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Form 9-3.

Worksheet for Narrative Analysis

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Teacher: _____________________________________________ Date:

Instructions: Elicit a narrative sample. Answer the following questions.

How was the sample elicited (e.g., re-telling of someone else’s story; child-invented story)? Picture prompts used? Yes or No?

Who are the main characters?

What is the setting?

What is the conflict or problem?


List initiating events (that set up the conflict).

List internal responses (character responses to initiating events).

List attempts to resolve conflict.

What is the resolution?

What is the reaction to the resolution?

Is there a conclusion? Is it logical?


Is vocabulary appropriate for the story? Yes or No? List essential vocabulary.

Is sentence structure acceptable? Yes or No? If no, describe.

How many words per sentence?

What clause types are used?

Are embedded clauses used? Yes or No? If yes, describe depth.

Do elements of the story tie together?


Is there a clear beginning, middle, and end?

Does the story make sense?

For written narrative analysis include:

Describe spelling strategies.

Is correct punctuation and capitalization used?

Did the writer edit and proofread the original draft? Yes or No? If yes, comment on the quality
of edits/revisions.

Other observations:

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