My story – Why I decided to become a trainer/coach

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Karen Mead

MY STORY – Why I decided to become a trainer/coach

I didn’t find my niche in life until I was in my 30’s, however, as I reminisce through my earlier years, fitness seemed to always be present somewhere. After having my first child, I utilized fitness as a means to socialize. Since I was a stay at home mom, it was my way of getting out and taking some time for myself. Later, I decided to go back to school for nursing. It was at this time that I realized treating symptoms of disease was not going to lead people to a healthy lifestyle. Majority of physicians do not, or will not, encourage their patients to change their lifestyle by incorporating an exercise program and showing them how a healthy diet can rid them from the issues they are faced with. Instead they would rather prescribe medications that just cover up the symptoms. Most people who are on medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes will stated that they don’t have these diseases because the medication they are on brings the disease under control. It doesn’t get rid of it. I wanted to give people knowledge about exercise, how to do it properly, teach them about proper nutrition and show them what a healthy lifestyle can deliver. That's when I decided to look into the fitness industry.

It’s great to work with people and see them do something they never thought they could, like lift a heavy weight, flip a tire, do their first pull up, work through a touch workout that they didn’t they would ever finish, see body transformations by incorporating healthy eating and working hard. In February of 2011, CrossFit Inclusive was opened. Being able to affiliate with CrossFit gave me the opportunity I had always wanted, to open my own training facility.

What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a workout program that incorporates high intensity, constantly varied movements that utilizes all fitness domains (strength, flexibility, stamina, cardio/endurance, power, speed, accuracy, agility, balance, coordination). It focuses on mastery of the movements before intensity. It can be very broad and general in nature but tests each individual in what their potential capability is. It’s a program that is inclusive and relative to each individuals own capabilities.

CrossFit methodology of consistency with the movements than increasing the intensity helps develop the physical fitness. What can’t be forgotten is the mental and emotional development of a healthy lifestyle. Focusing on balance and blending the physical, mental and emotional fitness allows a “complete” whole approach. Quantifiable improvement is priority.


At CFI is a place to learn and grow – to improve the body, mind and life. It’s a place to become knowledge in the mechanics, strengths, limitations and untapped possibilities of your body. It’s a place to participate with community – develop friendships, your home away from home. We want to stimulate the brain as well as the muscles – to learn, challenge, to try new things, to practice new skills that require focus and being present. We teach proper mechanics of how to move the body, safely and efficiently, while strength and speed, to increase power output, to increase endurance and stamina, to get flexible, stable and balanced and to move with grace and agility. The more physical fit a person is they are able to bring joy and fun to life – feeling stronger, confident, energetic, and capable of doing everything possible that life has to throw at us. We are in the pursuit of your excellence!


CrossFit Inclusive’s mission is to deliver a safe and efficient fitness program while providing the highest quality of training to all members.  In addition, we are committed to building confidence so that each individual can breakthrough to the next level. We want to add both years to your life and LIFE to your years!


We believe in order for someone to stick with a program they need to see results and have fun! Continual progress is necessary for self-actualization. We set milestone and celebrate when they’re reached.

We are comfortable in our skills but are not too serious with ourselves. We are able to joke about our own weaknesses.

We believe in a structure, systematic program. The vast majority of our training is focused on “practice”.

Perfecting movement skills, intentional virtuosity, and willingness to learn gives solid context and sustainability.

We encourage small step, appropriate adjustments that are within the realm of ability to be sustained.

We meet everyone where they are at, learn at their own pace but allow them to get out of their comfort zone.

Savor the small sacrifices, the little breakthroughs, and the slow build towards mastery and consistency through practice, support of the community & coaches.

A Brief History

We might have a few quirks at CrossFit Inclusive; some of them, you may find challenging and some you may wonder at their logic. However, rest assured that every single policy and idea in this book has been formed by trial and error, and (often) a painful experience.

FITNESS TRAINING / COACHING is a flat market. That means that, despite all our research, studying, long hours and hard work, the client really only differentiates personal trainers according to one solitary factor: their relationship with the trainer. That’s right: regardless of client progress, regardless of results gained from the training, or experience of the trainer, client retention is 90% dependent on the relationship of the trainer with the client.

It may be tough to remember little things like picking up after clients, you may be too tired to acknowledge a client’s accomplishment for that day, you may not want to follow up with a intro client or new member, you may not feel like helping a client get a piece of equipment they forgot to set up, you may just not be in the mood to really drive or motivate a client to push through and finish. The client on the other hand will remember you retrieving that piece of equipment, helping them pick up and acknowledge the hard work they did and probably most of all help them make it through a tough workout that they thought was going to be impossible to finish.

