Thank you so much for having me, I am thrilled to be bringing this information to the small business world. And it’s really interesting, I go to a lot of

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NameThank you so much for having me, I am thrilled to be bringing this information to the small business world. And it’s really interesting, I go to a lot of
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Thank you so much for having me, I am thrilled to be bringing this information to the small business world. And it’s really interesting, I go to a lot of conferences, I’m an entrepreneur myself and I have my own small business, and it’s fascinating to me because there’s a lot of great information out there about running a business and yet nobody talks about this element, which is what I’m about to present to you. So today we’re going to be talking about no mojo equals no business, and three reasons why ignoring your mojo costs you clients and cash.

So this topic is really important. It’s one, like I said, that is not normally talked about and I’m honored to be able to bring it to you today. What we’re going to review is why you can be doing all the right things and playing by the book and still not seeing results. We’re going to talk about the number one reason that people actually respond to you and want to work with you and your business. We’ll talk about why putting your mojo on the back burner will create stress, frustration, poor health and less cash in your account, and the real reason you’re playing small and how it’s really robbing you of big success.

Okay, so let’s jump in and get going. As you’ve heard, I’m Deborah Kagan, I am your sensual lifestyle specialist. You can find everything about me at So it’s good to meet you all, virtually right now. I also am on social media of course. I post a lot of tips and information so today you’re going to get a lot, but let me tell you there’s a lot more. So on Facebook you can find me at Mojo Recovery Specialist, Twitter at Deborah Kagan and of course we use the hash tag #mojolicious because you all are! So spread the love, tell me your aha’s and oh yeah’s – I always love to hear the feedback. So do connect once we are beyond this event together.
Some of you may or may not know what mojo is. Mojo – it’s a slang term. Its origins are probably from Africa and the earliest known use of this word is from around 1926, so it’s been around for quite a while. Now, mojo – what it means is – it’s a magic charm or spell, right? It’s also known as an amulet. If you ever have heard of back in tribal cultures there are medicine men, medicine women, there are people called shamans, right, they would have these pouches that would put a leaf or an herb or a rock or something that was very important to who they are as a person. The stuff that was in their pouch, the amulet, the talisman, was not their mojo – it was a reminder of their own personal mojo. So that’s an important thing to know. The third definition and really this is the one that I’m talking about and the basis of my work is on this definition, which is personal magnetism, right, your personal magnetism. So this is literally what people are feeling from you, what they get a sense from you just when you walk in a room. If you have a brick and mortar business and somebody walks in, it is your customers’ instant reaction to the mojo that you’re giving off or not, and everybody has mojo. Let me be really clear about that – everybody has it. You may not be conscious of it, you might not be connected to it right now. You have it. It might simply be turned down to a volume of zero. And what we’re going to talk about today will hopefully help you turn that volume dial up to a 6, 7, 8, 9 or even 10.

So what we’re going to talk about now, reason number one, and before we even get to reason number one I really want to just remind you that you can be doing all the right things and playing by the book and still not seeing results, right? You might be feeling frustrated and going I’m doing everything they told me to do about building a business but it’s not working to the extent that I want it to work. You have an internet person, you’ve got all the right auto responders, you’re building marketing campaigns and you’re using social media, your SEO is fantastic – but still, there’s this gap, and you’re not seeing the results that you want. Maybe you’re somebody who’s a speaker and you want to get out and have more speaking gigs, or you haven’t written the book that you want, or you’re holding off putting on an event for your customers or clients. Maybe all of those things that are happening but maybe you’re thinking I’m just a little afraid. You want to take the next step but you’re a little afraid.

So let’s talk about this first reason that is connected to your mojo and hugely important, which as you see here, everything is energy. So I want so ask you to come to an agreement with me right now for this short amount of time we’re together. You never have to think about it ever again, but for now, let’s just come to this agreement that everything is energy, because frankly, if you talk to a quantum physicist, if you talk to any scientist these days they’re going to let you know down to the teeny tiny smallest subatomic particles there are constantly little atoms that are energy in motion. It’s actually called the Higgs boson, it was discovered – you can Google that, it’s a fantastic story and it’s true, so it’s actually called the Higgs boson. Everything is energy. And so the number one reason that people respond to you and want to work with you, is your energy. It’s what you’re putting out, how you feel about yourself, how you present yourself. This goes down to what you’re wearing, how you’re walking, what your posture’s like, your body language. Your energy is the first thing that people are reacting to.

