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United in Safety

Committee Meeting

October 10th, 2011
1) Attendance

Companies present at this meeting:

AA Boos

Mario Rizo


Mike Musolf

AA Boos

Ben Sommers


Rob Sheppard


Grant Furney


Ken Ballon

Advanced Specialty

Andy Shammo


Tom Sexton


Grant Furney


Brandon Lenhart

C&W Tank

John Swartzmiller

MidWest Vegetation

Ryan Zesing

C&W Tank

Rick Collins


Molly Rupli

Diamond Inspection

Todd Colvin


Ron Horner

Diamond Inspection

Mike Nighswander


Dave Schiele

Faithful and Gould

Rick Ellis


Dave Hoercher


Justin Clark


Gene Taylor


Priscilla Mitchell


Matt Leiter


Tina Mann

Process Solutions

Mike Mooney


Steve Crippen


Jason Goetz


Tim Simpson


Aaron Lauth


Dave Langell


Bill Whetstone


Dale Miller


Jim Michalski

George Gradel

Craig Chall


Scott Stevenson

George Gradel

Marilynne Alspaugh


Dan Hurst

George Gradel

Jesse Darr

Vm Systems

Paul Anderson

Herrington& Assoc

Bryan Thomas


Tom Pack


Dan Terry


Megan Cornelius

Jeffers Crane

Brad Fisher


Joey Mathias


Randy Beehn


John Sullivan

BP Attendees

Companies not in attendance

Dan Hirsch

Doug Powell


Baker tanks

Phil Finkler

Jose Montiero

Baker Concrete


Matt Grimes

Mark Swartzmiller



Dave Criss




P&W Paint

Presiding over the meeting: Ron Horner, Vice-President
Pledge of Allegiance

Safety Moment- Tom Pack with URS on safety awareness.

2. Old Business

a. Near Misses: Total= 491 H2S Meters(4); Stop Signs(9); Speeding(4); Seat belts(11); PPE(90); Cell Phone(5); Vehicular(81); Smoking(1); Slips/Trips/Falls(48);4 Gas Monitors (1) Other (237). If you would like a copy please contact Dave Langell.
3. BP Communications-

Jose Montiero

Starting at the end of the week we will be shutting down the DHT and the Naptha Treater. RMF, PetroChem, C&W and PSC are scheduled to do work. This should last about 2weeks and we will be having a night and dayshift.
New Business: Committee reports

Welcome/Communication Committees- Co-Chairperson

Steve Crippen reported that Cherne and Matrix are the latest two companies that have gone through mentoring.

Please contact Steve Crippen at or Jim Michalski at committee meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Security Process Center.


Steve Crippen – Guardsmark – Co-Chair

Jim Michalski – RMF – Co-Chair

Brian Cope – CTS

Michael Sass- County Fire

Dan Terry – Holland

Nick Walby- Rudolph-Libbe

Dave Langell- Gem

Rob Auger – Process Solutions

Dave Varanese- Empire

Molly Rupli – Nalco

Todd Colvin- Diamond Insp

Megan Cornelius – URS
Training Committee- Craig Chall (George Gradel) – Chairperson

Monday, November14th Respirator Frequently Asked Questions will be the topic for the next Quarterly Safety Stand Down. The draft for this has been completed and will be sent to Bp for review. Walbridge will be presenting a topic for the month of October and KBR will present in November.

Committee Members:

Craig Chall (Geo Gradel)

Tina Mann (Fisher Safety)

Ken Parker (Safety Training and Tracing)

Tom Pack (URS)

Tom Sexton (Middough)

Ron Horner (Nexus)

Kent Taylor (Holly)

Brad Fisher (Jeffers Crane)

To contact Craig Chall

This committee meets the second Tuesday of the month at 1200 in the Fisher Safety Store.

Inspection Committee- Mario Rizo (AABoos) –Chairperson –

Desk Top Audits: Audit Team #3

1.) 9-29-11 – County Fire

2.) 10-6-11 – Diamond Inspection

Major Project Audits: - Audit Team #2

1.) 9-28-11 – Water Intake Project

Attended- Marilynne Alspaugh, Mario Rizo, Ken Parker, Ron Horner, John Sullivan, Aaron Lauth, Tina Mann

BP Operator- Jim Helle

2.) 10-5-11 – New I&E Shop

Attended – Marilynne Alspaugh, Mario Rizo, Aaron Lauth, Ron Horner, Kevin Edgington, Tom Pack, Doug Hayes, Ken Parker, Matt Leiter,

BP REP- Debbie LaCourse

General Inspection: Audit Team #1

1.) 9-29-11 – C&W Tank

Location – Water Treater

Leader – Bill Whetstone

Attended – Rick Collins, Kevin Edgington, Aaron Lauth, Tina Mann

2.) 10-6-11 - CTS

Location – 124 Tanks

Leader – Tom Sexton

Attended – Bill Whetstone, Aaron Lauth, Jeff Ellis, Brian Cope, Kevin Edgington


1.) Scissor lift – One wheel need repaired.

