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ISSUE DATE: 11/12/15
DUE DATE: 12/09/15 2:00 PM CST

AGENT: Dave Brinkmeier
Questions regarding this proposal see Section 2.5
For Submittal Instructions & Proposal Response Format – see Sections 2.3 and 2.4

Proposal prices and terms shall be firm for sixty (60) days from the date of proposal opening, unless otherwise specified in this Request for Proposal by the UW-Madison Purchasing Services.
If NO BID (check here) and return.


Amendment #1 issued to: (1) replace Attachment F; and (2) provide answers to questions received from proposers.
If this amendment is not returned, it shall be assumed your original proposal meets all conditions of the amendment.
All other terms and conditions remain the same. Please revise and submit your proposal accordingly.

In signing this proposal, we have read and fully understand and agree to all terms, conditions and specifications and acknowledge that the UW-Madison Purchasing Services proposal document on file shall be the controlling document for any resulting contract. We certify that we have not, either directly or indirectly, entered into any contract or participated in any collusion or otherwise taken any action in restraint of free competition; that no attempt has been made to induce any other person or firm to submit or not to submit a proposal; that this proposal has been independently arrived at without collusion with any other proposer, competitor or potential competitor; that this proposal has not been knowingly disclosed prior to the opening of proposals to any other proposer or competitor; that the above stated statement is accurate under penalty of perjury. I certify that the information I have provided in this proposal is true and I understand that any false, misleading or missing information may disqualify the proposal.
By submitting a proposal, the proposer certifies that no relationship exists between the proposer and the University that interferes with fair competition or is a Conflict of Interest, and no relationship exists between such proposer and another person or firm that constitutes a Conflict of Interest. Further, proposer certifies that no employee of the University whose duties relate to this request for proposal assisted the proposer in preparing the proposal in any way other than in his or her official capacity and scope of employment.
The Proposer certifies by submission of the proposal that neither it nor its principals is presently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible, or voluntarily excluded from participation in this transaction by any federal department or agency.













Below is the url link to the Market Basket Cost Proposal. Please copy and paste into your web browser.

Click here for amended Market Basket Cost Proposal
To access the above market basket cost proposal– place your cursor over the link and hit the CONTROL key and wait for the “hand” and click.




NOTE: The change in Answer 3 to Deviations from the Proposer Conference.
New Attachment F included.
Q.1. Section 3.4 Firm Prices ‘Cost Plus Percent Mark Up must remain firm for the duration of the contract term’. Can you please clarify what must remain firm for the contract term? Is it the mark-up percent that must remain firm while sell prices may fluctuate up and down with the market and/or manufacturer increases/decreases?
A.1. Correct, if you propose a 10% markup that must remain firm for the life of the contract.
Q.2. Section 3.6.1 Invoices for Purchase orders ‘Contractor must agree that all invoices and purchasing card charges shall reflect the prices….’ What percentage of your purchases will be made using a purchasing card? Credit cards carry associated fees, so it would be important to understand the volume, if any, UWM intends to pay by credit or purchasing card.
A.2. Very little, once in a while we have a department that would like to purchase and they may use a credit card but if they purchase with any consistency we make them set up a blanket purchase order.
Q.3. Section 4.19 Submitting the Market Basket Cost Proposal #3 Enter the Proposer Item Cost for each item during the week of November 16, 2015. For clarification purposes, can you confirm this cost must be produced from a manufacture’s invoice or published price list? A deviated cost from a GPO or manufacturer, an allowance, guaranteed net pricing or a rebate cannot be used as any part of the cost or reduction of cost or replacement of cost, correct? Also, if the item was not purchased by the distributor the week of November 16, what cost should be used? Manufacturer’s published price list from that week or an invoice from the last time the item was purchased by the distributor?
A.3. No deviations or rebates can be included in the price, deviations and rebates must be discussed separately in Section 4.20. You can discuss which items in the Market Basket you would get deviations on, if you regularly get deviations on similar items and/or which items (and at what price) the GPO has on their deviation list.
If the distributor did not purchase that week the manufacturer’s published price list from that week or an invoice from the last time the item was purchased must be used to determine price.
Q.4. Section 4.20 Deviations ‘Provide lists of manufacturers’ deviations from 3 like customers’ …’For the 3 like customers above, what percentage of purchases have they historically received back… include a report.’ Deviations are considered proprietary information from the manufacturers and cannot be shared from one customer to another. I hope you understand that we would not give UW Madison purchases and rebates to another customer if requested. How will the point total (75) in this section be affected if we are unable to comply with the portions that request information that we are unable to provide? Would you consider removing these requirements from this section? We will gladly address the request to discuss our processes for requesting deviations and rebates, as well as other process related questions. We can also suggest options for increasing deviations for the University.
A.4. We would like to see current work you do for customers as well as what you would do for us in the future. I’d suggest the names be removed to give us sample reports. Each Evaluator will decide on what score to give if information requested is not submitted.