So what’s interesting is authority inspires. If your energy is not in an authoritative place, it will not inspire people to work with you, right? So you must be in a place that people want to be a part of what you’ve got to offer. You’ve got to have your energy in a place that is conducive for others to connect with you and what you’re giving, and what you’re wanting them to buy or what you’re wanting them to invest in. So your vibes and your energy is also not just about your marketing campaign, of course. This is about you. And when you know you connect with people, people respond with their bodies, not with their minds. We all know that when it comes to making a buying decision, an investment decision, it’s an emotional decision, okay. And so when that happens you’re not necessarily doing it with your mind. It’s something that’s being – you’re having a reaction in your own body. So that’s what your customers or your prospective clients are also responding to.

Now, your mind might want to try and kick into gear and have you think it’s your rational thoughts that are leading you, but the truth of the matter is, it’s your body. Now, for women especially, and a majority of my clients are women, the work that I do over the last 5 years now has been exclusively for women. Now if you’re a man listening to this, this is still very valuable information because your customers or your clients might be women. So you want to know how they think and how they respond. But especially as women, our power and our intelligence lies in what I call your life below the neck, right? So that’s your body. That’s where your true power lives. And so what you want to know is how to amp up your inner and your outer energy fields, because at that time your life totally expands in quantum leaps, okay? So for over 15 years, I have been a professional feng shui consultant and I’ve worked with clients like NBC and Discovery and William Morse Agency, the (unclear 10:14) Hotel, lots of big time clients, and they call me after putting some adjustments in place in their outer environment. That’s the environment body, okay? And they would be like holy moly! I can’t believe this happened! I actually booked 3 major new client contracts this week! I’ve actually been sleeping so much better! They had people ask to work with them that they’d never even met before, but they were really big accounts – and on and on. But then what happened after all those years of exclusive feng shui consulting, this is what I noticed. That clients would suddenly hit a plateau, usually within about a year. And we check into the environment, we do a tune-up, right? But I knew that their environment body was in great shape but what was happening was their inner shui which we call personal mojo, that that was suffering.

So what was happening was, the environment was actually more powerful than they were and bam! That’s where we hit a conflict. So that’s when I recognized okay great, we’ve got to get the clients to rise to the level of their environments because the environment is simply a support system, right, it expands your life. You expand, and then you also can expand your home. But if your home is expanding at a greater rate than you are, there will be a conflict. It could be your home or your office. But you and your environment have a symbiotic process.

So this is where the mojo – everything is energy – because even within your environments we’re playing with energy – so this is where the mojo recovery work comes into play. And when I knew that I started to listen to my own life below the neck, that’s when my business really took a drastic, very quick growth and I was able to help lots of other women do the same. So I know there’s a lot of new info here, probably a lot of new phrases for your new concepts, but really, what I want you to know is this resource of your own mojo which does live in your body. Your power source, okay, your absolute power source lives in a very particular place of your body. It is below your belly button and above your pubic bone, right? So it goes from the front side of your body to the back side of your body. This is your inner power center, your true source of self-esteem, confidence and absolute brilliance for what you offer. That is the seat of your creation, whether you’re creating a business, whether you’re creating a new program to offer, whether you’re creating a new product, whether you’re putting together a new marketing campaign. The true source of your power lives within your body.

And what’s really interesting was that I was working with a client of mine and I talked to her about this power center and helped her to get connected with it. So it wasn’t something that people obviously normally talked about or had helped her to understand, and she definitely felt weird in the beginning. She was like, okay, it’s a little strange connecting to my power center, but I’m going to go with it. And she was like how will people react, what are they going to say? How is this going to affect my life and my business? But what happened was she ended up reaching 100% of the live audience that she had a speaking engagement for. She connected with them, she closed 80% of the room. Let me say that again – she closed 80% of that room and then in her follow-ups she did get the additional 20%. She got their contact information and the lead generation for them. So the ROI actually, because this was a client I’ve worked with recently, the ROI on the long term of that is yet to be determined. But the fact of the matter is, she now has connected and has a notch in her own mojo belt, right? So the next time that she goes out to offer a talk, connect with new clients, she now knows how to connect to her power center and utilize it and have people drawn to her, because again, your mojo is your personal magnetism. It’s your personal magnetism and it’s what people feel way before they even get into a sales conversation with you.

