The Role of the Leader

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Leader Guide

Winter 2017
With gratitude for the pioneering efforts of:

-Mavuno Church

-Nairobi Chapel

-Mariners Church
Table of Contents

The Role of the Leader 3

Developing Healthy Spiritual Habits 4

Introductory Week 5

Week One: Our New Identity 8

Week Two: Encountering God 10

Week Three: Becoming a Christ Follower 12

Week Four: Holiness & Wholeness 14

Week Five: Sharing God’s Heart (Part 1) 16

Week Six: Sharing God’s Heart (Part 2) 18

Week Seven: Money Matters 20

Week Eight: Shaped for Service 22

Week Nine: Welcome to the Family 24

Week Ten: The Journey Ahead 26

Appendix 1: Memorizing Scripture 28

Appendix 2: Psalm 1 29

Appendix 3: Extended Prayer Experience 30

Appendix 4: Strongholds: What Controls Your Life? 32

Appendix 5: Spiritual Journey Line 33

The Role of the Leader

Thank you for leading a Roots Group! This can be a life changing event for you—as well as the members of your group. The guide has been created with both LC Leaders and Roots Group Leaders in mind; please adapt it to best serve your group.
In The Roots Challenge, your primary job is to facilitate discussion among the group. Rather than “teaching,” leaders encourage participants to share their personal thoughts and experiences, dig deeper into questions and topics, and refer back to Scripture as their guide. You can model depth and authenticity by sharing from your own life, but be sure that you don’t dominate the discussion time. The goal is to help people develop a passion for:

  • A personal relationship with Jesus

  • Living a lifestyle consistent with their faith

  • An open and intimate prayer life

  • Intentionally sharing their faith

  • Knowing and hearing God’s voice

  • Sharing God’s heart in community

Other responsibilities include:

  • Preparation: Attend a training session if at all possible. Review the Leader Guide notes prior to each group meeting and identify which questions you will focus on. If you share leadership responsibilities, decide who is doing what.

  • Participation: Complete daily readings and journaling. Memorize weekly scripture verses. Engage in prayer experience and outreach experience.

  • Presence: Attend each group gathering (or utilize assistant leader, on rare occasion). Arrive a few minutes early so you can set people at ease.

  • Community building: Foster a sense of community and safety amongst group members. Pray for and encourage them. Communicate with them outside of class (e.g., Facebook or Google hangout). Follow up within 36 hours with anyone who unexpectedly misses a week to see if they are all right.

    • Please keep a roster of first/last names and email addresses for everyone who comes to your group at least one time. GC staff will gather this information for all groups at the conclusion of The Roots Challenge.

  • Leadership development: Be attentive to group members with leadership potential. Give them the opportunity to take on a leadership role if/when appropriate, especially if it’s an area you could use help with.

  • Celebration: If someone in your group has grown during Roots, share their story by emailing Our staff can help to share their story more widely (anonymously, if appropriate) and open our congregation’s eyes to God’s work among us.

This Leader Guide will provide you with practical information to successfully lead a group, but your ultimate guide will be the Holy Spirit, and your greatest tool is prayer. Much of your growth and the success of your group will be based on your ability to hear and obey God’s direction of your efforts. Let’s see where He leads when we listen attentively!
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