Oracle/Java, Oracle adf (Application Development Framework)

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NameOracle/Java, Oracle adf (Application Development Framework)
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  • Over 6 years of experience in Oracle/Java, Oracle ADF (Application Development Framework) technologies including ADF BC (BC4J), ADF UI, Oracle Database 9i/10g/11g, SQL, PL/SQL.

  • Several years of development experience in Java/J2EE, JSP, AJAX, JAXB, JavaScripting, and HTML.

  • Extensive Hands on experience in Rapid Application Development tools like JDeveloper, Eclipse for building the applications.

  • Extensive exposure to version control tools such as CVS

  • Experience with middleware/application servers such as Weblogic and Apache Tomcat.

  • Complete understanding of Software Product Development Lifecycle (SDLC) including development, testing and maintenance.

  • An excellent software engineer with background in Oracle/Java and a solid theoretical foundation (MS in Computer Science) in application, database, open source, Linux, and web development.

  • Self-motivated, adaptable, and driven with exemplary communication skills and ability to work in team environments.


  • Masters of Science (Computer Science), University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA

  • Bachelor in Computer Science


  • ADF (Oracle Application Development Framework) Oracle Training.

  • OSB (Oracle Service Bus) Oracle Training.

Skills / Tools
Languages/APIs Java (Standard and Enterprise), Oracle ADF/Fusion Middleware Stack including ADF and Web services, C++, C, XML (Schema/DTD, DOM and SAX Parsers in Java), JavaScript, CSS, SQL, HTML, Visual Basic, Spring Framework, Swing, JDBC, WebServices, COBOL, JQuery FLOT(graph plotting), PHP, JSON, Greenway Medical API

Databases Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server

Middleware Weblogic (Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g), Apache Tomcat

IDEs JDeveloper, Eclipse/MyEclipse, NetBeans

Tools Subversion, Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, Blackberry Desktop, GParted, Notepad++, MANTIS Bug reporting/managing tool, online Beanstalk repository manager.

Platforms Mac OS X (Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Tiger, and Lion), Linux (various versions of Linux such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, OpenSuse), Looking Glass 3D (Java based), Windows

Others Object Oriented Programming, Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) including Waterfall and Agile, TCP/IP/FTP and other networking protocols, Virtualization technologies, Wire framing tools such as MockFlow, Intuitive GUI development, Software Engineering Design Documentation

Professional Experience
, Raleigh, NC June 2010 - Present

Software Engineer

  • Developed a student management system in JDeveloper and Oracle Fusion Middleware (ADF/BC4J/JSPX/Weblogic) to create a rich web user experience.

  • Installed and configured Oracle 11g database (XE) and created simple web services that accessed the database through ADF application modules and view objects in JDeveloper.

  • Designed and implemented ADF Business Components using Entity Objects, View Objects and Application Modules. Worked with Data Controls and Task Flows.

  • Developed various programs using MyEclipse/Spring Framework, Subversion, and MySQL.

  • Created various dual boot machines including Ubuntu and Windows on separate partitions.

  • Used virtualization technologies including Oracle’s Virtualbox to install virtual machines on multiple operating systems such as the following:

    • Fedora and MAC OS X virtual machines on Windows 7

    • Various Window flavored VMs (Windows 8, 7, and XP) on Ubuntu

    • Mac OS X (Snow Leopard and Lion) on Ubuntu

  • Worked with various tools and technologies such as JDeveloper, Java, Eclipse, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, HTML, XML, Visual Studio, and Adobe Photoshop.

  • Used LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) for in-house software development.

  • Examples of software projects are as follows:

Patient Record RESTful WebService

  • Technologies used: MyEclipse, Java, JQuery, JSON, XML, Spring Framework, RESTful

  • Used JQuery for form submission, dialog-boxes, form field validation, form input field mask, dynamic behavior of page, error/exception handling, and form data serialization functions.

  • Created a RESTful web-service for patient records using an API (Greenway Medical) in order to fetch, parse and output data based on a given parameter (e.g. last date of visit or patient id etc.)

  • Created various patient portal web pages and forms utilizing Spring MVC Framework, Java objects, DAOs, service implementations of Java objects, request mapping/context path mapping, HTTP Request/HTTP Response mapping via controllers, and fetching data from JSON input.

XML Mapping and Parsing Techniques

  • Technologies used: Eclipse, Java, XML, DOM, SAX and 0/X Mapper

  • Developed program to check whether a folder contained any files and then parsed the input XML using a SAX parser.

