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St. Mark’s CE Primary School

Where every child matters and every day counts.


Personnel & Finance Committee Meeting

Tuesday 6th October 2015

6.00pm – 8.00pm at the school



Governor/ Post


Jane Fendley



Rev Deacon Julie Newson

Chair of Governors


Jessie Allgaier

Parent Governor


Alison Clarke

Foundation Governor


Lisa Atkins


In attendance

Emma Wright

Clerk to Governors

In attendance

Quorum – 3 governors


Discussions and Decisions


  1. Open with prayer – The meeting opened with the St Mark’s Prayer.

  1. Apologies – none. AP has resigned from the Governing Body as of 30.09.2015.

  1. Declaration of interests – none declared

  1. Agree minutes of previous meeting (05.05.2015) The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed.

  1. Matters arising / actions not yet completed

5.1 Accessibility Plan to be uploaded to website – now on website. GB to check

5.2 from FGB - Loan from Diocese, including discussion of interest payment – Lisa A. Sally Collins (Diocese) drew up document, and it was agreed. GB was shocked that the Diocese charge interest on the loan, which is against a Christian ethos. Lisa A due to meet with Sally, as will be auditing Devolved Formula Capital spending. This funding is devolved through the Diocese to the school. Church House holds the funds and DfE (Dept. for Education) has selected St Mark’s to be audited as part of a sample. AC asked: How should the GB raise the issue of charging interest with the Diocese? AC/JN to write to Anne Holt at the Diocese. JF to let GB know the date either 20th or 22nd October for the meeting. Letter should be written in time for this meeting.
6. Review Work Plan for 2015-16-JF recommendations

6.1  Election of Chair – JN stated that AC has agreed to take the Chair at present and JA has agreed to be Vice-Chair.

6.2  Review Terms of reference – Lisa A/EW to find, review and circulate

6.3  Review Work Plan 2015-16. Committee reviewed the Autumn Term Work Plan.

Performance Management Policy to be reviewed Autumn 2, Service Level Agreements to be reviewed Spring 1.

HT performance review complete apart from AC to speak to LA about pay scales.

Committee agreed to approve pay policy in principle, and send any comments via email. Lisa A/EW to circulate.

EW to update Work Plan and circulate.

6.4 Head Teacher’s Performance Management – see point 6.3 – completed.

6.5 Diocesan Service Level Agreement – Rest of Service Agreements reviewed with budget review (agreements with LA). Diocesan Agreement totals about £800 Challenge: JA asked: What is it used for? JF explained: For example for support and training for GB. St Mark’s due for national review (SIAMS) from Church in examining how the Christian ethos supports learning. JF will be asking for support with this. Challenge: JA: What are the implications of this review? It is graded. Current focus is on child-led worship. Challenge: JA: How do you balance the demands of OFSTED and the Church? Have to balance between Christian ethos and multi-faith and multi-culturalism. St Marks have signed up to Diocesan Service Level Agreement. Lisa A to circulate.
7.  Policies

7.1 Agree order of policy review from work plan – Emma to provide list of dates due and frequency required please. EW to organise schedule.
8. School Development Plan:Review Leadership and Management section. Licensed Deficit – update including Receive and discuss latest budget monitoring report including budget share, standards funds and devolved formula capital. Challenge: are baseline assessements complete? Early Years have been done. Challenge: when is the first pupil progress meeting? Will be after half term and measure progress against last term (apart from new arrivals). Some baseline interventions will be more detailed. Challenge: how are they completed? SENCO will complete these assessments. Have been identified from pupil progress meetings. Those with extra needs will be identified early and interventions will be in place quickly. Assessments are also used to check new arrivals, rather than just accepting data from previous schools.
St Mark’s will ensure support is in place for year 4 and NQT (Newly Qualified Teachers) and CK has advised the LA of this. Challenge: AC requested an update at next PFC. JF will report back to PFC. All governors should be monitoring the impact of teaching on learning in pupil progress meetings, particularly with NQT staff. The GB could also review behaviour management logs.
Challenge: AC asked: What records are kept of the supervision meetings? JF keeps a folder with records of actions.
Challenge: JN: Do the monitoring sessions have a focus? Lesson observations are very prescriptive for NQTs, other methods of monitoring include lessons observations, pupil progress meetings, diagnostic learning walks. Focus will be on the success criteria from the SDP. PFC could request a report from Clare Kelly for next committee meeting.
Licensed Deficit – LA will be monitoring termly. £64,000 deficit, also additional £68,000. Mainly due to supply and agency costs,also due to long term sickness. Some can be clawed back from insurance. This term only agency staff is in Early Years, supporting children with Early Healthcare Plans. Adding to the deficit, there are fewer Pupil Premium students attending than had been budgeted for. St Mark’s is encouraging people to sign up to Pupil Premium. It is currently more difficult due to universal free school meals as parents don’t think it is worth signing up for. They think it is money for the school, even though it would be used for pupils’ benefit. Challenge: how do you identify pupils? Used to be easier to identify through free school meals. Parents evenings could be used to increase signing up, by explaining the benefits. There is also a Poverty Index list which can help to identify parents. Challenge: who is responsible for identifying families who need Pupil Premium? In Early Years – nursery staff from when pupils join up. Perhaps give examples of what the money is spent on? Could be done class by class to explain to parents how money is used to benefit their children.