These lessons have been hard-won. But without them, to the client at least, we’re just like everyone else.

No matter what else happens, we will never be outworked. Never will a client leave CFI for a competitor because we’re too lazy: this, above all, is the original sin.

Above all, we believe in ourselves and our clients!

Welcome to CrossFit Inclusive (CFI)

If you’ve made it this far, be proud; you’ve clearly established yourself as an outstanding member of the Fitness community.

At CrossFit Inclusive, there are only a few simple rules of conduct, most of which are common sense; others will help you improve your relationship with clientele, other staff, and the outside world at large. Some, whose purpose may not be obvious at first, will reveal their own benefits as you become more accustomed to the atmosphere of a highly-structured, fast-paced exercise environment.

On the following pages, you’ll see how we operate. You’ll be given in-depth detail about each rule as you go along. These are simple (but essential) things that separate CrossFit Inclusive from the rest of the herd; they’re not day-to-day maintenance, but rather insurance of a positive attitude and environment for clients, guests, and staff. This stuff is not hard, though it will require some practice.

Continuing through, you’ll see the more commonplace (but absolutely necessary) everyday rules of operation for CrossFit Inclusive. They’re simple, and easy to remember if you practice them daily. Miss one, though, or become routinely sloppy with them, and it hurts the entire atmosphere for everyone.

We like to think of CFI not as a fitness facility, but as a TEAM approach to fitness, exercise, mobility, nutrition and health.

CrossFit Inclusive Advantages

  • First Affiliate in Rochester

  • Over 25 Years of experience

  • Individualized structured programming

  • Level program options for different levels of fitness and goals

  • Specialized programming

  • Nutritional/Dietary knowledge

  • Structured class setting

  • Non-intimidating environment

  • Supportive community

  • Clean facility

  • Member events/social night outs

What does CrossFit Inclusive provide?

Everyone starts somewhere and we meet each individual where they currently are. We allow them to learn at their own pace, yet encourage them to reach outside their comfort zone. CFI is considered a school. We seek mastery of movement by continually practicing and reaching new levels. We thrive on providing a cultivating and nurturing environment in which growth and full potential can be reached.

The essence of our program provides integrity, determination, persistence, responsibility, service, commitment, fun and resilience. It allows us to uncover the potential that lies deep down inside.

Why CrossFit Inclusive?

Not all CrossFit facilities are equal. We all operate under the general philosophy of CrossFit. However, the programming, energy and the specific philosophies of each varies greatly.

CrossFit Inclusive is about balanced, long-term, sustainable training. We don’t believe in making HUGE changes all of a sudden and setting goals way beyond the ability to succeed. This often happens and sets the path to failure. We provide a structured program that is tracked, cataloged and measured. Assessing the program allows us to make sure we see results at an appropriate pace. We value steady, long-term and (relatively) permanent progress and that consistency in training is our goal. Training is for building – building a solid base of technique. It is the technique that produces the best results.

We also believe in integrity of movement. We believe in our community and having fun. Friends are developed and CFI turns into a second family…a home away from home. There are no egos or arrogant personalities to deal with. Members are supportive, cheering and motivated driven and offer encouragement. We hold social and community events that allows everyone to know each other outside of the gym.


Being part of the CFI team has many opportunities.

  • CEO

  • Bookkeeper

  • Programmer

  • Coach/Personal Trainer

  • Specialty Coach

  • Marketing

  • Event Coordinator

  • Membership Coordinator/Retention (Bright Spots)

  • Social Media

  • Website Developer/Maintenance

  • Class Scheduler

  • Cleaner/Facility Maintenance


This handbook provides you with a comprehensive guide for your performance. You will be asked to initial it at the end, acknowledging you’ve read and understand the contents. Once initialed, you’re responsible for upholding the contents 100%.

You have the responsibility to CrossFit Inclusive and its clients to act in their best interests at all times. CrossFit Inclusive has a responsibility to all Team members to act in the best interests of the group, to ensure all continue to thrive.

Since we offer different rates and options for membership, it is important that each member is being accommodated with the appropriate value of their membership (meaning facility and appropriate class access). Since we offer a limited membership plan, it is important that every member is registered for classes if they attend. It is also important that their attendance is confirmed and validated so it can be redeemed off their plan appropriately (meaning we need to get paid for the service that was provided and received by them).

Client Bill of Rights – They are the center of what we do.

