2D: hr operational Procedures Reference Guide

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Name2D: hr operational Procedures Reference Guide
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HR Operational Procedures Reference Guide

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HR Operational Procedures Reference Guide
Human resources (HR) operational procedures are designed to outline the step-by-step process HR officers will have to undertake in a given situation. They provide a strategic link between the government's vision, its policies and its day-to-day operations. Indeed, well written procedures allow the HR officers to understand their roles and responsibilities within predefined limits and how to manage and guide operations without constant management intervention.
Step 1. The first step in developing a set of meaningful HR operational procedures is to map what is on the ground at present (to start with this may focus on an agreed list of priority functions). This will involve identifying each core HR function, process, the stakeholders and ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) involved and their individual responsibilities from start to finish. Some of the existing processes may already be formally written down and outlined; others may be assumed or implied.
Step 2. Once the existing processes have been accurately mapped and approved, the State will then need to discuss how these might be improved/developed.
Step 3. Once the new improved processes have been agreed and formally outlined a series of step-by-step 'HR operational procedures' will need to be produced for ongoing reference by all HR officers. Any HR operational procedures developed should be consistent with and informed by the Civil Service Rules of the state and HR Policies.
While a set of exemplary HR operational procedures are described over the course of the following pages these are intended as samples to facilitate discussion on how the state may wish to approach this exercise, the resources likely to be required and to establish an appropriate working group. It is, therefore, not intended that the reader review these procedures from cover to cover.
Instead this is a reference guide; to be used to look at the specific procedures which the state wants to address, not to be implemented as an off-the-shelf solution.
It should be noted that certain procedures and practices included in this guide may not be acceptable or desirable in all parts of the country. Inclusion of a practice in this guide should not be construed as a recommendation that the practice should be universally adopted. Each state should make its own decision on these issues.


Acting Appointments 3

Adoption Leave 5

Advancement 6

Annual Leave 7

Appraisal and Promotion 10

Notional Promotion 13

Benefits and Insurance 14

Loss of Property 14

Passenger Flight Insurance 15

Packing of Personal Effects 15

Personal Accident Insurance 16

Occupational Hazards 16

Life Insurance (where applicable) 16

Career Planning 18

Casual Leave 19

Compassionate Leave 20

Contract Appointments 21

Conversion 24

Criminal Proceedings 25

Serious Financial Embarrassment 26

Discipline (Misconduct) 27

Discipline (Poor Performance) 30

Discipline (Serious Misconduct) 33

Duty Visit 37

Examination Leave, Study Leave and Courses of Instruction 39

Examination Leave 39

Study Leave 39

Courses of Instruction Within Nigeria 40

Courses of Instruction Outside Nigeria 41

Courses of Instruction Assisted by a Foreign Government/Technical Assistance Scheme 43

Exit 44

Resignation 44

Retirement 45

Redundancy 48

Grievance 50

Job Classification 52

Maternity Leave 53

Mentoring 55

Non-Pensionable Short Term Appointment 56

Paternity Leave 57

Petitions and Appeals 58

Probation and Confirmation 60

Public Policy Leave of Absence 63

Recruitment 64

Selection 66

Appointment 66

Joining 67

Induction 68

Redeployment 69

Reward for Outstanding Service 71

Sabbatical Leave 72

Sickness 73

Absence from Duty on Account of Sickness 73

Sickness While on Duty Overseas 76

Sickness While on Duty Travelling to or from Nigeria 76

Medical Check-ups 76

Injuries 77

Death While Overseas on Official Duty 77

Death in Service 78

Talent Mapping 79

Training Needs Analysis 81

Transfers and Secondments 83

Inter-Service Transfers and Secondments 83

Inter-State Service Transfers and Secondments 86

Unpaid Leave 87

Whistle blowing 88

Workforce Planning 90

Workforce Planning 90

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