Nursery numbers slightly down on ambitions also, but numbers are increasing. Will be doing more publicity and boosting reputation. Some funding left from the marketing project for this. It was suggested that advertising could be placed at for example ASDA or Lidl.
NQT staff have also hidden costs like extra support, and experienced staff were placed in nursery and Early Years which is more costly. Challenge: parents can now delay Recpetion start. Could this benefit St Mark’s? Yes, pupils could stay on in Reception for longer and get more ready for school and learning.
Challenge: How will the school get back on track? Continue monitoring, make sure Pupil Premium is up to date, marketing nursery to increase numbers, hoping that the OFSTED report will be positive and help with publicity, and also making sure that cover is kept in-house as much as possible. JF will also be asking the LA whether the school is getting everything in terms of support for SEN pupils. There are one or two HR issues to be finally adressed which may have an impact on budget.
Governors would like to attend the LA meeting and show that the school is being held to account. St Mark’s have committed to spending on experienced staff and GB need to see the impact on pupils’ learning and development.
Challenge: How is progress measured? Baseline assessment in first two weeks, judged against the Early Years profile. Evidence is gathered through the Tapestry programme. Pupil progress meetings are held in Early Years also.
Challenge: Do pupils from abroad get free school meals and other benefits? Need to follow the changing demographic patterns to be prepared.

9. Pupil Premium Grant – progress update – check website now has Pupil Premium report live.
10. Sports Premium – progress update – now on webiste. School gained a Silver Award. Challenge: PFC would like an impact report of Sports Premium on Learning and Behaviour. This is discussed on the website. Committee requests two case studies. Challenge: Who gets it? School gets lump sum and needs to be spent in certain ways. A certain amount went into PE Co-ordinator which benefits whole school. JN to ask for case studies. AC to circulate Partnership reports. Challenge: need to know from case studies - what is the impact on identified groups?
11. Nursery Project - progress update –.see discussion at point 8. JF to circulate report which was sent to the LA.
12. Support Staff restruture – progress update – identified some staff need to go through a different process. No spare staff. Restructure is in progress.
12. AOB (as notified to Chair before the meeting)
Challenge: How should PFC report to EPC or other Governors? – minutes taken to FGB.
Committee thanked Lisa A for her hard work.
13. Date and time of next meeting Tuesday 24th Nov 2015 6pm
14. Close with prayer – the meeting closed with the Grace at 7.46 pm.

  • AC/JN to write to Anne Holt at the Diocese re: interest on loan. JF to let PFC know the date either 20th or 22nd October for the meeting.

  • AC to speak to LA re: pay scales

  • Lisa A to send Diocesan Service Level Agreeement to EW for circulation

  • EW to amend Work Plan and provide schedule for policy renewal dates, also to update Terms of Reference for approval

  • JF to report back to PFC on support in place for NQTs

  • AC to request report from CK on monitoring sessions of NQT teaching for next PFC meeting

  • JF/All staff to keep working to bring deficit on track

  • Member/s of PFC to attend review meeting with LA – JF to circulate date

  • PFC to check school website for progress updates:

  • JN to request two case studies on the impact of Sports Premium Funding

  • JF to circulate LA report on Nursery Project


Lisa A/EW


Lisa A/EW


Lisa A




JF/All staff





St Mark’s CE Primary PFC Minutes 6th October 2015

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