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Demo: Project Portfolio Managementmslogo_k_1118


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July 2008
Version 1.0


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Demo Overview


This 40-minute demo presents an overview of Microsoft’s EPM Solution; an end to end Project Portfolio Management (PPM) offering. PPM is a set of methods used to select, prioritize, and analyze a group of current or proposed projects based on numerous characteristics. In this demo, you’ll see several key roles in an organization (executive, project manager, PMO director, and team member) use a PPM solution from Microsoft to create, select, plan, and manage projects.


40 minutes

Target Audience


Business Imperative

Portfolio and Project Management

Customer Campaigns

Drive Business Performance, Optimize Your Business Productivity Infrastructure


Enterprise Project Management, Enterprise Content & Forms Management, Collaboration


Business decision maker (BDM), Technical decision maker (TDM), IT Pro, Information Worker

Personas (in order of appearance)

Patrick Hines | Portfolio Manager

David Jones | Business Sponsor

Kim Ralls | Project Manager

Eli Bowen | Team Member

Brian Johnson | PMO Director


Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007

Microsoft Office Project Server 2007

Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server 2007

Microsoft Office Outlook® 2007

Microsoft Office Excel® Services

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