Name of College: Harvard Univ

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NameName of College: Harvard Univ
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Name of Student:

Name of College: Harvard Univ.

# Undergraduates: 10, 305

Cost (tuition, room/board): $39, 966
Your Roadmap to

College Admissions Success
Lee Bierer – President/Coach
_Y_ Read the College Guidebook profile or the online profile

_Y_ Watched the college video

_Y_ Read the Student Reviews
What I like about this College:

“very difficult” school attracts some of the country’s most promising youth” – Princeton Review

“more than enough resources and opportunity to go around” – Princeton Review

“extensive advising programs” – Princeton Review


“Grade-A internship and employment opportunities, a good old alumni network, and a crimson pedigree for your resume” – Princeton Review

Opportunity offered by Boston and Cambridge – Princeton Review

“Diversity is found in all aspects of life, from ethnicities to religion to ideology” – Princeton Review

“Basically, if you want to do it, Harvard either has it or has the money to give to you so you can start it” – Princeton Review
What I don’t like about this College:

“People find ways to make everything (especially clubs and even partying) competitive” – Princeton Review

Administration can be “waaaaay out of touch with students” and “reticent to change” – Princeton Review

No one gets sleep -> stress and work load overwhelming – Princeton Review

Professors at Harvard are notorious for being unable to find - Unigo
I consider this college to be a: __Y_REACH ___ TARGET ___ SAFETY
Worth a campus visit? : ___ YES __Y_ NO
Level of interest: _Y__ High ___ Medium ___ Low ___No longer interested

If “low” or “no longer interested” – what is the main reason?:

7226 Jardiniere Court

Charlotte, NC 28226 704-907-5685

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