Interview with Angie Hubbard

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Interview with Angie Hubbard

Interview Reflection: Angie Hubbard

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Adam Webb

English 1311.111

September 30, 2009

Interview Reflection: Angie Hubbard

Angie Hubbard is a friend of my mothers’ from college. She has been a nurse for about twenty-fours years. She currently works at Bayer Homecare Pharmaceuticals. I conducted this interview through email.

I asked Angie what she likes most about her job and she replied “I have enjoyed the home patient training.” The one thing that she said she disliked about her profession was teaching her patients to be compliant when taking their medications. She says it can be a challenge sometimes with treatments and when the patients aren’t cooperating. Some memorable moments that Angie has had in her career are when her patients “reach their healthiest potential.” That is something that I want to accomplish in my career. I want my patients to know that I am there for them no matter what. If they need to talk I want them to know that they can tell me anything. When my patients reach their healthiest potential, I know the feeling will be great. To see someone get better and know that you helped them is going to be great.

I asked Angie what advice she would give someone going into the nursing field. She said to make sure to look over your notes everyday so you understand exactly what you are doing. “Do not listen to negative comments about how difficult the coursework might be.” I have heard from many people that it is really hard to become a nurse. That you are constantly studying and don’t have a lot of free time. This piece of advice is very good to hear because I know I’m not at the same level as everyone. If I study and do all of my work then I should do fine. Angie also said to not go into this field for the money. “ Lots of people go into the nursing field because of high salaries, but you need a strong calling to help people.” I really want to help people and that is my number one priority. Of course money is important too, but I know that I am not going into the field just because of that. The piece of advice that I really loved that Angie told me was, “ Everybody is a nurse until there is a true crisis, and at that moment, you better know what to do.” The downfalls of this profession are what I was curious to hear. Mrs. Hubbard said that the one thing that is hard is being responsible for all of the doctors orders. She said that sometimes they are very difficult to read. She also said that you are on your feet practically all day and at the end of each of her shifts her feet are really sore. “ The stress of not knowing if something was going to go wrong with a patient is difficult to handle.” Angie knows that she gives her best at work everyday and she goes home knowing that she has done all she could for her patients. It makes her feel good about herself.

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