At CrossFit Inclusive we promise to:

  • Always be on time for class or your appointment

  • Be prepared

  • Alter or modify workouts if needed

  • Provide our attention during class or your session

  • Offer consulting for programs and/or nutritional information

  • Behave in a professional manner

  • Provide structured programming

  • Keep class running on time and efficiently

  • Explain why or the relevance of an exercise

  • Correctly invoice or make corrections promptly

  • Return phone calls and/or emails at the first available opportunity

  • Provide a safe and clean facility

  • Make sure every client is treated equally in regards to scheduling and answering questions

  • Make sure clients are receiving the value of membership they are paying for

  • Stay on top of relevant information that will help goals to be reached

  • Maintain confidentiality

In return, we ask that you:

  • Arrive on time for class and/or appointments (15 minutes early is being on time).

  • Cancel or change your registration in the appropriate time frame

  • Have ear open and listen when coaches are talking

  • Be coachable – everyone needs to be coachable even coaches do!

  • Take advantage of paid in advance plans, to save yourself money

  • Notify coaches immediately if you are not feeling well, have an injury, if something hurts or doesn’t feel right (lightheaded, dizzy or nauseous), need a movement modified or scaled and you’re not sure what to do

  • Put your equipment away in their appropriate place (it may not be where you found it)

  • Clean your equipment after use – especially if you bled on it or are feeling a little under the weather

  • Help others when they needed

  • Remember you are not a coach – direct coaching questions to coaches (especially if other members are asking you questions)

  • Be nice and supportive to everyone

  • Treat equipment with respect – control dropping of barbells, don’t let kettlebells drop or fall to the floor, don’t throw plates on top of plastic collars

  • Clean up any caulk you got on equipment and/or the floor

Staff Bill of Rights

  • You will be paid on a bi-weekly basis or as your contract states

  • We will provide you with a complimentary membership as long as you are coaching at minimum of 3 hours/week

  • You must attend any meetings that are requested of you (compensation is through your free membership).

  • You will be provided with a safe and supportive place to work

  • We will always support you in front of a client

  • We will make any corrections in private

  • You will be provided with a clear guidance on policies, prices and production

  • We do not show any favoritism

  • We will be consistent with our clients to remove awkward situations

  • Changes to schedule, rates, policy will all be given as much advance notice as possible

  • We will provide any operation protocol you will need to follow

  • We will provide Continuing Education course work for you – see if someone has examples of anything or what they do (blog post on how to squat properly, brief technique work or skill work improvement, mental preparedness)

  • We provide several addition work opportunities

  • You will be notified in advance of any upcoming evaluations


  • Arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to class start time

  • Class set up, stereo, music at appropriate level

  • Greet members as they come in

  • Good group management skills – efficiency of time, staying on schedule

  • Ability to multi-task and engage on an individual and as a group

  • Identify appropriate performance and safety measures (scaling options)

  • Knowledgeable in your craft

      • Understanding programming and the desire outcome

    • Provide appropriate briefing (explanation) and protocol of programming and WOD.

    • Points of Performance and skill transfers for movements

    • Ability to demonstrate proper mechanics

    • Able to identify and correct movement faults – reflects your recognition and analysis skills

  • Good communicating – clear, precise, engagement, verbal, tactile, and visual tactics

  • Lead by example and with credibility

  • Maintain a positive presence, attitude and have empathy

  • Tracking scores – whiteboard, briefing forms, social media, etc.

  • Class Schedule – attendance, confirmations, cancellations

  • Overall check of facility – all equipment put away, lights & computer off, locking up

  • Prompt and appropriate communication to senior team members regarding and concerns (good and/or bad)

COACHES You will be responsible for monthly Social Media Communication, Retention, Brand Action, OnBoarding, Content data/continuing education and meetings duties, or similar concepts. These responsibilities will be considered compensated by your complimentary membership with at least 3 coaching hours/week. These responsibilities will be assigned as individual duties or in combination of either on an hourly, weekly or monthly requirement.


Coaches will be evaluated on the above Coaching Criteria and all order of operation protocol. You will be provided with a sample of the evaluation form. You will be notified in advance of all upcoming evaluations. After the evaluation, a meeting will be set up and a review will be given. You will receive a copy of the evaluation. If any objectives need to be addressed, a plan of action will be put in place which will include a follow up.

Need to decide and structure….You’ll be given an employee review after your first month, your third month, and then semi-annually from that point onward. There’s a blank review attached, as well as some personal goal-setting sheets that you’ll go through as part of your orientation process.

Staff Communication

It is your responsibility to report any positive or negative feedback from clients and/or issues or concerns. We want to respect the confidentially of clients. Confidentially doesn’t have to be broken if it is a notable concern that may need to be addressed. It is your responsibility to act in what would is the in the best interest not only for CFI but for all of the Team members (staff & clients). At no point should matters be taken into your own hands.

We will make sure to notify any staff members of any issues or concerns that is appropriate for them to be aware of. We will provide an effective plan of action if needed.