Q.5. Of the 225 points for the market basket cost proposal, how many points will be allocated to the cost plus markup proposal (5.2.1) vs the lowest priced market basket cost proposal (5.2.2)?
A.5. The cost methodology will be available at the time that the proposals are due.
Q.6. Please give us your definition of ‘grown and processed’ for local? For example, Brakebush does not use chicken that was raised in WI, but the product is processed in WI. Is this considered local? Or must it be both grown and processed in WI?
A.6. In order to be considered Local it must be grown AND processed in WI.
Q.7. Attachment F line #56 disc by Brakebush, Chicken Diced Natural 5251, please advise what to put on line.
A.7. Line 56 is changed to Harvestland number 54250 2/5#
Q.8. Attachment F line #70 Cedar Valley Pepperjack 19491 please provide spec sheet.
A.8. Line 70 is changed to WI Dairy Product.
Q.9 Attachment F line #82 Conagra Ciabatta Bread 216 please provide spec sheet.
A.9. Line 82 is changed to Rotella Brand.
Q.10. Attachment F line #96 Creekstone Farms Beef Patty 81383 please provide spec sheet.
A.10. Line 96 is deleted from the Market Basket.
Q.11. Attachment F line #99 Dawn Foods Walnut pieces 981135 please provide spec sheet.
A.11. Line 99 is deleted from the Market Basket.
Q.12. Attachment F lines #109-#112 Florida First Juice please provide spec sheet.
A.12. Lines 109-112 are ok to sub, these are frozen product served in a dispenser system.
Q.13. Attachment F line #115 Foodservice Specialties Marinara 7000 please provide spec sheet.
A.13. Line 115 is deleted from the Market Basket.
Q.14. Attachment F lines #119 - #131 please provide spec sheets on all of the fresh meat items.
A.14. Lines 119 – 131 have added specs.
Q.15. Attachment F lines #136 & #137 do you Atlantic or Pacific cod?
A.15. Atlantic
Q.16. Attachment F lines #138 - #141 shrimp, is 4/2.5lb pack acceptable?
A.16. Yes, as long as the price is for 10 lbs total.


Q.17. Attachment F line #143 Furmano’s Chick Peas 11188 please provide spec sheet.
A.17. Line 143 is deleted from the Market Basket.
Q.18. Attachment F line #169 Grecian Delight Peta Bread 52900 please provide spec sheet.
A.18. GTIN 000753655290008
Q.19. Attachment F line #178 disc by Heinz Peanut Butter Cups 78003540 , please advise what to put on line.
A.19. Line 178 is deleted from the Market Basket.
Q.20. Attachment F line #204 - #206, Hillshire said these items are currently unavailable due to Avian flu, please advise how to handle these lines.
A.20. Line 204 – 206 are deleted from the Market Basket.
Q.21. Attachment F – please advise how to handle catch weight items that are priced on a per lb basis on this worksheet.
A.21. Use the per pound price. 119 – 131 are changed to per pound.
Q.22. Attachment F lines #255 - #257 J&B Group are these Packer or private label? Please provide spec sheets.
A.22. Items 255 – 257 are deleted from the Market Basket.
Q.23. Attachment F line #390 Odyssey Feta Crumples please provide spec sheet.
A.23. Line 390 will be changed to WI Dairy Product.
Q.24. Attachment F lines #408 & #409 Rema Foods please provide spec sheets.
A.24. Line 408 & 409 are deleted from the Market Basket.
Q.25. Attachment F lines #433 - #435 Saputo informed us these are private label items. Please advise how to handle these lines.
A.25. Lines 433 – 435 will be changed to WI Dairy Product.
Q.26. Attachment F lines #458 & #459 Sparboe Farms eggs are these Packer or private label shell eggs? Can we put WI produced shell eggs on these lines?
A.26. Sparboe should be available to all distributors; if not a WI produce shell egg or other shell egg is acceptable.
Q.27. Attachment F line #483 is a Trident brand crab leg acceptable? If not, please provide spec sheet.
A.27. Line 483 are deleted from the Market Basket.


