Puzzle Pirates Payment Authorization

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NamePuzzle Pirates Payment Authorization
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Puzzle Pirates Payment Authorization  

Normally in Puzzle Pirates we maintain controls on the total amount a player may spend in a month. We do this to minimize the possible impact on our players from fraudulent transactions.
If you would like to purchase doubloons over this monthly limit, there are a few steps required to confirm that the transactions authorized on your account are approved and that no one will get a nasty surprise next month!  Payment authorization above the limit is only available for credit card or Paypal orders made directly through our site, and will normally only be applied to a single Puzzle Pirate account.
We hope that this form is relatively straightforward for you to complete. Basically, the goal is to:

Identify the Puzzle Pirate’s account you would like to make purchases on
• Collect the information we need to confirm ownership of the funds used
• Confirm that you’re using a credit card or Paypal to make purchases
• Get some information on why you love doubloons so much!
• Provide information on the easiest way to send the form to us


Step 1:

Your Y!PP Account:


Your Pirate’s name:


The Ocean you use:


Step 2:

Next, read the agreement below and fill out your information:

I acknowledge that I am responsible for all charges placed for Doubloons on my Puzzle Pirates account(s). I am aware that Three Rings has a no refund policy with respect to Doubloons. I confirm that I am over 18 years of age and have the authority to charge the credit card(s) and/or Paypal account associated with my game account.

Full Name:






Phone number:


Email address:




We require your signature as confirmation that you’ve read the information above and that you understand your liability for the charges that you make in the game. 

Step 3:

The Payment Authorization form is only applicable if you make payments with credit cards or Paypal directly from our billing website. Please enter the credit card number:

Or the Paypal email address you use to make purchases:


Step 4:

We’d love to hear more on what you plan to use your doubloons for. Are you building your flag? Trading for PoE? Extending your menagerie of pets?







Step 5:

We also require a photocopy of your current ID, for example a driver's license or passport.  Please include it when you send in this form.  Please do
not mail us your actual ID card.

Step 6:

Once you’re ready, send us this completed form with signature, plus a copy of your ID by one of these methods:
• Fax to: (US) +1-415-354-4251 

• E-mail a scan to:
• Send via normal mail to:

Three Rings Design
PO Box 482
San Francisco, CA 94104-0482

We will process your application within two business days of receiving it. Feel free to contact
billing@puzzlepirates.com with any questions.

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