It’s important to communicate daily happens either on a communication log, private staff Facebook page, email, etc. Even if it’s as simple as someone coming in with an injury or limitation for the day. It should be noted to provide communication throughout.


We need to minimize our exposure of liability. In order to do so, all injuries need to be documented and followed up. Follow Emergency Accident Procedure (EAP) and fill out an incident report. A hierarchy of injuries are as follows:

  • Level 1 – Scraped shin, torn hands, minor bumps/bruises

    • Doesn’t hamper athletes ability to continue

    • Incident report completed and followed up

  • Level 2 – twisted ankle, minor pain (ice pack applied), pulled muscle, cramping

    • May hamper athlete’s ability to continue

    • Incident report completed and followed up

  • Level 3 – severe injury, skin breakage (treatment required), muscle tear, dislocation

    • Injuries are not life threaten but require medical attention

    • Workout cannot continue and should not continue; athlete removed from activity

    • May need to contact emergency contact person

    • Advise to seek medical attention

    • Incident report completed and followed up

  • Level 4 – Extreme pain, broken bones or skin (stitches required), unconsciousness

    • If life threatening, call 911 immediately, proper procedures started; i.e. CPR, first aid, etc.

    • Emergency contact person called

    • Coach stays with injured athlete

    • Contact Karen

    • Incident report completed and followed up


Opening the Facility – First One In

  1. Turn entrance and front office lights on

  2. Prop open door from entry way into gym

  3. Turn gym lights on by outside gym entrance and two switches in fuse box in back of gym

  4. Turn computer on and log in

  5. Write programming and WOD on whiteboards

  6. Set up racks if needed

  7. Check class registration

Closing the Facility – Last One Out

  1. Make sure all equipment is picked up and in proper place

  2. Ensure plates are stacked properly and are not weight sizes are not mixed up

  3. Turn off back lights

  4. Turn off computer

  5. Turn off front lights

  6. Make sure garage door has locked appropriately

  7. Make sure all side doors are locked (need to know which position deadbolt is supposed to be in for each door)

  8. Close office entrance door and gym entrance door

  9. Make sure bathroom lights are not left on

  10. Turn off office lights and entry way lights

  11. Lock door upon leaving

Walk-Ins – How to handle

If someone walks into the facility who doesn’t have an appointment set up and no one is available to properly speak with them, introduce yourself with a friendly greeting. While keeping your eyes on class, explain to that you are sorry you can step away from class. On a nice note, mention we usually set up appointment for tours of the facility.

Have them fill out an inquiry form - (need to create)

Make sure their name, phone number and/or email is legible. If not rewrite it again and verify it. Let them know someone will contact them within 24 hours. Give them a business card. Ask them if they would like to stay and observe class and show them where they can sit or stand safety without disturbing class.

Don’t let these opportunities slip away. Make sure to get their contact information so a follow up call can be made. These are potential clients. We want to make sure to accommodate them as best as possible even when we are unable to. If they stay around to watch class, it is a great opportunity for them to see a class first hand. If they are still available after class, let them know when our Free Intro Sessions are and set up an appointment. Make sure to log this down on the inquire sheet so we can follow up with a confirmation.


The following information is basic information on what is done, how to do it, templates being used, requirements that need to be met and how to meet them…order of operations

How to run CFI on a daily basis…what we want to do and how to do it, tracking info, following up, timeline of planning and adhering to it,

Bright Spots -

Brand Action – Every person on staff is responsible for our growth

This is revenue opportunity – personal training options, specialty skill/programming opportunities

Maybe a client mentioned they would like to work on a skill/technique movement, opportunity to sell a training session or group of sessions – noting the offer on the worksheet.

Monthly contacts or opportunities tracked – from just giving out a business card

**Capturing ideas and opportunities staff already have -

OnBoarding Tracking

Social Media

Timeline Tracking


Internship – Steps in becoming a Coach
Briefing Forms/Group Classes – order of operations/timeline (Briefing form) – order of operation may change; follow briefing form description and details

  • Class Briefing

  • Warm up

  • Strength/Skill

  • Strength/Skill clean up/WOD set up

  • Briefing for WOD/WOD

  • Whiteboard/Scores

  • Clean Up

Continuing Education

Blog posts – how to squat, social media communication engagement

Create a specialty class – create a timeline and submit in, date created and promote

Newsletter – article information, resources, nutrition, movements (PoP; skill/technique; quick tips)

I have read CrossFit Inclusive’s handbook and agree to do my absolute best at living up to the high standard that CrossFit Inclusive requires. I will bring any questions or concerns to Karen’s attention and help other’s make the right decisions as required.

Name ______________________________________________________

Position ____________________________________________________

Date _______________________________________________________

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