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For over twenty years, Stonehill College has sent students overseas to live and work full time as a professional in another culture. Interning overseas creates an appreciation for the challenge of a professional career, assists you in the transition between college life and the work environment, and helps you to build self-confidence and self-awareness. Interning abroad will also give you the opportunity to experience living in a different culture, and perhaps being immersed in another language environment.  You will meet new friends, travel to exciting places, and have one of the most memorable experiences of your life.   


This handbook is intended to provide you with all the information you need to complete the internship application process, and to serve as a resource both while you are preparing to go abroad, and during your time living overseas.


Steps to an International Internship………………..…………………….. Page 3

Frequently asked questions………………………………………………… Page 4

Internship Checklist………………………………………………………… Page 7

Internship Regulations …………………………………………………….. Page 8

Description of Forms………………………………………………………. Page 9

Professional Journal…………………………………………………………. Page 13

Guidelines for a successful internship……………………………………... Page 14

Non-Academic Matters …………………………………………………….. Page 15

Cultural Preparation………………………………………………………... Page 17

Safety………………………………………………………………………. Page 19

Returning to Stonehill…….………………………………………………. Page 24

Helpful resources………………………………………………………….. Page 26

Stonehill Contact Information……………………………………………… Page 29

Steps To An International Internship

  • Develop a 4-year plan to include an International Internship

Meet with your academic advisor to see how an international internship will enhance your overall academic plan. Discuss your plans with the chair of your major department to select an appropriate faculty moderator for your internship (Dublin, Paris, Madrid interns only). Moderators are listed on our website.

  • Attend an International Internship Information Session

These sessions are offered at the beginning of each semester and give more in-depth information on the types of internship experiences available. Consult the OIP’s website for dates, times, and locations.

  • Meet with the International Internship Advisor

Call 508-565-1645 to schedule an appointment with Jennifer McKernan, Assistant Director, OIP.

  • Complete OIP Study Abroad Application

Complete the online-Application by necessary deadline (see dates above): Apply through myHill, myPlans tab. You will receive additional forms and instructions by campus mail.

  • Complete the application materials for your specific program:

  • Passport Required

Your current passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your return to the U.S.

If you don’t have a passport: Go to for application instructions.

  • Course Selection and approval (London only)

London interns must choose three courses from the course listing on CAPA’s website. Students must follow the Study Abroad course approval process to have their courses approved for transfer credit. Course approval forms must be completed and returned to the OIP prior to early May for fall semester and early Dec for spring semester.

  • Complete all supplemental application requirements

In order to be considered for the International Internship program, all additional forms and requirements must be submitted to the OIP according to the timeline in your internship packet.


  • Cost: Students enrolled in an international internship are charged and billed for current Stonehill tuition and Stonehill housing. Additional costs such as meals, roundtrip airfare, in-country travel, and other personal expenses are your own responsibility.

  • Financial Aid: Students retain federal, state, Stonehill, and need merit-based aid while interning abroad. Discuss the financial aid impact and alternative sources of funding with Student Financial Services, the OIP, and your parents.


  • Complete Program Deposit Form: To secure your internship placement, all interns are required to complete a non-refundable deposit form in the amount of $1,000 prior to the deadline stated on your timeline. If a student withdraws from the program after the deadline, the deposit is non-refundable and owed to the College.

  • Attend the Mandatory Pre-departure meeting. You will be sent a reminder via email of the date, time, and location.

  • London Interns Only: attend the UK Tier-4 Visa Workshop for instructions on how to obtain a work visa to legally intern in the United Kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is the International Internship Program?

The International Internship Program places students in internships in public or private organizations and corporations, where they gain first-hand knowledge of a specific field, and apply their classroom learning to a working environment in a foreign setting. One-semester internships are available for all majors in Dublin, London, Madrid and Paris. Since its inception, over 600 Stonehill students have participated in the internship program.
Q. How do I qualify to participate in the Program?

