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Department of Electronic and Telecom Engineering NED University of Engg & Tech



Final Year Project

Electronic & Telecommunications Engineering Department




N.E.D University of Engineering & Technology Karachi

Read carefully before filling the form.

  1. Please do not alter the layout of the application form. Information must be filled in the spaces provided, under set format.

  2. Guidance notes in various fields should not be deleted.

  3. Required information should be duly filled in the specified fields.

  4. Required heads/fields which are not relevant to the project should be marked N/A (Not Applicable) or left blank and should not be deleted.

Guidelines and Forms

The NED University of Engineering and technology is the oldest institution now in Pakistan for teaching and turning out Graduate Engineers; it is in the Public Sector – i.e. Government owned – having begun initially as an Engineering College in 1922 established by subscriptions from private donors. The University retains the initials in honour of the principal donor for that College – Nadirshaw Edulji Dinshaw in its name! Like other such Government owned institutions in developing countries, it has had over the years to overcome various handicaps ranging from shortage of funds to “brain drain” of Faculty Members as well as students. Nevertheless, because of its transparent admission policy which has established its reputation over the years, it attracts the best students – including even some foreigners lacking resources for seeking admission in Universities of developed countries!

Submission Procedure

Duly filled application forms complete in all respects should be submitted in form of soft copy and a hard copy to the FYP Coordinator. On receipt of the applications the proposals will be evaluated by reviewer committee and proposal would then be defended by student groups. The project group may need to revise the proposal in light of the evaluator’s recommendations.

For further information, please contact:
Ms. Amna Shabbir Hira Mariam

FYP Coordinator FYP Coordinator

Electronic Engineering Department Telecom Engineering Department

NED University NED University

Tel.: 2215 – 45

Mr. Naeem Ishrat

FYP Manager

Electronic Engineering Department

NED University

Tel.: 2215 – 29

Table of Contents

Description Page #

1. Project Identification 5

A.Reference Number: 5

B.Project Title: 5

C.Project Advisor 1: 5

D.Organizations Involved in the Project (if any): 6

E.Key Words: 6

F.Research and Development Scope: 6

1)Technology 2) Academic 3) Mathematics 4) Simulation 5) Emulation 6

Project Status: 6

G.Project Duration: 7

H.Executive Summary: 7

2. Scope, Introduction and Background of the Project 7

A.Scope of the Project: 7

I.Introduction: 8

B1. Project Background and Literature Review: 8

B2. Current State of the Art: 10

J.Challenges: 10

K.Motivation and Need: 10

L.Project Test Bed – Mention a proposed schema of your test bed with diagrams and subjective definition if necessary 10

3. Objectives of the Project 11

A.Specific Objectives Being Addressed by the Project: 11

4. Research Approach 12

A.Development / Research / Test Methodology: 12

Binary conversion of an image, based on thresholding [14] 13

B.Project Team: 15

C.Team Structure: 15

M.Project Activities: 16

Work Schedule for January 2012 16

Work Schedule for February 2012 17

Work Schedule from March to July 2011 17

Work Schedule of august & september 2011 17

Work Schedule of October 2011 17

N.Key Milestones and Deliverables: 17

5. Benefits of the Project 18

O.Direct Customers / Beneficiaries of the Project: 18

P.Outputs Expected from the Project: 19

6. Risk Analysis 19

A.Risks of the Project: 19

A1. Risk Impact Analysis Chart (RIA): 19

7. Project Approval Certificate 20

8. Reviewers Committee Comments 22

9. Project Content Change Request 23

10. Project Schedule / Milestone Chart 24

12. Project Assessment Criteria/Project Execution Flow 26

13. Project/Performance Feedback 28

14. Report Writing Guidelines 28

Annexure A – Curriculum Vitae 29

Bibliography 31

Note: To update the table of contents, right click in the table and select ‘update field’ and then select ‘Update Entire Table’.

Application for Final Year Project

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