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Terms of Reference

SQUEAC Survey Uror County

  1. Background

Tearfund is a Christian relief and development agency established in 1969, currently operating in around 50 countries, through both partner work and direct operations. Tearfund has been providing an operational response to conflict-related complex and natural disasters since 1994, working in Mozambique, Latin America, Albania, Burundi, South Sudan, North Sudan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, northern Kenya, Kosovo, Serbia, DRC, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Darfur and Haiti.

Tearfund’s operational response in Southern Sudan started in 1998, in response to the famine in the Bahr el Ghazal region. Tearfund has more than 16 years of experience implementing nutrition projects across South Sudan, and also have had programmes in household food security, primary health care, community health education, water and sanitation. These projects have targeted the most vulnerable members of the community including displaced persons, widows and children.

Tearfund is a signatory to the “Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief” and has been a certified compliant member of the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP) since 18th June 2008. Tearfund implements and has been involved in the development of the “Code of Good practice in the Management and Support of Aid Personnel” and the SPHERE standards.

Tearfund is currently implementing an ECHO and OFDA funded Emergency nutrition program in Uror County and a DFATD funded WASH program.

The nutrition intervention aims at identifying and treating acutely malnourished children under five and pregnant and lactating mothers as an immediate life saving measure while at the same time tackling barriers that cause poor utilization of health and nutrition services.

Tearfund has been implementing CMAM program in Uror County since 2004, currently the program supports six (6) Static Out-patient therapeutic treatment centres and two (2) outreach feeding centres and the program is in the process of establishing a third outreach feeding centre. The key components of the activities carried in these centres include : Screening and referral of all malnourished under-five children at the community, admissions and treatment of those identified as malnourished using anthropometric measurements, weekly follow-up of the children enrolled into the OTP program and Bi weekly follow-up in TSFP for both children under 5 years and PLW, deworming and provision of routine medication to the children in the program, defaulter tracing, nutrition hygiene and health promotion activities across all the project areas in Uror County, individual and group counselling of caregivers/caretakers, pregnant and lactating mothers about infant and young child feeding practices as well provision of routine immunizations.

It’s with this back ground that Tearfund will like to conduct SQUEAC Survey to assess the program coverage.

  1. Overall Objective/Purpose

The aim of the survey is:

To conduct SQUEAC Survey of Uror County CMAM project to better inform the program access and coverage and valuate access and coverage of OTP and SFP programmes using SQUEAC methodology in Uror County; all meant for improvement of program delivery.

Specific Objectives of the coverage survey

  1. To map out:

  1. Point coverage of the targeted areas

  2. Period coverage of the targeted areas

  1. Identify factors affecting the uptake of OTP and TSFP services in Uror County (Barriers and Boosters)

  2. Develop in collaboration with Tearfund and MOH specific recommendations to improve acceptance and coverage of the Program.

  3. Enhance competencies of Tearfund technical teams in SQUEAC methodology

  1. Detailed Terms of Reference

To achieve the above-mentioned objectives, the survey consultant will undertake the


  1. Design the survey and develop comprehensive tools for data collection.

  2. Conduct a one week training for Tearfund nutrition staff on SQUEAC methodology and thereafter guide and supervise them as they take part in the entire assessment mainly enumerators training, planning, data collection, data analysis and reporting.

  3. Train data collectors for the coverage survey

  4. Prepare the tools of the survey (questionnaires,KII checklist and in close collaboration with TF maintain open communication.

  5. Organize adequate supervision and coordination of the survey teams in the field

  6. Analyze data and compile a comprehensive coverage survey report.

  7. For purposes of survey validation, the consultant will present the results to the Nutrition Technical Working group in Juba.