So this is a really fascinating quote that I love. If you haven’t ever read this book “Think And Grow Rich” I highly recommend you do, because Napoleon Hill here is talking about mojo. This quote says “Those who lack sex energy will never be enthusiastic nor inspire others with enthusiasm.” Now, don’t get distracted by the fact that he says that mojo is sex energy. Sex energy is not sex. It is life force. It is your magnetism. It is what again people are feeling from you as soon as you walk into a room. So those people who are not connected to their own mojo and life force, you could call it chi, you could call it (unclear 15:24) you can call it (unclear 15:26) depending on what modality or what background you come from. But whatever you want to call it, if you are lacking it, and not connected to it, you will not inspire others. And that’s really devastating, because whatever it is that you’re here to do, whatever it is that you’re here to offer in this life through your business, you’ve got to be connected to your true source of power. And that’s your mojo.

So reason number two, is last place always loses, right? So last place always loses. And here’s what’s interesting. When you put your mojo on the back burner, it creates stress. It creates frustration, it creates poor health, and this ultimately will lead to less cash in your account. So you’ve got to really deeply understand you. You have to know who you are, what you stand for, what your values are, what’s important to you and how you’re going to translate that into your business. Now when you understand yourself, that’s including self-care, right, and true, strong self-talk because the other part of the work that I share is what I call life above the neck. We’re not going to get into a lot of that in this talk today, but your life above the neck is your mindset. So what are you saying to yourself day in and day out? What’s your inner dialogue? Is it I don’t have the tools. I don’t have the cash flow to be able to take the business to where I want to go. I don’t have the support team. All of that is negative self-talk. That is absolutely going to kill your opportunity to grow your business. Even if what you’re needing and what you’re wanting is not present, you need to have the faith and you need to have the mindset that not only is it possible, but that it is absolutely going to happen.

So your inner dialogue really has to be a strong one, a positive one, not pie-in-the-sky but this is simply like I am going after my goal no matter what! That’s strong decision-making and when you make the decision, that means that you are shutting off any other opportunity than the thing that you’re going for. It’s not leaving the back door open. And when you have strong self-care, when you are connected to your own mojo, when you’re caring for you, then your tank is full, so you can show up and give and give and give, and offer and offer and offer. And then you can go back into your own rejuvenation tank to fill up your coffers again and continue to go out and give, right? So it’s this ongoing cycle, filling yourself up, giving back, filling yourself up – and filling yourself up is that self-care, alright?

So the other thing that’s really interesting is that we get into this total business strategy mode, we’re grasping for that next thing, that next secret weapon, the next…on and on and on. But all we hear is the noise, right, of racing down the freeway with like the windows open. So we’re not even able to hear music or let alone even a conversation with anyone that’s in our vicinity into our mindset, into our realm. So here’s the thing. The third part here that says your roles – now, we all play different roles in life. So you’re business owners. That’s one role that you play. What about the role that you play when you’re with your family? Or your mother, or your father? Are you a sibling to somebody? Certainly you’re the child of someone. But when you’re with your family members or your intimate partner you show up a little bit differently, sometimes a lot differently, than you do when you’re at your job, right? So the different roles that we play, whether it be business owner, our personal role, maybe you’re a golfer, maybe you play tennis, maybe you’re a yoga person, maybe you’re a runner – when you’re running or doing your hobby, whatever it may be, you also show up a little bit differently. So you’ve got to know who you are in all these different aspects and understand your strengths in each of those aspects so you can know yourself at a deeper level and therefore be more connected to the fullness of who you are, so you can actually be fully self-expressed, because the people that are, have more power, have more confidence and show up with a lot more to give to their communities than those who don’t. And one great example that comes to mind is Richard Branson, right? I mean, talk about somebody who has so many different roles in his life and so many different hobbies, and really lives full-out. That is a successful, successful man. So it’s a really great example of somebody who knows themselves and who activates all the different roles in his life.

Reason number three – why we’ve got no mojo equals no biz – is what I call ‘the kinky life’, okay, and this isn’t what you’re probably thinking but the real reason that you’re actually playing small and how this playing small is robbing you of this well-deserved success that you do deserve. Everybody – if you’re sitting there creating a business that’s going to help people in some way, shape or form, you deserve to have a successful business.