2.) Handrail – Handrail did not support 200 pounds

3.) Ladder- stepladder was folded up and being used as an extension ladder
*All findings were corrected on the spot
Positive Observations:

1.) Trip hazards were identified by caution tape and or marked to help see hazards.

2.) Foreman had ground penetrating radar done for a 50-ton crane that was going to be used for a project.

3.) Crew had several holes cut out in a floor and covered with 3/4 plywood and marked hole with fluorescent paint and secured with tap cons to prevent wood from moving.
Committee Change- Tom Pokornik will be taking over the Desk top audits. Dale Miller will be working with Tom until the first of the year.

Committee Members:

Mario Rizo (AABOOS) Chair and company inspections

Ron Horner (Nexus) for Major Project’s inspections

Tom Pokornik (Advanced) and Dale Miller (Gem) for Desk Top Audits

Matt Leiter - Petrochem (Major Project request)

Aaron Lauth-PSC

Dan Hurst-TTL

Tom Sexton-Middough

Rick Collins-C&W Tank

Bill Whetstone-RMF

John Sullivan- Walbridge - (Major Project Request)

Marilynne Alspaugh- Gradel

Kevin Edgington-RMF

Doug Hayes - URS

Please contact Mario Rizo for meeting times at .

Normally, this committee meets for weekly inspections at B-22 Trailer (UIS) on Thursdays at 10:00 am. Major Projects inspections are Wednesdays at 10am.Anyone is welcomed to join in on the inspection.

Dale Miller will contact those on the Desktop Audits.

Recognition/WoW Committee – Tim Simpson, Chairperson

Tim Simpson reported – This committee picked NALCO as Contractor of the Month and Kevin Edgington with RMF as Employee of the Month out of the entries that were submitted. Kevin will also get a special marked parking spot for the month of October. This is something new the committee added for Employee of The Month. 4 names were drawn for 25.00 gift cards out of the Recognition Audits.

WoW- 316 cards have been turned in for the month to date. New cards are in and you may pick them up at AA Boos trailer or the UIS trailer. 4 names were drawn out of the 316 cards that were submitted for a 25.00 gift card. 23 cards have been submitted as of this meeting for October.

Tim Simpson at and Ben Sommers, AA Boos ''

Committee Members:

Ben Sommers (AA Boos) –Co-Chair

Tim Simpson (Guardsmark) – Co-Chair

Jim Michalski (RMF/Nooter)

Mario Rizo (AA Boos)

Clyde Shammo (RMI)

Tom Pack (URS)

Rick Ellis (Faithful and Gould)

Paul Anderson (VM Systems)

Kelly Harmer (AVI)


Brian Cope (CTS)
Tina Mann (Fisher Safety)

Craig Chall (Geo Gradel)

Treasurer’s Report – Brad Fisher –Jeffers Crane

Checking: 561.38

Savings: 9499.000

The complete report is attached to the Agenda

United in Safety Council

P.O. Box 167003

Oregon, Ohio 43616

Checks can be sent to this address.
Leadership committee

1) Strive to become one “United” work force- need to pursue continuous improvement.

2) Mentoring Program – Brandenburg coming onsite need to assign a mentor.

3) New Program- Why I Work Safely- in production

4) Golf Outing- getting prices from other golf courses for next year.

5) Tornado Storm Warning Procedure- to be discussed at the next steering committee meeting.

6) Membership plaque- AA Boos to design a wood plaque. We will order the tags from McElhaney Locksmiths.

8) UIS bulletin boards- October – December AA Boos, Advanced, AVI and Baker Corp.

9) Sustainability- we continue to work to ensure the longevity of this committee.

10) Update Bulletin board at the process training center across the street - Welcome committee completed

10) Trifold- Tina Mann asked at this meeting if it should be on hold or sent to print. The committee agreed to send it for print.

13) Compile a list of inconsistencies for Operations- as requested by Mark Dangler and Susan Kolbush

14) Order Red Nomex – submit size to Tina Mann if you have not received a pair of red nomex.