Q.28. Attachment F line #502, the MPC listed is from Producers Rice but you have Uncle Bens as the brand. Please advise what to put on this line.
A.28. Producers Rice.
Q.29. Attachment F line #533, can we use a 5# split of line #529 for this line? If yes, may we adjust the qty to reflect the larger pack?
A.29. We buy both pack sizes listed.
Q.30. Attachment F line #540, is a 2/5# pack acceptable? If so, can we adjust the qty to reflect the smaller pack or will you adjust?
A.30. The specific item needs to be bid, after award we may discuss changing items.


Q.31. Attachment D Product Listing – since no quantities are listed, for items that are going to be procured from a redistribution warehouse such as DOT, can these be listed with an “S” code?
A.31. If we can get it next day you can code it as an S.
Q.32. Section 4.20 Deviations – We are not allowed to provide a list of specific manufacturers’ deviations for specific customers to a 3rd party. Would some sort of summary report, non-customer specific be acceptable?
A.32. See Answer 4.
Q.33. In our response, may we insert answers directly into the RFP word doc for submission?
A.33. Yes, this is preferred. Our question in bold and your answer non-bold.
Q.34. Section 4.14.7 HACCP – would a letter certifying that a HACCP policy and procedures are in place be an acceptable response in lieu of providing the entire policy for space purposes?
A.34. Yes. Upon award a hard copy or emailed copy would be required.
Q.35. In Section 3.21 Post Award Price Verification/Audit: Can you explain what you mean by “Contractor’s software system” and do you currently do this with your distributor today.
Q.35. We mean the software system you use to log your invoices into. We currently request paper copies of invoices but would like the ability to spot check via the salesperson’s software access if possible so the process is less burdensome.
Q.36. Section 5.5 Performance Bond or Irrevocable Letter of Credit: Is this a requirement the University would be willing to waive? Has your current distributor provided either of these documents?
A.36. We may consider waiving at a renewal term but not at the beginning of the contract. Our current distributor has provided a performance bond each year.

Q.37. Could you supply a current delivery schedule day/time for each location?
Q.37. Exact times vary day to day but all deliveries are currently within the dock hours provided for each location in Section 1.
Q.38. If we have a guaranteed price for s specific time frame for UW Madison can that be used in lieu of our FOB cost on the market basket.
A.38. See Answer 3.
Q.39. On page 6 the definition of Cost states that “Manufacturer allowances, rebates, special purchases, etc. are not used to determine the cost for the market basket cost proposal”. I assume we cannot not use any existing manufacturer case off allowances to alter Proposer Item Cost?
A.39. Correct.
Q.40. The Market Basket Document Attachment F: When the Label Brand is listed as the following, can the distributor use the vendor of their choice? WI Dairy Product / Frozen Fish Provider / Fresh Meat Provider
A.40. Yes.
Q.41. Can you give us some insight into the annual sales volume for this RFP? Referencing the following figures, is the volume of total purchases 18.3 or 9.4 million?
Q.41. The estimate is $9.4M between the Primary and Secondary, the numbers listed are total food purchases; including produce, bread, soda, etc. not necessarily all on this contract.

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