So what’s interesting to note is that all the experiences you’ve had in life are layered in your body. It’s literally like a paper maché sculpture – our bodies – they are. So when we’re born, when they initially happen, all of our experiences and really between like the ages of 0 and 7 we’re a sponge. You’ve probably heard that before. So we’re like a sponge – we’re wet, we’re soft, we’re pretty malleable. But then over time as life goes on just like a paper maché sculpture, if you let the sculpture start to dry, it’s going to become hardened. It’s going to get calcified. It’s going to get stuck in a particular shape which then becomes immovable. And now life will be experienced through that shape, right, the way that things are seen, the way that you react, the way that you show up or don’t show up, are all informed by what’s molded in your interior landscape. And again, these usually start at a very early age. So if you were made fun of when you were a child and somebody said you weren’t pretty or you weren’t talented or you weren’t handsome or you didn’t throw the ball well enough at this baseball game or softball game, somehow that landed in you and created a form. So in your neural biology there is a kink that says oh, I’m not actually good enough. I’m not smart enough. I’m not pretty enough. I’m not talented enough. Whatever your particular kink may be. And maybe you’ve got a few of them and that would be normal because most of us have a few. So what’s important to know is you don’t have to go through lot of, you know, tens and tens of, you know, dozens of years of therapy, but what you need to understand is that those kinks, if they are left unaddressed, will hold you back from creating bigger bank accounts, greater businesses and more success in your life, because they’re not the truth of who you are, right? So to stop playing small, you’ve got to find those kinks. You have to at least identify them and understand okay, there’s this certain experience that has continued to come back into my life over and over again. And when you recognize that you go okay, there’s a kink there. There’s something that’s hardened and calcified and I’m living from that instead of my truth. Now, when you want to create a new experience the only way to do that is to change your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind lives in your body. Starting to get the theme here? Your power lives in your body, and your subconscious mind and the subconscious beliefs are connected to your body. They’re not connected to your head. They’re connected to your body.

So you’ve got to change your subconscious mind and the only way to do that is through, again, your body. When you do you will create what’s called a pattern interrupt. You will change the subconscious mind so you can smooth out and soften the kink so it’s no longer a part of your existence. And you want to do that because it will give you more access to your mojo, it will give you more access to your confidence, your brilliance, your smart and what you’re truly here to do with your business and your life.

So, the only way to change your subconscious mind is to start to work with your body. And the best way to work with your body is to activate your six sensual profiles. Here’s the cool thing. You’re already using your sensual profiles. You’re just not using them consciously. So the six sensual profiles are : seeing – things that you look at every day. What you look at has a psychological, emotional and physiological reaction in your body. So what’s in your office? What’s in your bedroom? What is in your home and what’s in your workplace that you’re looking at? Does it inspire you? Does it inform you of the things that you want and your goals and your dreams and your desires? If they’re things that don’t, you need to change that. You need to surround yourself with positive things that inspire you into the action you want to take. So sight is a big one.

Of course – tasting – what we taste literally and figuratively, right – we talk about the ‘taste of success’. Well if you’ve got a bitter taste in your mouth and you’re mad and you’ve got a gripe and you’ve got some grievances about things going on in your business or in your life, that’s a bitter taste in your mouth. That’s the figurative use of your sensual profile. Of course the literal is hey, when you’re eating or you’re having your morning cup of coffee take a moment and get a little like Sally from When Harry Met Sally, and just be like, mmmm…that coffee, wow, that is tasting good! Because that simple little mmmmm, that is a sound vibration, will move through your body and shift the energy in that moment. So now your day can look a lot differently than just slugging down the coffee because we’ve got to get going.
Touch, another of your sensual profiles. Real simple. Everybody showers every day, right? I’m hoping you all do – at least every other day! So when you’re taking a shower, one of my favorite things is an exercise called ‘the love body wash’. It’s number 25 in my book Find Your Me Spot. So the love body wash is real simple. If you’re loving yourself up, right, because we were talking about good self-talk is going to allow you to access more of your mojo. So when you’re loving yourself up in the love body wash, your body’s going to respond, your cells perk up, your energy gets bigger, your confidence grows and now that’s the vibration you’re putting out, that’s your mojo, that’s what people are going to feel. So the love body wash is just like oh, I’m lovin’ my legs today, everybody! I’m loving ‘em. My legs are going to carry me to work, get in and out of my car, get up and down from my seat! I’m lovin’ my legs everybody. Woo! These arms are amazing! My arms are fantastic because at the end of them they’re my hands and I’m going to get to type on the computer, I connect with my clients and my customers! I’m going to get to hug a loved one today! You get the picture? You simply get really excited about your body and love yourself up. That’s is the love body wash, which you’re doing in the shower or bath and that’s using your sensual profile of touch. It’s frankly also using your sensual profile of hearing because you’re talking to yourself. You can do it out loud or just quietly if you’re a little embarrassed, if you live with some people. It’s a new technique, I get it, but a lot of fun, and it can also be utilizing the sensual profile of smell, because here’s the thing. If you’ve got a great aromatherapy soap in your shower, that also, when you use it consciously can perk you up. I got peppermint soap in my shower right now and it is fantastic for being invigorative, for waking up, for feeling really bright and alive, and it’s great to clear the sinuses. So it’s a multi-use effect.