15) Tax Exemption – UIS committee has been requested to put this on hold for now.

16) Nomex patches- on hold.

17) Respirator Cleaning Trailer – in progress with Aaron Lauth and Bill Whetstone.

18) New Contractor Information Form – all companies need to have on file.

19) UP-Date Website – Debbie LaCourse to work with Megan Cornelius.

20) Fire Extinguisher Training- Next Spring 2012

21) Recognition Committee with Major Projects- in review status.

22) Break out groups at meetings- Working on putting this together.

23) Letter for a special meeting- on hold

24) Lunch and Learn- have been scheduled for next year.

25) Update committee members on sub committees-

26) Training tools and materials- Craig Chall to compile

27) WoW cards- Ordered and delivered

28) Logo review- next steering committee meeting.

29) New UIS sign- on hold

30) Red and Green flags for noting recordables

31) Why I work Safely- phase 2 to be discussed at the steering committee meeting

32) Lakeside – would like to join UIS

33) Grading system- dismissed

34) Additional training requirements for contractors- to be discussed at steering meeting.

35) S&OR audit – all review with your crews questions that are attached to today’s agenda.

36) UIS town hall- will schedule at an upcoming meeting

37) NPRA presentation- Bob Myak submitted a request waiting on NPRA

Question asked by Matt Grimes about additional training requirements for contractors and what the thoughts were on this. Ron Horner answered for an example besides PA or AA training what other training requirements should these people have (asbestos, H2s or Benzene awareness). Matt Grimes and Jose Montiero expressed interest in participating in a discussion of this type so that there was training for example fire watch- a consistent means to train individuals.

Dave Langell (Gem) – President

Ron Horner (Nexus) – Vice-President

Tina Mann – (Fisher Safety) -Secretary

Brad Fisher – (Jeffers Crane)-Treasurer

Ron Kaufman – (PetroChem) - Honorary

Megan Cornelius – (URS) - Honorary

Steve Crippen – (Guardsmark) - Committee Chair

Ben Sommers – (AA Boos) - Committee Chair

Mario Rizo - (AA Boos) - Committee Chair

Craig Chall - (Geo Gradel) Committee Chair

Tim Simpson – (Guardsmark) Committee Chair

Bill Whetstone – (RMF) Honorary

Bob Myak – (BP)

Steering Committee

Next meeting set for November 2nd.

Alan Clink (BP)

Tom Brungard (BP)

Bob Myak (BP)

Dave Langell (BP)

Ron Horner (Nexus)

Mario Rizo (AA Boos)

Steve Crippen (Guardsmark)

Dan Hirsch reported-

  1. Three east coast refineries are up for sale and these refineries have stated that if they have not been sold by July of next year that they will close.

  2. India is building the largest refinery in the world and can produce and ship gasoline to the east coast cheaper than the East coast producing it.

  3. Shale Oil in East Ohio is becoming very good. It looks like more is there than what was first expected.

  4. We continue to enjoy good margins.

  5. S&OR audits have begun. If they approach you answer honestly and don’t guess at answers. Some questions they might ask are where is your work permits? Where did you sign in at? What hazards are in this area? Make sure that your crews understand the HMIS signs that are located at the pods. Auditors may not approach your crews but view from afar.

  6. HIPO incident involving the crane – we have found two things to date that we need to look at so this does not happen again.

  1. Ground Integrity- for cranes that are 40ton plus

  2. Formal lifting policy

Question was asked on how a crane that is 40ton or more was picked. Dan stated that it was just picked for no apparent reason. We might need to revisit this.

  1. How long is the GPR good for? Weather can affect how long this is good for.

  2. Gates going 40th to 50th is broke and always open. Dan stated that anyone can close a gate but only operators can open a gate.

  1. Thank-you for continued work on Safety Performance. Also on LOPC has sustained. Please report any leaks-even the smallest ones.

  2. We Believe in Zero! - Your CAMS should be contacting you on re-up. We have added to this no LOPC. This is to encourage discussions between you and your CAM.

Randy Beehn- Reformer 3 project- all is good and Cherne is starting work. A majority of the pre built equipment has been moved to Gate 27 or to the site. All is going well.
Key Points

  1. Review questions for S&OR audit

  2. WoW and Near Miss cards

  3. Reup is coming

Meeting adjourned at 12:20

Next meeting October 24th at 1130am
Minutes submitted by Tina Mann, UIS secretary.

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