Students who have excelled in their area of concentration may qualify for the program if these requirements are met:

  • Achieved minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 by the end of the semester prior to application for the internship;

  • Level of maturity demonstrated by responsible behavior at the College;

  • Serious intention to learn and grow in a different cultural environment;

  • Approval of Director of International Programs, and the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs/ Dean of Students.

Q. When and where do I file an application?

Students are encouraged to apply early even if they are uncertain of their interest or qualifications. Submit an on-line application prior to mid-March for fall semester. Submit an on-line application prior to early October for spring semester. Consult the website for exact program deadlines.
Q. If I am accepted into the program, what happens then?

You will be given a checklist of forms to be completed. All forms are due in the International Programs Office, located in Duffy 131, according to the deadline timetable, unless otherwise specified. A brief description of the forms required can be found in this handbook. All deadlines are listed on the Office of International Program’s website.
Q. Which semester would I participate in the Program?

Generally, students participate in the International Internship Program during the junior year or the fall semester of the senior year
Q. What types of internships are available?

The College affiliates with a number of foreign agencies to establish full-time internships in a variety of professions, including advertising and public relations, business (international banking, human resource management, exports, accountancy, etc.), education, health care administration, law, medical research, sociology, art, theatre, politics and the media. Students earn a full (15) semester’s worth of credit.
Q. What is the approximate cost of the program?

The cost of the program is roughly equivalent to a semester in residence at Stonehill College. Discuss financial aid impact with the Student Financial Services as well as any financial concerns with your parents. Generally, your financial aid award does not change with participation in the program. Returning students report spending an average of $3,000 for entertainment, gifts, souvenirs and weekend travel.
Q. How many credits do I earn?

Upon satisfactory completion of the program, students are granted fifteen academic credits, all electives unless the major Department decides otherwise. For Dublin, Paris, and Madrid interns final grades are determined by the Faculty Moderators. For London interns, students are graded by CAPA and receive a transcript from University of Minnesota. The credits are subdivided as follows:

Madrid and Paris:

9 credits: Pass/Fail, Internship placement based on Midterm and Final Evaluations from Site Supervisors;

3 credits: A-F (Stonehill grade), based on Research Paper;

3 credits: A-F (Stonehill grade), based on Daily Professional Journal.

Total Credits: 15 credits

9 credits: Pass/Fail, Internship placement based on Midterm and Final Evaluations from Site Supervisors, and Daily Professional Journal;

3 credits: A-F (Stonehill grade), based on Research Paper;

3 credits: Pass/Fail, (Stonehill grade), Dublin Seminar Course = IR 203 Modern Ireland – graded by Richard Finnegan in International Studies

Total Credits: 15 credits

6 credits: Transfer credits include a 20 hour a week internship and the Learning through Internships: London seminar series.

9 credits: Transfer Credit (need C or better), based on three, 3-credit courses taken at the CAPA Center.

Total Credits: 15 credits (an absence of 5% or 11 hours of the internship may result in a loss of 3 credits)

Q. How do my credits transfer back to Stonehill?

Interns in London are required to take three courses and a “Learning through Internships” Seminar. The transcript is issued by University of Minnesota for completed courses. Dublin interns take a seminar and Prof. Finnegan conducts the assessment. Madrid and Paris interns are graded by their designated Faculty Moderator.
Q. Where will I staying when doing an internship?

Different cities have different lodging accommodations, but in all locations, students are placed in a safe, comfortable setting. In Paris and Madrid, homestays are used to provide immersion into the culture of the host country. In all other locations, students live in shared apartments or dorm style housing.
Q. What if I have other questions?

The Office of International Programs can provide you with a list of students who have recently interned and they can be a valuable resource for you.
Q. Which meetings require mandatory attendance?

