2016 representative coach, assistant coach and managers application

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shoalhaven tigers


PO Box 2021, Bomaderry 2541

Ph: 02 44213800

Fax: 02 44210917
The Shoalhaven Basketball Association(SBA) are calling for applications for the following positions for the 2016 representative season.

  • U12 Men and Women Head Coach. Assistant Coach and Manager

  • U14 Men and Women Head Coach. Assistant Coach and Manager

  • U16 Men and Women Head Coach. Assistant Coach and Manager

  • U18 Men and Women Head Coach. Assistant Coach and Manager

  • State League Men and Women Head Coach. Assistant Coach and Manager

Those interested should be willing to make a commitment to the SBA Basketball Association Program as outlined below.


All applicants will be appointed by the SBA board upon the recommendation of SBA Junior committee and Board appointee. Positions will be decided using the Selection Process Criteria as stated in this Application Form.

Post applications addressed to:

Shoalhaven Basketball Association Inc.

Attention:- The Secretary

PO Box 2021

Bomaderry NSW 2541


Successful applicants must agree to fulfill the following criteria.

  • Maintain a Commitment to the SBA Representative program – [fulfilling all desired coaching requirements] and a Commitment to coaching in the SBA Domestic Competition.

  • Must hold a minimum NCAS Level 1 Accreditation or seek to gain one before the end of the 2016 season.

  • Attend Representative Coach/Managers Meetings, Coaches Education Seminars and Clinics organized by SBA Coaching Director.

  • Continue to seek knowledge.

  • A commitment to SBA as a coach/manager and provide written details of previous coaching

experience and success as a coach.

  • Agree that teams will only involve athletes eligible for selection in the SBA Representative


  • Attend and identify potential representative players through scouting at SBA’s domestic


  • Hold structured and open Representative Trials on SBA sanctioned days in November for Juniors (Only skills development training may be held before trials and they are to be open to everyone.)

  • Improve the skills of the players in your team and instruct them how to play basketball and the

fundamentals of the game as per the SBA skills development program.

  • Develop players in line with the SBA Coaching Philosophy.

  • Hold training sessions at least once a week with a possibility of a second. (Courts can be booked with SBA administration and

are subject to court availability.)

  • Head Junior Coach to assist division 2 teams in a realistic and ongoing relationship.

  • The obligations of coaches in division 2 is for equitable time and to develop players both in games

and at training.

  • Coach to work closely with the Assistant Coach and Manager to make their appointments a

worthwhile experience.

  • Follow the SBA dress code for players, coaches, assistant coaches and managers.

  • All coaches and managers should be actively involved in BNSW Development programs (Waratah

Camps and Skills Day).

  • Put forward nominations for Annual Awards and complete an Annual Report on the team’s


  • Complete the “Working with Children” consent forms attached.

  • Agree to BA’s Coaches Code of Behavior and sign form attached.

  • Remember Young people participate for pleasure and winning is only part of the fun

  • Be reasonable in your demands on players’ time, energy and enthusiasm.

  • Never ridicule or yell at a young player for making a mistake or not coming first

  • Avoid overplaying the talented players; the just average need and deserve time


  • After the closing date the SBA Junior Committee will consider all applications and will place coaches, assistant coaches and managers into positions. The SBA Junior Committee may consult with the SBA Board or a Board appointee during this process.

  • If an interview is deemed necessary, these will then be held before the final decision is made.

  • Examples of this may be:

1. New Coach to Association

2. Applicants evenly matched

3. Clarification of some aspects with individual

  • The SBA Junior Committee will then make recommendations to the SBA Board regarding the applications that have been received. Once the Board endorses the recommendations (or otherwise) applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome of their applications.

  • If the SBA Junior Committee or Board forms the view that is it to the benefit of the SBA Members, a coach may be moved to another position which they feel the applicant is more suited. This will be discussed with the applicant before final endorsement by the Board.

  • A Representative Coach cannot apply for a position coaching their own children for more than 2

consecutive years and after will not be eligible to coach them again until a break of another 2

consecutive years occurs, unless special circumstances apply.

E.g. U/12’s Yes

U/14’s No

U/16’s Yes

U/18’s No


Trials/development squads are to be held for junior and senior teams in November this year. The trials/squads are open for all players to participate, however there are also players that are targeted and provided with an invitation to compete. SBA encourages all coaches to undertake representative player identification through attending SBA Junior competitions and communicating with parents/children with regard to their basketball interests and participating in the SBA representative trials. Coaches are reminded that SBA seeks players of all ages and those who have a good attitude and are keen to participate in the SBA Representative Program. Coaches are reminded that players develop skills and abilities at a different rate and players with potential should be identified and considered for inclusion in the SBA Representative Program.


1) At the end of the trials/development squad, Division One coaches must select 10 players in their squad. Division Two teams are also required to select at least 10 players.

2) Coaches must then forward their team selection list to the SBA Junior Committee for endorsement. Once a coach receives notification of team endorsement the coach can then advise players/parents. If it is necessary, the SBA Junior Committee may establish a panel to consider the team selection and team structure. The panel will consist of the relevant coach, assistant coach, SBA Junior Committee representative and SBA Board representative.

