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College Fit Worksheet

Name of Student:

Name of College: U Florida

# Undergraduates: 30,241

Cost (tuition, room/board): $28,420
Your Roadmap to

College Admissions Success
Lee Bierer – President/Coach
__ Read the College Guidebook profile or the online profile

__ Watched the college video

__ Read the Student Reviews
What I like about this College:

“Law and Business are big at the school” –CN

At the University of Florida, the campus is very accepting.” –CN

Greek life is a huge part of UF. Many greek students are involved in multiple organizations and event committees, as well as many community service programs. Greek life allows students to meet other students by creating benefit events, participating in sports, and going to get togethers. I am a part of a greek organization and I highly encourage my non greek friends to consider rushing a sorority or fraternity. Most chapters allow brothers and sisters to live in house. Non Greeks and Greeks typically get along well, but the 2 groups primarily tend to hang out with their own social circle.” –CN

There's a lot of bookish kids given the academic standards, but almost everyone is very ambitious, as well as balanced with fun, athletics, and more down-to-earth than ivies. Quality over quantity, there are more pretty faces at FSU and more Miss Americas at UF (literally.) –CN

The girls here are awesome, both pretty and smart. You have every kind of look going on here: beauty queen, goth, jock, average, etc. Maybe it's because we live in Florida, but students don't really let themselves go here much (not a lot of overweight students, etc.)” -CN
The dining halls aren't too bad, and there's usually a lot of decent options. The Reitz and the Hub have several choices for when you get tired of Broward or Gator Dining.” -CN
School spirit is definitely a big part of the campus life and the sport facilities are constantly cleaned and maintained to their highest quality for the fans.” –CN

“SEC football is king and the University of Florida football is treated like a religion on campus.” –CN

“Living on campus as a freshman is a phenomenal experience for meeting people and becoming accommodated at the school! It can be pricey compared to being off campus but the experience is well worth its value!” -CN
24/7 main library with Starbucks across from the center of the bar scene (Midtown) and just a ton of tradition and things to do in general. Renovating the student center and adding some elaborate building right now, some are a little old but beautiful brick surrounded by Spanish moss. Greek life is where it’s at but there's clubs for everyone, and I mean everyone.” -CN
The nightlife is almost too good. I often find myself comprising schoolwork to go party.” -CN
What I don’t like about this College:

So many student so little parking. Parking decals are up the butt in prices.” –CN

I consider this college to be a: __x_REACH ___ TARGET ___ SAFETY
Worth a campus visit? : __x_ YES ___ NO
Level of interest: ___ High __x_ Medium ___ Low ___No longer interested

If “low” or “no longer interested” – what is the main reason?:

7226 Jardiniere Court lee@collegeadmissionsstrategies.com

Charlotte, NC 28226 704-907-5685


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