Desired Qualifications:

  1. EDUCATION (knowledge): Advanced degree in Nutrition, public health, Epidemiology or related discipline.

  2. EXPERIENCE: At least 5 years of international and field experience preferably in developing countries.

  • Extensive Experience in Nutrition surveys and surveillance systems as well as proven experience with the SQUEAC/LQAS methodology. (provide evidence of previous assessments undertaken)

  1. Experience in conducting coverage surveys in pastoral areas

  2. SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Proven ability to organize and supervise a survey team in a cross-cultural setting. Excellent report writing and communication skills. Good training/facilitation skills and understanding of NGOs operations.

  3. Child safeguarding; previous experience working or conducting assessments involving children and knowledge of children’s rights.

  1. Duration of the Consultancy:

The proposed consultancy will last for 3 weeks; the first one week will be for class room training Tearfund staff on SQUEAC methodology and analysis, 1 week for survey teams training and data collection and 1 week for analysis and reporting.

Expected Output

At the end of the assignment the consultant should deliver:

  • Tearfund staff training and post training report, this should include aspects of data collection, analysis and report writing.

  • Final coverage survey report and

  • A PowerPoint presentation of the report for presentation to the nutrition technical forum

All raw data collected and reports generated will remain the property of Tearfund.

  1. Conditions of Work

The consultant will be required to travel from Juba to the field (Motot) on 13th or 14th May 2015 where the training of Tearfund staffs will be conducted and thereafter continue with the assessment while staying in Motot Tearfund field base. Tearfund team will be trained centrally for one week.

The consultant will be expected to lead the team in the initial preparations including enumerator selection, survey team’s trainings and subsequent data collection in Motot, Uror County. In order to ensure high quality data the consultant will be required to rove across the county offering technical guidance to the teams in the entire process. Data will be entered and analysed in the Uror under the supervision of the consultants who will have to review all the data for accuracy. Besides reporting will also be undertaken at the field level. Tearfund will support and facilitate the consultant’s travel to the field, within the County and back, as well as administrative, logistics, and security related issues of the consultancy.

The consultant will be required to abide by Tearfund security procedures and rules in place for Tearfund staff including the child safeguarding policy and other field procedures. While in the field, the consultant will be provided with security briefings from the field security focal person.

Payment modalities

Terms of payment will be negotiated upon acceptance of the consultancy.

Force Majeure:

The consultant and Tearfund may agree to reschedule or alter some tasks in the TOR, if unforeseen circumstances arise. In the event Tearfund is not satisfied with the work produced by the consultant, they may opt to terminate the contract on mutually agreeable terms. Likewise, if the consultant is unhappy with new conditions given by its client, She/he may opt to withdraw on mutually agreeable terms.

  1. Application Pack

Interested applicants are invited to and send electronic copy of application Letter (Signed, stamped and scanned) to southsudan-hrm@tearfund.org & yuai-ac@tearfund.org on or April 25, 2015 along with the following documents:

  • 1 page expression of interest (EOI)

  • Two written samples from previous related consultancies

  • Availability for the assignment

  • Technical proposal not exceeding 10 pages

  • Detailed operational Work Plan

  • Financial Proposal including the cost estimates for services to be rendered including daily consultancy fees in GBP.

  • Testimonials/Credentials that indicate the relevant experience and competencies of the consultant/ consulting firm.

  • Detailed curriculum Vitae of the Consultant

  • Degrees of the consultant and other testimonials (work experience, publications & trainings attended) of the team members will be requested before signing the letter of agreement (So please avoid this bulk from the application pack)

  • Proposed sample size ,sampling method and data analysis (not exceeding 12 power point slides)

  • Valid and Renewed Certificate of Registration of the consultant/consulting firm with the relevant Government Authority for the Year 2014

Evaluation Criteria and the Rights of TEARFUND

Applications will be evaluated based on a composite index considering:

  • The content of the technical proposal

  • The proposed methodology

  • Cost effectiveness as reflected by the financial proposal

  • The related experience of the consultant

Note: TEARFUND reserves the right to dismiss this call. In addition, applicants who do not submit all the required documents mentioned in section 6 above will not be considered for the SQUEAC Consultancy.

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