3) Coaches may organise players into squads at any time throughout the trials (players are to be

informed of this at trials)

4) Top Age/Bottom Age Players:

  • Division One – At least two bottom age players should be considered in the Division One team.

  • Division Two – This team will be considered bottom age. At least 7 to 8 bottom age players are to

be selected in this team unless in exceptional circumstances which will be discussed by the

Junior Committee.

5) Where there are enough players in an age group to form two teams a coach must establish two teams. Where there are too many players for one team but not enough for two teams, coaches are strongly encouraged to seek further players in order to establish two teams. This should be discussed with the SBA Junior Committee.

6) A player will not be considered for a representative team unless that player can fully commit to the

SBA Representative program.

7) All players must be involved in the SBA domestic competition both Juniors or Seniors, unless in

exceptional circumstances, which must be provided in writing, and will be individually discussed

and approved by the Junior Representative and/or State League committee and the Director of the Coaching (or Board appointee).


Please remove this section of this booklet and retain for your information. Complete the remainder of the application and return by the application closing date.

shoalhaven tigers


SURNAME: ________________________________ FIRST NAME: _______________________

ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________________

EMAIL: _____________________________________________________________________

All communications is made via email. Please ensure you have access to email.

PHONE: (H) ____________________ (W) ____________________ (M) ___________________

NCAS ACCREDITATION LEVEL: _____________________________________________________


Position (eg Coach, Manager) Team (eg U18 Men)

  1. 1. ________________________________ ______________________________________

  1. 2. ________________________________ ______________________________________

  1. 3. ________________________________ _______________________________________

If unsuccessful in obtaining a Head Coach position would you be willing to consider an

appointment as a Division 2 or an Assistant Coach even though you have not initially indicated

so in your options above?

¨ YES ¨ NO


Date received: Position appointed: Action: ¨ Pending Date Letter sent:

Date receipt returned: ¨ Successful

Date forwarded to Board: ¨ Unsuccessful

Application Form Continued…











Have you ever been cited by a judiciary and/or banned/suspended from a sporting organization?

please circle Yes / No

If yes, please state sporting organization:_______________________________________________

Penalty imposed; __________________________________________________________________


I confirm that the above information that has been provided is correct. I have read and understood

the Selection Criteria and Conditions of Appointment I agree to abide by and carry out the duties,

responsibilities and conditions of appointment for any coaching position to which I am appointed.

SIGNED: _____________________________________ DATE:_____________________________

Please ensure you have read, signed and dated the Coaches Code of Behaviour, Coaches Code of Ethics and Child Protection forms. Only new coaches/managers are required to complete the Child Protection Forms

Code of Behaviour





COACHES CODE OF ETHICS (Managers to sign this form also)

BA Coaches Code of Conduct & Ethics

As a coach appointed by BA or a Member Association you must meet the following requirements in regard to your conduct during any activity held by or under the auspices of BA or a Member Association and in any role you hold within BA or a Member Association:

1. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every human being

  • Within the context of the activity, treat everyone equally regardless of sex, ethnic origin or religion.

2. Ensure the athlete’s time spent with you is a positive experience

  • All athletes are deserving of equal attention and opportunities.

3. Treat each athlete as an individual

  • Respect the talent, developmental stage and goals of each individual athlete.

  • Help each athlete reach their full potential.

4. Be fair, considerate and honest with athletes

5. Be professional in and accept punctuality, responsibility for your actions

  • Language, manner, preparation and presentation should display high standards.

  • Display control, respect, dignity and professionalism to all involved with the sport – this includes opponents, coaches, officials, administrators, the media, parents and spectators.

  • Encourage your athletes to demonstrate the same qualities.

6. Make a commitment to providing a quality service to your athletes

  • Maintain or improve your current coaching accreditation.

  • Seek continual improvement through performance appraisal and ongoing coach education.

  • Provide a training program which is planned and sequential.

  • Maintain appropriate records.

7. Operate within the rules and spirit of your sport

  • The guidelines of international bodies governing your sport should be followed.

  • The Australian Sports Drug Agency provides By-Laws to operate within.

8. Any physical contact with athletes should be:

  • Appropriate to the situation.

  • Necessary for the athlete’s skill development.

9. Refrain from any intimate relationship or affair with your athletes

  • Even if the relationship is with the consent of the athlete you should avoid them.

10. Avoid unaccompanied and unobserved activities with persons under 18 years of age,

wherever possible

11. Refrain from any form of personal abuse verbal, physical towards your athletes

  • This includes verbal, physical and emotional abuse.

  • Be alert to any forms of abuse directed towards your athletes from other sources whilst they are in

your care.

12. Refrain from any form of sexual harassment towards your athletes

13. Provide a safe environment for training and facilities and competition

  • Ensure equipment and facilities meet safety standards.

  • Equipment, rules and the environment need to be appropriate for the age and ability of the


14. Show concern and caution towards sick and injured athletes

  • Provide a modified training program where appropriate.

  • Allow further participation in training and competition only when appropriate.

  • Seek medical advice when required.

  • Maintain the same interest and support towards sick and injured athletes.

15. Be a positive role model for basketball and athletes

I _____________________________ (name) agree to uphold the Coaches Code of Ethics as

adopted by Basketball Australia and endorsed by Shoalhaven Basketball Association Inc.

Signed _____________________________________ Dated __________

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