  • Created Java objects and retrieved relevant data which was used to populate the back-end database.

  • Used the 0/X mapper under Spring Framework for XML Parsing.

  • Wrote various XML files using the DOMFactory Writer.

Simulation of Intra-Neuron Communication

  • Technologies used Eclipse, Java (and XML AP/s), JAXB 2.2.7, NeuGen, Dozer (XML Mapping Tool), JDK 7 (1.7 update 25), NeuGen Program and Algorithms

  • Developed software and algorithms for simulating brain functions, and more specifically intra neuron communication via dendrites and axons.

  • Implemented neuron topology generation algorithms and optimized these algorithms using various techniques such as Hillman's algorithm.

    • One example of such algorithm was an L-branching tree construction algorithm. The parameter L indicates the number of branches (i.e. child nodes) per a parent node.

    • Another example was writing code for computing 3-dimensional Euclidean distance between two XYZ coordinates.

  • Developed program for XML data conversion using enterprise mapping techniques between two different domains. For example the tasks was to take neuron simulations in a DTD compliant xml format and convert them into a Schema compliant xml format. Challenge was that input DTD and output Schema used different taxonomies.

  • Developed architecture for the following:

    • DOM Parser+ Custom Code (Read XML/DOM-> Custom Convert-> Write XML/DOM)

      • Writing Conversion logic became unmanageable due to generic nature of DOM elements and tree

    • Dozer Framework for mappings from XSD to DTD ->Write XML/DOM

      • Used for Enterprise Integration in Organization for mapping different models

      • Someone still has to write the domain model in Java

    • JAXB for generating Domain Models (both XSD and DTD) and using Dozer to define mappings-> JAXB Write

      • Generated domain models for both XSD and DTD using JAXB

    • Started using Dozer for mappings but ran into issues where deep mappings could not be defined in extremely complex cases

    • JAXB for generating Domain Models (both XSD and DTD) +Java Logic for Conversion-> JAXB Write

      • Generated domain models for both XSD and DTD using JAXB

      • Wrote custom logic to convert XSD domain model to the DTD domain model

    • Create Domain Models using JAXB xjc Compiler

Challenges in Intuitive User Interface Designing

  • Technologies used: MockFlow (

  • Researched and developed an in-depth report regarding pros and cons of user interfaces of some of the leading OSs (Mac OS X, Windows 7, and Ubuntu).

  • Analyzed and dissected usability and user interfaces of technical discussion group oriented websites such as stackoverflow and stackexchange.

  • Designed user interface using mockups (MockFlow Wire framing) for a physical book release that included designing discussion group, help, homepage, contact page UIs.

Streamlined Shopping Experience Development

  • Technologies Used: JavaScript, CSS, SQL, HTML, and XML

  • Developed and implemented a website to demonstrate a streamlined online shopping experience that included utilizing screen space effectively and reduce scrolling.

  • Developed frontend using XML, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML in NetBeans.

  • Used XML to define the DTD and MS SQL database; database procedural calls were utilized for data access.

  • Used CSS to style the website and JavaScript in a reusable modular manner (globally).

College Walkthrough Website

  • Technologies used: JDeveloper, Java SE, Java 2D APIs, and HTML

  • Developed and demonstrated a portal to give students a ‘first person view’ of the college campus.

  • Developed the frontend using HTML, CSS, and Dreamweaver.

  • Developed animation using Java 2D graphics APIs that included using a set of images and sequenced (animated) together with reference tags in HTML.

3D Shape Rotation

  • Technologies used: C++

  • Designed a software program in C++ to generate full 3D views with rotational capability of different objects such as pyramids and cubes.

, Mumbai, India June 2009 – March 2010

Software Engineer

  • Used SAP Basis Module for client transaction management using T-codes and used UNIX platform for error handling.

                                                                                            Feb ’07 to Apr’09

Web Developer



As part of this project, the vision was to re-create PJthe project with the old project logic and content.



  • Extensively involved in the design, coding, deployment and maintenance of the project.

  • Worked on the design and development of the UI interfaces.

  • Developed the User Interface using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and AJAX.

  • Analysis, develop and troubleshoot complex PHP/MySQL code.

  • Understand and develop the project prototype.

Environment: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, Dreamweaver.
, Mumbai, India May 2007 August 2007

Software Intern

  • Used LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) for in-house software development.

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