There are four times when meetings are important enough to require mandatory attendance. The International Programs Office holds an informational session each semester (September, and January). These sessions are considered to be critical in assisting you in your decision to participate in the Program. You must attend one of these sessions. The second meeting is an individual meeting with the Assistant Director of International Programs. This interview is helpful in determining the internship placement that best suits your major and interests. It also constitutes the last step in the selection process for admission into the program. The next meeting is the UK Tier 4 Visa Workshop. This meeting is crucial because it provides an overview of how to go about applying for your Visa, which is a requirement for entry into the UK. The final meeting is the Pre-departure meeting, during which we prepare you for your internship placement and for life overseas. At the final meeting students will also meet all other Stonehill students participating in the program. Final instructions are given, immigration letters are distributed, and members of the International Programs Office answers any last minute questions.
Q. Do I go through the course selection process if I am going to be away for the next semester?

No. Please do not sign up for courses during the semester that you will be away unless you are not sure you will be participating in the Internship program.
Q. When will I receive my grades?

For Dublin, Madrid, and Paris:

At the end of the semester, the grade of "I" or incomplete is issued for the internship. The Assistant Director of International Programs must receive the following documentation one month after the end of the semester:

  • Final Evaluation from internship supervisor

  • Internship Paper

  • Internship Journal

  • Program Evaluation (to be completed by student)

  • Project Description

  • Cost Estimate

Approximately one month after receiving your materials, your faculty moderator will submit grades from your internship to the Registrar’s Office to replace the "I" grades. At any time, you may check your grades on-line using your myHill account.
For London Interns:

At the end of the semester, a transcript for your classes and internship will be sent to the Registrar’s Office and credit for the semester will be added to your official Stonehill transcript.

Internship Checklist

  • Complete the on-line Internship Application: myHill < myPlans < “Apply for an International Program”

  • Request references from two faculty members

  • Individual meeting with the Assistant Director of International Programs. Call 508-565-1645 (or x1645 from on campus) to schedule an appointment

  • Personal Essay

  • Resume: Dublin, Madrid and Paris interns-consult specific CV requirements

  • London interns only: Housing Preference Form

  • London interns only: Course selection

  • Official Transcript

  • $1,000.00 non-refundable deposit (to be billed by the Bursar’s office)

  • Complete ISIC (International Student ID) card application.

  • Student/Faculty Contractual Agreement (Dublin, Paris, & Madrid only)

  • Copy of Passport (front page only)

  • Passport-sized photos

  • Flight Information Form

  • Background Check Authorization (if required by EUSA/CAPA)

  • Complete Statement of Responsibility and Medical Information/Insurance forms

  • London interns: Completed “Study Abroad Course Approval” form

  • London Interns: Attend the UK Tier 4 Visa meeting

  • Attend the mandatory pre-departure meeting

London interns: Apply on-line for the Tier 4 General visa according to the directions on the UKBA website: Please follow directions carefully and be mindful of the deadlines established by the UK government.

Internship Regulations
1. Students must intern for the entire duration of the program according to pre-established dates and number of contact hours. The duration of the program, the number of days and hours per week are dependent upon the internship city. Students must be present on all assigned days, except for serious illness.
2. In no case shall a student withdraw from an internship site, nor end the internship prior to the scheduled date, without the prior approval of the Director of International Programs.
3. If the site supervisor requires visits or short stays (overnights included) at other sites related to the internship project, or requires that the student work extra hours, the student must comply, subject to the approval of the Service Representative.
4. Students are responsible for their health insurance coverage during the semester of internship, as well as their departure and return flights and other travel.
5. Students must adhere to the policies of the Student Service Representative. The Service Representative has the authority to expel a student from this program, with the approval of the Director of International Programs, for serious reasons such as absenteeism, or unacceptable social behavior in either the internship or the housing environment.
6. Students must remind the Site Supervisors to forward the Midterm and Final Evaluations to the Service Representative.
7. Students must correspond with their Faculty Moderator. Note that various departments have certain regulations regarding the internship. Be aware your departments requirements.
8. The Research Paper and Professional Daily Journal must be forwarded directly to the Director of International Programs and NOT to the Faculty Moderator. The Director will then forward items to the Faculty Moderator.
The Program Evaluation, the Estimate of Total Cost, and the Project Description must be forwarded to the Director of International Programs. Students must meet with their Faculty Moderator and with the Director of International Programs within the first two weeks of the following semester.