So these are all the different ways you can use your sensual profiles to amp up your mojo. The sixth sensual profile is your inner knowing. This is what we call your higher self, that still, small voice inside you, and of course what’s called your gut feeling. We don’t call it a head feeling, people, right? We call it a gut feeling. That’s because your power, your mojo, lives in your life below the neck. It literally is below your belly button, above your pubic bone, from the front of your body to the back of your body. And when you activate your first five sensual profiles that sixth one of your gut knowing automatically perks up and automatically goes to volume 10. So that I think is really pretty cool. And remember, the only way to start changing your subconscious beliefs and your subconscious which lives in your body and holds the kinky life in place is to give your body a new experience and the best and easiest way to do that is through the sensual profiles.

So, I know this is a lot of information. There’s so much more that I could share but please do connect with me and let me know your thoughts. Facebook – Mojo Recovery Specialist. Twitter @deborahkagan. And again, you all are mojolicious. You might have forgotten it but you’re born with it. It never goes away, your volume dial just simply gets turned down. So go ahead and use the hash tag #mojolicious because you are! I am Deborah Kagan, your sensual lifestyle specialist, brining you hopefully a fantastic new slice of how to become successful in your business through activating your mojo.
Woo-hoo! I love that, Deborah, I am so excited. I specially loved your shower scene.
(Laughs) It’s a good one!
It’s a great one! I think that we’ve all heard the talk about…oh, how do I say it? Whether it’s like this low of attraction and wishing things would happen when we know that there’s a lot of action that needs to happen. And what I like about your talk is how you made it very, very tangible and understandable and simple to do.

Well thank you. One of my – I called it ‘Kaganism’ but you just hit the nail on the head which is awareness with no action is simply mental masturbation, right? We’ve got to take action. And you’re right, that’s the one big thing that the law of attraction is missing and they didn’t talk about is you’ve got to take action. And you have to take it combined with all these other principles because when you do, that’s when you get the big results. When we’re only action, action, action without being connected to our true power, then we get results that are not aligned with our true goal.
So I have a couple of questions coming in and they seem to be all over the board. I’m going to try to pull them together. Let’s start with a really simple one. One of our audience members wants to know how do you stop and recognize that you have a kink going on?

