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Title: ICT Specialist (T4D)

Contract: Temporary Appointment (TA)

Post level: P-4

To assist UNICEF ESARO and country offices in the region with the identification, assessment, and integration of ICT into UNICEF programming, strengthening internal capacity to lead and support T4D related projects, identifying and engaging with key partners, identifying reusable and replicable technical building blocks and maximizing potential for T4D scale-up and rollout.
The specialist will also liaise with all stakeholders to build a preferred set of solutions with the aim to lower the barrier of entry and increase solution portability from one country to the other.

  1. Policy and Strategy development

Develop technology for development strategies for the regional priority areas, including assessment of T4D gaps, opportunities, standards, guidelines and develop a scale up strategy for ESAR. Identify a select set of showcase Technology for Development (T4D) projects in ESAR for potential regional scale up or modification. Engage ITSS New York and Global Innovations on potential strategies for scale-up in other regions or globally.

  1. Partnerships and building blocks

Raise awareness of potential partners and solutions to UNICEF ESAR ICT and Programme community. Research, identify and engage with potential regional and country specific T4D partners and explore areas of engagement to promote and enhance UNICEF goals in the area of Technology for Development. Participate in and facilitate the establishment of strategic long-term engagements (LTAs, PCAs, MoUs) with strategic partners in the region. Work with all partners, including ITSS and Global Innovations to identify and package a growing number of solutions building blocks that can be added to the T4D toolkit for use in a wide array of programme applications.

  1. Research and Analysis

Collect data, undertake analysis and prepare reports on existing initiatives, solutions, capture lessons learnt from various programmes and share resources available. Map all T4D projects and resources, identify CO Innovation hubs and disseminate the information to the region

  1. Technical Assistance

Provide support and technical assistance to Country Offices in the area of Technology for Development and work with stakeholders in to help develop standards, procedures and partnerships for T4D projects to be adopted within the Region and possibly globally. Assist country offices to identify and assess new T4D initiatives, or new phases of on-going initiatives, with immediate potential to improve UNICEF programming. Advise Country Offices on the optimal way to establish a support structures for T4D initiatives identification, design, project management, scale-up and maintenance.

  1. Capacity building

Strengthen the capacities of UNICEF staff at country level in the area of Technology for Development by identifying appropriate training institutions and approaches. Provision local Business and Technical Analysis services to Country Offices across all sections (ICT and programme) to help define requirements, guidelines and sustainability for T4D solutions; When appropriate plan, coordinate and organize cross-sectorial T4D network meetings, workshop and trainings to address specifics needs and capacity gaps identified in the region. Assist in the writing of Terms of references for external vendors and in the recruitment of T4D consultants or coordinators. Recruit and supervise interns/consultants within Regional ICT/T4D team to respond to the increased regional demands.

  1. T4D Focal Point

Act as focal point for all ESAR T4D related matters towards Country Offices, Regional Programme sections, external partners, ITSS New York and Global Innovations. Represent UNICEF in external, inter-agency or partner Innovations/T4D forums.

The Technology for Development specialist will be integrated into the Regional ICT team. Technology for Development activities will be aligned with work plans of the regional UNICEF programmes.
Reporting to the Regional ICT Chief, the incumbent will work closely with the ICT Technical Architecture and Applications Teams in ITSS New York, the Global Innovations Team in New York, ESAR Country Office T4D Practitioners, Programme and ICT staff, and ESARO Programme staff.


The assignment is office-based, with frequent travel within the region.

QUALIFICATIONS AND COMPETENCIES required to perform the duties of the assignment


Advanced University degree in Business, Information systems management, International Affairs, International Relations, International Development, Public Health or related field. A combination of an advanced degree and practical experience in international development work and use of technology for development work may be substituted for the particular fields mentioned


  • 8 -10 years’ experience identifying, designing and implementing solutions for large-scale projects with technical components – including supervising, consultants and software developers; responsibility for business analysis, budgets, contracts, project management and procurement, etc.

  • Experience in supporting and coordinating project activities across a large organization and with other international partner organizations.

  • Experience with ICT hardware, mobile phones and web-based technologies in Africa, particularly designing or deploying tools appropriate to low-bandwidth or sub-standard infrastructure environments.

  • Experience in Open Source, mobile and emerging technology applied to public health is extremely desirable.

  • Exposure to UNICEF programmatic areas including health, child protection and education. Experience in applying technical solutions to address programmatic issues

  • It would be desirable if the individual had expert knowledge or significant interest in one or more of these areas:

    • The use of Technology in Developing contexts particularly in Africa

    • mHealth and eHealth

    • E-Government

    • Geographic Information systems and humanitarian response

    • Solar power solutions


Fluency in English is required, working knowledge of another UN working language is an added advantage.


  • Must have a hybrid background combining technical skills, strong conceptual ability to integrate the capabilities of available technology, the organizational needs and functions that technology must support.

  • Proven ability to interact diplomatically with high-level officials, as well as experience working directly with community-level partners.

  • Understand international development issues.

  • Ability to interact with people from different disciplines, and with varying degrees of technical experience.

  • Demonstrated skills in human relations and team building.

  • Must have strong skills in business analysis and technical project management. Good written and oral communication skills a must. Presentation skills are an advantage.

  • Capacity to extract user needs and formulate them into a concrete and clear set of requirements

  • Analyze requirements and coordinate the development of prototypes (understanding constraints of working with various partners, but also the strengths of representing an international organization)

  • Basic understanding of set-up and administration of ICT services, networks and mobile services.

  • Knowledge of UNICEF’s ICT landscape an advantage.

Interested and suitable candidates should send their applications (Cover letter, P-11 which can be downloaded from the UNICEF Kenya website (http://www.unicef.org/kenya ) and copies of their last two Performance Evaluation Reports (UN staff members), to: esarohrvacancies@unicef.org on or before 04 February 2014.

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