Grades are not recorded until all documents have been received!

Description of Forms
Personal Statement:

Your personal statement will be read by the Assistant Director of International Programs at Stonehill and the CAPA Program Director in London to assist in an appropriate placement. It will also be read by your potential supervisor, who may accept you on the basis of how well you write and what you choose to write about.

  • Your letter should fit onto one page and have 3-4 paragraphs, should introduce you to your prospective internship supervisor by describing who you are, and what you want to do, what you have to offer and why you want to do it.

  • Give your paper a business-like style rather than a creative one.

  • Check for spelling and grammar.

  • Describe the type of internship you would like in London, but don’t mention a specific company or agency. Discuss the types of activities in which you hope to become involved. Explain what you can offer to a prospective host in terms of experience, reliability, commitment, teamwork, sustained effort, new perspective and motivation. Include both your short-term goals for the internship placement and the long-term career goals for your life.

  • Give your piece a business-like title

  • Date and sign the statement

London Resume:

Students are encouraged to meet with a member of Career Services or consult their website for resume writing assistance.
Dublin, Madrid and Paris resume:

Please consult EUSA’s specific directions.
Faculty References:

All interns must present two (2) faculty reference letters. Professors who know you and your academic abilities should write the letters. The professors may be outside of your major area of study. The letters from the professors, should be typewritten on departmental stationary, and should be addressed "To whom it may concern:" and include reference to your academic ability, reliability, responsibility and professionalism. These references are utilized by the placement agency in securing an internship for you and not for acceptance into the internship program by the Director of International Programs. Be sure to ask your professors for the reference at least two weeks prior to the deadline. Consider providing the professor with a copy of an updated transcript, resume, and a brief (one paragraph) statement regarding why you wish to apply for the program. All of this requires a few extra steps, but results in a much more tailored and personalized letter of recommendation.
Course Approval form (London interns):

In order for all credits to transfer back to Stonehill, London students must complete the three-part course approval form. If the course is to fulfill a major/minor requirement, it must be approved by the Department chairperson in you major/minor.

$1,000.00 non-refundable deposit:

The College contracts with several overseas agencies which seek placements for students often several months in advance and which must be compensated for these efforts in a timely manner. In addition, other direct expenses and deposits are paid well in advance and must be funded. Therefore, the College has instituted a non-refundable deposit policy. A bill will be sent by the Bursar’s Office with a due date stated and payment is to be made to that office.
Medical Travel/Insurance Form:

Certifies that the student has adequate health and liability insurance while in a foreign country. List the name of your insurance company and the certificate number (generally provided by your parents).
Supplementary Insurance Policy:

Students interning in Dublin, London, or Paris are enrolled in a supplementary medical and accident policy administered by HTH Worldwide. The International Programs Office will cover the cost of the policy premium.
More information about the insurance coverage (including the Claim Form) may be found on the OIP website:

If an accident or emergency should occur abroad, students should seek treatment or care immediately, inform the on-site Directors and advisors, contact the Office of International Programs, and inform their parents/guardians. In addition, students must inform their overseas insurance carrier about any incident where medical treatment is provided. An emergency card will be provided by our study abroad program and will have a phone number that may be called 24/7 in the event of an accident or injury. The insurance company may be able to direct pay the expenses for medical care to the health provider or hospital, but in most cases students will need to complete a Claim Form and submit all receipts for medical treatment for reimbursement. Claim Forms will be made available to students through their study abroad program and/or insurance carrier. Students with questions about their particular coverage should contact their study abroad program provider directly for more information.

