will be a public hearing on March 17 at 10 a.m. in Newport to discuss unifying property inspections throughout the State. No one from the Board can attend.

  1. Next Meeting Date April 20, 2015 at 6:30pm

  1. Public Comment

A. The Jay Town Clerk’s office will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday April 8 & 9, 2015.

  1. To Adjourn

A. Dave made a motion seconded by Marc to adjourn. Motion passed and the meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Sanders

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