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What position are you applying for?

How did you hear about this position?

Section 1 – Personal information

Title and Full Name

Age if under 18

Primary Contact Number

Personal Email Address

Present Home Address

Please state your eligibility to work in the region you’re applying to (e.g. visa / work permit status)

Do you have a full Driving Licence for the region you are applying to?

Are you a passport holder? Please list any countries where you are unable to travel

Give details of any criminal offences you have been convicted for (for the UK, the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 applies)?

List any dates when you will not be available for an interview

What is your notice period from current employer?

How many days unplanned leave have you had from work or education over the last two years?

Have you applied for any roles before at Voiteq and if so, which ones and when?

Please provide details below of two referees, ideally your last 2 employers including your current employer. An educational or other professional body may be used as the 2nd reference if needed. We will only approach them with your consent.







Section 2 – Application For the Vacancy
This is like your covering letter; it is an opportunity to give your reasons for applying for this position and say why you believe you are suitable for it. Give examples of things you have done that make you particularly suited to the job. Use additional space if required.

Section 3 - Education & Training
Please give details of any officially recognised exams, courses and qualifications, starting with the most recent.


Subject / Course


Including Qualification Body/Organisation

Result (Grades)

Other qualifications, skills or training:
Please provide details of any vocational qualifications or skills that you possess or training that you have received which you consider to be relevant to the role for which you have applied, please indicate dates of these.

Section 4 – Current or most recent employment
Please explain the role and outline the main responsibilities and skills used. No approach will be made to your present employer before an offer of employment is made to you.


Job Title

Employed From

Employed To

Rate of Pay

Reason for leaving

Section 5 - Previous employment and activities
Please tell us about any other jobs you have done. There are spaces for two here, you don’t have to use them all or you can use additional pages if required.


Job Title

Employed From

Employed To

Reason for leaving


Job Title

Employed From

Employed To

Reason for leaving

Section 6 – Personal Interests and Hobbies
Please tell us about any other interests, activities or hobbies you have, you can use additional space if required.

Section 7 – Health Declaration
All job offers are subject to a health declaration requiring you to let us know if you have a medical condition or illness that could materially affect your performance in the role. By completing this form, you are indicating your agreement to this.

Section 8 – Declaration
I can confirm that to the best of my knowledge the above information is correct.

I accept that deliberately providing false information could result in my application being rejected or my dismissal.

Print Name


Please email this completed form to or post to:

UK: Voiteq Careers, Hallam Way, Whitehills, Blackpool, FY4 5LZ

North America: Voiteq Careers, 286 South Main Street, Suite 100, Alpharetta GA 30009

France: Voiteq Carrières, 7 Avenue Gallieni, 10300 SAINTE SAVINE, (TROYES EN CHAMPAGNE)

Germany: Voiteq Karriere, Brückenstrasse 4, 10179 Berlin

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