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Gira eNet Mobile Gate App

Maximum comfort
Smartphones are unthinkable without apps. Application software for mobile operating systems is simply convenient, quick as a flash and reliable – one touch, and the desired program is running. In many cases, smartphones and tablets can already control modern home and building technology. Gira is making its own app available for eNet: The free eNet Mobile Gate App has already been available for Mac OS-based iPhones and iPods. Now this app is also available for Android devices.
Gira eNet is the bi-directional wireless system for the smart networking and control of home technology – an ideal solution for the ever-growing renovation and modernisation market. With Gira eNet, intelligent applications can be retrofitted quickly, cleanly, and cost-effectively without having to prise open walls to run new cables.
Gira eNet can be controlled using wall transmitters or remote controls, but also through mobile control devices: Using the Gira eNet Mobile Gate App in conjunction with Gira Mobile Gate enables mobile control of all functions of the Gira eNet system within the home network via WLAN. An overview of the functions can be displayed in List or Tiles view. Central features such as switching the lighting on/off or dimming, as well as controlling blinds, can be operated straight from this start menu.
However, the Gira eNet Mobile Gate App can do more. In addition to raising and lowering blinds or shutters all the way, you can position them at a predefined height, and even turn slats to the desired position. With the touch of a finger, you can call up different lighting scenarios to create the desired ambiance. All features can be easily combined to create scenarios, which you can adjust again at any time. With the Gira eNet Mobile Gate App you can call up the images from cameras around the house, so that you can see who is in the garden or at the gate with just one operational step.
For a better overview, individual functions can also be bundled into a function folder; for example, all functions related to lighting. These function folders can also be used for mapping a simple building structure. Commissioning and configuring the eNet system is simple and intuitive: The Gira eNet Installation Wizard is integrated in the Mobile Gate App and guides you through the various steps in a clearly structured sequence.

Gira-eNet-Mobile-Gate: Overview of Functions

In the Gira eNet Mobile Gate App, an overview of the various features is displayed in List or Tiles view.
Gira-eNet-Mobile-Gate Lighting Control

With the app, lighting can be controlled with maximum flexibility.
Gira-eNet-Mobile-Gate Cameras

Images from the different cameras around the site can be called up with the app.
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