Yeah, that’s a great question. So one of the best ways to recognize that, is when you’re getting a similar or same reaction over and over again in different parts of your life. It could be in the same part of your life but certainly when you’ve got a repeated reaction, a repeated response. So that’s when you know you’re stuck in a loop. That’s when you know that there’s something that is hardened and calcified that is keeping you from moving to the next level.
Do you have like an example of something like that? I’m trying to reach for one, I can’t believe I haven’t got one.
Yeah, well this is actually about like a personal life example but I think it really is going to be one of the best ones because it really makes sense. And this could really apply for customers that you’re attracting. So for instance, a lot of women I work with are also – they’re building businesses but they’re also wanting to enhance their personal lives. So a lot of times what will happen is you’re wanting to create a great relationship and have a partner that really matches you, but you find that you’re continuously attracting the same type of partner, right? You find you’re attracting like the person who doesn’t appreciate you, who doesn’t compliment you, who is interested in going out with you but not really for the right reasons, and they’re not fulfilling a deeper desire that you have for a relationship. So again, think about this as a client as well. It could be a client that’s not appreciating you, not giving you the kudos or the referrals that you know you could be getting. So that is a pattern and that’s a loop and that’s created by a kink which usually goes back to a very common one that many of us have, right (this is just sort of like an over arching one) but (unclear 34:08) I don’t feel worthy enough. I don’t feel like I deserve to have that partner or that relationship that is really fulfilling. So that is one of the main examples of how you know you’ve got a kink.
Brilliant. That was really helpful, thank you. And I definitely know – I’ve been pretty lucky on the relationship side but man alive, did I have that loop with employers! I don’t seem to have it with clients but definitely had it with jobs. So that was a great example.
Yeah. And those can go across the board. Like you said, it could be employers, it could be clients, could be a personal relationship. But you’ll know it, because it will definitely infiltrate one or more parts of your life.
That’s great. I have one last question for you that I think will help a lot of people. Somebody says here I’m not good at this. How do I begin making friends with my mojo? You talked a little bit about it with the senses. Is there anything else you can give this listener?
Definitely. Yeah. So again, one of the greatest things is to start actively working with your senses and you mentioned my book Find Your Me Spot, so that is a terrific resource because there are over 52 ways to help you do that. Again, it’s not like you have to spend hours and hours a day. This is about taking 5 to sometimes 15 minutes a day, which everybody can find – because look, I’m busy too, I get it, I really do, being an entrepreneur is a full time 24/7 kind of thing – and everybody can find 5 minutes. So you definitely want to start actively working with your sensual profiles. The other thing that you want to do is to start to consciously and with awareness connect to your power center. So I’ve mentioned where the location of it is, below your belly button, above your pubic bone. What you want to do is take – this can be really like 3 minutes a day, 3 to 5 minutes, simply take your palm, it could be the palm of either hand, and place it on your low belly, right on your power center. Some people like to place that just right on the front of the body there. If you’d like you could also take your other palm and place it on the back of your body, so you’re holding your power center front and back – we’ve got it covered on both sides. And just simply start to breathe into this place. Breathe into your low belly, breathe into your low back, and say hello, hi, okay I’ve heard that there’s this power center thing here and I’ve maybe ignored you. I haven’t really known or been aware of you before but I really want to become friends with you now. And you can literally start having a dialogue with your power center just like you’d have a conversation with a new lover. And you just want to say okay, I want to get to know you. I want to know who you are. I want to know what’s going on here. And by you putting your attention on your power center it will automatically start to turn the volume dial up, because where your attention goes, your energy will follow. And you want to do this because your mojo, your power center is the seat of your mojo. It is the home of your mojo. And you need to activate it to again be more confident, to have more power in whatever you’re offering in your business and it also is going to ramp up those magnetic vibes – that “law of attraction” thing, that’s going to amp those magnetic vibes so all of a sudden it’s like wow, the phone just rang, and I just booked a huge new client, I just booked a great new contract. Sometimes it feels like it’s fallen out of the sky. It’s not magic, everybody. It is literally calculated, connected to the actions you’re going to take, right? So you connect to your power center and you continue to do all the actions you know you need in your business. That’s when you get the big results.

I get it. I hope – I don’t know if whether people are cheering or whether they’ve just been blown away but whatever the answer, thank you Deborah Kagan. I really, really just want to applaud this really insightful out-of-the-box thinking that you brought to our Bizapalooza event.
Thank you so much for having me, I’ve loved being a part of it. And congratulations, this is a fantastic event and kudos to you for making it available to everybody.
Well, thank you. Thank you so much.



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Thank you so much for having me, I am thrilled to be bringing this information to the small business world. And it’s really interesting, I go to a lot of iconIndex of Small Business Kit For Dummies® cd-rom

Thank you so much for having me, I am thrilled to be bringing this information to the small business world. And it’s really interesting, I go to a lot of iconOffer to Purchase Partnership Interest, Small Business

Thank you so much for having me, I am thrilled to be bringing this information to the small business world. And it’s really interesting, I go to a lot of iconSmall Law Department Committee Business Luncheon on Tuesday Oct 18

Thank you so much for having me, I am thrilled to be bringing this information to the small business world. And it’s really interesting, I go to a lot of iconRelease Notes for McAfee(R) SpamKiller(TM) for Microsoft(R) Exchange Small Business

Thank you so much for having me, I am thrilled to be bringing this information to the small business world. And it’s really interesting, I go to a lot of iconCommencement The Small Business Fair Dismissal Code came into operation...

Thank you so much for having me, I am thrilled to be bringing this information to the small business world. And it’s really interesting, I go to a lot of iconThe emergence of e-Marketplaces has enabled e-business procedures...

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