Final Report Form

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Final Report Form
Western Canada Linear and Interactive Production Company Business Strategy Fund

This fund is administered by On Screen Manitoba as part of an industry development project with New Media Manitoba and made possible through a contribution from Western Economic Diversification



Address & Postal Code:



Reports are due 15 working days (3 weeks) after the last day of the event.
This report includes:

☐ A completed Western Business Strategy Fund Expense Report & corresponding invoices for all eligible and non-assisted expenses
☐ A copy of any deliverable(s) or business development tool(s) that were created through this project (ex: a strategic or marketing plan, a website, a demo reel, etc.).

☐ An updated Western Business Strategy Fund Project Tracking Report with actual project results at completion

☐ An completed Western Business Strategy Fund Final Report form

I agree / do not agree to share the attached final report materials with the Executive Director or a designated employee of my provincial industry association.

Signature of Applicant Date of Submission

Final Report Form

Western Canada Linear and Interactive Production Company Business Strategy Fund
All information provided in this report will be held confidential.

  1. Did you achieve what you had planned?

Activities planned

Activities completed


  1. Did you achieve the specific expected and measurable outcomes described in your proposal? Cut and paste from chart approved at application.

Business Challenge





(Post-project evaluation)

What do you hope to achieve with this project?

What action are you undertaking to reach your goal?

How will you measure progress?

Where are you starting from?

Where would you like to be at the end of the project?

Did you meet your goal?

Example: Increase international awareness of the company in target foreign markets

Example: Upgrade and promote new website to target foreign markets

Example: Website traffic originating from target foreign market countries

Example: Website currently receives 10 hits per month from target foreign market countries


Website receives 100 hits per month from target foreign countries


Per month website now receives:

Brazil - 30 hits

India – 50 hits

China – 40 hits

Total hits target foreign countries = 120

  1. Describe the impact that this project will have on your company and the industry.

  1. What will be the next steps for your company to ensure continued growth and development as a result of this project?

  1. Will this project enhance your ability to succeed in existing and new markets? If so, how?

  1. Please share your appreciation of the Western Canada Business Strategy Fund by providing a quote about the value of the support you received that we can use in reporting to the project funder or to solicit new funding in the future (optional).

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