HTH insurance contacts:
HTH Worldwide Insurance Services    Policy #: BCS-3520-A-14

One Radnor Corporate Center | Suite 100

Radnor, PA  19087

Phone: 877.424.4325 | 610.254.8700 | Fax: 610.293.3529


Denise Donegan

Account Manager


Cell 610-233-6224
HTH Global Health and Safety Team - For medical evacuation and other 24/7 emergency assistance as well as routine, non-emergency requests for health information, direct billing with physicians and hospitals, and outpatient appointment scheduling.


Voice:     +1.610.254.8771; toll free within the U.S. 800.257.4823

Fax:        +1.610.293.0318

Email: (only used for non-emergent cases) 


Customer Service

For assistance with benefit questions, claims inquiries or other general information:


Voice:     +1.610.254.8769; toll free within the U.S. 1.888.243.2358

Claims Submission

HTH Worldwide – International Claims Dept.

One Radnor Corporate Center, Suite 100

Radnor, PA 19087


Claims can also be submitted via email to or by fax to +1.610.293.3529

ISIC student identity card:

An International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is beneficial while abroad. Your Stonehill I.D. card will not be recognized overseas. The International card comes with a directory that includes discounts on accommodations, international calling, and international money transfers, and other activities such as museums and movies. The card also provides health insurance coverage while you are traveling (you will have to pay for services but will be reimbursed after you submit invoices) and covers the expense of flying home should you become seriously ill while abroad. The ISIC application is included in your packet and is free of charge to Stonehill students.
Contractual Agreement:

The Contractual Agreement (for Dublin, Paris, and Madrid students) is signed by the student and moderator and assures that both parties have discussed and agreed upon the requirements for the Research Paper and Professional Journal. For some students, the Department Chair of the student’s major selects the appropriate faculty moderator for the internship.

Obtain an official transcript from Stonehill’s Registrar’s office, located in Duffy Academic Building.

You must have a valid United States passport in order to leave or re-enter the U.S.  Once you leave the country, your U.S. passport will be your most valuable possession.  Whenever you travel anywhere, you should keep it with you at all times.  Never pack it in a suitcase. 

A passport is issued by the Department of State and is valid for ten years for people over 18 years of age. Apply for a passport as soon as possible, preferably 6-8 months prior to departing the U.S. You may need to apply for a visa prior to departure and this can only be done with a valid passport.  Don't wait until the last minute! If you do not already have an application, you will need to fill one out at the passport agency or post office.  For further passport information go to:

Passport photos:

All interns must submit 1 official passport-sized photo to the International Programs office. An additional 3 photos are required for London interns, for CAPA and also for the UK Tier 4 Visa application. An additional 2 photos are required by EUSA for Dublin, Paris, and Madrid interns. These can be obtained at CVS.
Background check authorization form:

Required mainly for students working with children or whose jobs require a security clearance. For Dublin, Paris, and Madrid interns, EUSA will inform the student if the background check is required. CAPA requires that all London interns get a background check.
Flight Travel Information Form:

When travel arrangements have been finalized, complete the travel details form.
Visa (London):

A visa is an official permission to enter a country and remain there for an extended period of time. Fees and any cost associated with obtaining a visa is the responsibility of the student. London interns apply on-line for a Tier 4 General visa. Follow the directions on the UKBA website. Stonehill will provide you with an Official Financial Sponsor Letter and CAPA will provide you with the necessary Confirmation of Accepted Studies (CAS) letter.
Immigration Letter:

An immigration letter, prepared by the Director of International Programs, will certify that you are a full-time registered student at Stonehill participating in an academic program, that you have sufficient funds for living expenses and are covered by health insurance. This letter usually answers any question an immigration officer may have when you enter a foreign country. It identifies you as a student in the country for a full semester, and it should be noted on your passport.
Project Description (Dublin, Paris, Madrid):

The Project Description describes your primary responsibilities during the internship period. Your information is extremely valuable to other students who may be placed with the same organization in the future.
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